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  1. merrylegs0

    New owners - East Midlands Shooting ground

    £14 = 55 clays
  2. Think poss May 1979/sept98/ feb91 will look at them tomorrow ( they are in my garage) regards douglas
  3. Hi I have sporting gun from 1981 until present day will see if I can find this copy then p/copy or lend you the magazine regards douglas
  4. merrylegs0

    CZ  .22 LR

    Is this still for sale
  5. lowes lane swarkston bridges just of a50
  6. merrylegs0

    Hull Superfast Comp Cartridges 12ga 27g 7.5

    How many plastic do you have
  7. merrylegs0

    Zoli, Antonio & Co. Kronus 12 gauge

    This is a zoli z extra this was my gun and now sold but definitely a zoli z extra
  8. When is the sale taking place wed think Melbourne gun and tackle have had the cartridges
  9. merrylegs0

    Zoli, Antonio & Co. Kronus 12 gauge

    No this is a zoli z extra see Hatfield guns of Loughborough they have one up for sale
  10. merrylegs0


    Long eaton if you want to collect 07904748119
  11. merrylegs0


    We'e do you live so can sort delivery
  12. merrylegs0


    1 box of 25 nottingham based £25 or best offer very collectable holland+holland very interested but not make offer yet
  13. merrylegs0


    Sorry 12 bore
  14. merrylegs0


    1 box very collectable cartridge £25 or best price
  15. merrylegs0


    Holland Holland collectable cartridges £25 Ono