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  1. I’ve got a Buck 110 had it 35years used it very little.Just too big looks good if your into knives.
  2. Opinel all you need for paunching rabbits.Why pay. More?
  3. Got my anschuts from Skipton gun room .He said he had a Nicki gold on his been fine .No need for expensive scope on a rim fire.
  4. I asked my mate a keeper about buying egg .He said as soon as you release them they will go.And you won’t be able to stop them.
  5. As long as it’s not plastic and it’s biodegradable don’t think thay would mind .Also Gamebore could not add £10 per 1000 for wool wads.As already been said why dont they use the old Bio wad..? unable to put wool wads in at a extra£10 per 1000
  6. A friend of mine no longer here usd a s/a he could shoot running rabbits.Unless you’re in that category get a quality b/a .Ive had Anschuts X1V a long time .Carnt See any advantage with a s/a.
  7. Don’t usually bother if I leave a few feathers on.When it’s cooked pull skin of.A long time ago when my son just short of 9 watched me dress game in garage.said can I do one dad.so I gave him a pheasant and left him in garage after a while he came in not a feather on it .He then said can I clean it .I watched him do it .It was perfect.I had a Canada goose one day he said can I pluck that left him in garage he was out there a long time and again it was perfect .He said I never want to do one of them again.Shooting on saddleworth grouse moor.end of the day dividing the bag there was a few mounting hares. That no one wanted.Simon asked me to take one .I said you won’t like in .Anyway he took it home dressed it cooked for him .He ate one mouthful .The dog ended up eating it.Now he can put his hand to anything.
  8. they were called bio wad .looked same as a plastic wad .Not sure about shelf life .I left a few in in their bag near a window for about 6month .Got one out and I could crumble it into small pieces.Think Kent made them.
  9. They can .ive used them years ago
  10. dipper

    Wet shave.

    When I was early 20s many years ago.Me and a mate got 2 cut throut razors and strops .Thought we would get a really close shave tried it for about 2 weeks .last time I used it shaving my left side cut myself full length of blade .wasnt deep .back to a safety razer.
  11. dipper

    catapult elastic

    The black rubber you tried must have been 1/4 inch quite hard to control .3/16 so much easier.
  12. Question asked by repairer is it insurance or private ?
  13. Empire cartridges look good .But who needs those silly speeds?.After about 1250 you lose it at range.All it’s doing is blowing patterns.if you look at velocity a lot of the long range loads Ie Winchester super speed they are about 1250 .why are cartridge makers turning out shells at a stated 1450.I think these super fast cartridges are aimed at a lot of younger shots who have been brainwashed into thinking they need them for killing at long range. Speeds only needed for steel.If it’s not broke don’t mend. Years ago shooting at long range meant big loads of heavy shot moving slow.
  14. I have 2 wooden spoons in my kitchen at least 12 years old .Could be up to 40 . Never been used what would I use them for?
  15. I have one very large one in my lounge.When I’m watching tv it runs across the room under the settee.I love them😀
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