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  1. O Exactly not a well thought out question
  2. Loading fiber wad with plastic obtuator I’ve always added some pressure same as a card wad .Is it really necessary as it seals same as a plastic wad .with plastic wad I just seat o the powder.
  3. That is the Law thay can fine you £1000 .Suppos it’s a bit like having no tv licence 😀
  4. Also your photo not be out of date.Daughter informs me you can be fined up to £1000.She’s in the police.
  5. I was a time served butcher from 1960 .My point was reference to a guard on a steel .if you have a look on most steels you will find cut marks on the guard.I see your point there being several ways of sharpening a knife .If a knife is blunt you will find it hard work putting a edge back usually a wet stone is used.when I started butcheringi I worked at a coop so I worked at dozens of different shops with a lot of old butchers They would tell you the best way to steel a knife .So I chose the best for me. Go on internet and you will find loads of different opinions.
  6. That’s not how a steels ment to be used watch a butcher.Or ask him to show you.
  7. That’s not how a steels ment to be used watch a butcher.Or ask him to show you.
  8. A big knife with a long blade l would be happier with a guard on the steel.Especially a person with little experience of useing a steel.
  9. Before plastic wads I glued 3 wads together .mainly because sometimes the over card wad would tilt causing a blooper.Then I read something about it affecting pattern
  10. Sorry guys ment to say every time I picked up hazel nuts left them for a few weeks thay were never edible.
  11. The only time I’ve eaten hazel nut around Christmas.Most years I pick a few up and put them in my pocket. I end up throwing them away.The one’s I’ve eaten are from the shop.
  12. Loads I have for vit 340 cci primer plastic wad 30gpowder 1 1/4oz shot powder can be cut to28g and could be used in 2 1/2chambers.load was tested byDavid Garrard
  13. Seen one at Ruston Spencer near Rudyard lake in late 60 .
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