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  1. dipper

    Shaw Hay

    Shaw Hay Was a small clay shoot started mide 60s .By Inspector Phill MAnsell of Stratford police..He started it because of young lads shooting on farmland without permission Venue was Jack laneFlixton it lasted about 5 years.We had a few well known shots at the time .Dr MikeDavitt .Jim Stafford .Both won The British open at LittleMill.When he retired from police he opened a gun shop near Chorley.Just wondering if anyone remembers the shoot?
  2. It’s usually a 4” circle that represents the killing circle for a game bird not5”
  3. dipper

    Help on mushrooms

    I’ve always gone by the smell still here
  4. Without making your own shot you can make cartridges for less than £200 .The eqiverlent of World Cup You must be able to buy your components a lot cheaper than most of us can.Can you let us know what your paying for them?
  5. dipper

    Blood in Urine

    A few years ago my old lab was passing blood.You tend to think the worst luckily it was a bladder infections..Hope it turns out ok.
  6. dipper

    Canada goose

    Mate gave me a Canada I was intending to pluck it but going for a quick option.If I skin it would it be possible roast it.If I wrapped it in foil?.Or other ideas.
  7. dipper

    This years flu jab

    I had it last year and was bad for 6 weeks .Never again.
  8. dipper

    Fox Squeaker/caller

    Back of your hand and practice don’t come any cheaper.
  9. dipper

    Back bored 12bore - Fibre Game Cartridge.

    One of my guns is a MK38 38 backbored .I shoot fiber at clays if I couldn’t break Long clays .iwould use another gun .most wads I’ve measured are 750 cleaner wads are 750.I think useing felt wads in 3” chambers could create problems.As for game shooting . There a a lot of old English guns that are overbored barrels lapped out to remove pitting.We can all be a bit anal .I would like to see 2 good shots shooting high birds 1 shooting plastic .1 shooting fiber with over bored guns. I bet there’s no difference.
  10. dipper

    Changing primers on a recipe?

    Thought 615 was the mild one.
  11. dipper

    Steel load for 28 bore

    He has plenty of choice here .Needs them for shooting pigeons to feed falcons.Thanks for all your help guys.
  12. dipper

    Steel load for 28 bore

    Thanks guys for quick response .He loads his own and says it’s steel proofed.
  13. Asking for a friend.Any steel loads for a 28 bore.Dipper.
  14. dipper

    Returning member in Perthshire

    Welcome back Ray.
  15. dipper

    Poor acorn harvest?

    Went out Thursday for a look round loandsof acorns and loads of pigeons on them.