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  1. Never had to deal with fleas on a dog before.Found him scratching a few days ago.So took him to vet.Gave me Nexgard tablets .Had a good hoover up washed bedlam’s .Also used vicbac spray That was 2 days ago found a flea on him again today.Is that usually?.Thinking of getting the one you put on back of neck.
  2. Had a milbro it used 3/16 rubber .Shot a sparrow a very long shot.first thing I ever killed pI was gutted.That was about 65 years ago.
  3. Be very careful adding buffer to a 1410.The pressures already right up there.The way to go is get the barrels regulated by a top barrel man .with one load.A slight over bore might help.Dont think anyone’s gone down that route.Wouldent be cheap.
  4. TT Proctor builds them but he might have retired now.
  5. Police shoot on this Friday at Worsley.
  6. Why don’t the police?My daughters a Sargent in police.She had a phone call from a guy who had his laptop taken when someone smashed his car window .He demanded something was done about it .He had left it on car seat in full view..When she starts here shift she has 8 bobies and about 80 jobs to hand out.She has to sort out how urgent thay are.So some jobs have to wait a few days.Bottom line is there has been massive cuts in man power.Blame the joker who runs the country.
  7. A 680 cal spherical ball so it would go through a standard full choke
  8. Just reading my news paper .Double page article about crows doing their worst.Anyone who uses Facebook could put something grafic photoes on .Might help our cause for the education of the townies.
  9. Been looking at cars on car guru e.c.t .Not many phone no provided so you send a Email saying you have a car as part ex.If you state you don’t require HP quite a few don’t answer.In fact if you try to contact garage it is sent to the finance company.
  10. I have a alarm gun inside the shed firing black powder blanks.
  11. Have Holts stopped showing on line gun catalogues
  12. If it’s not steel no difference .Look at pigeon extreme .
  13. dipper


    Anyone got or had a SKL .Not a shooting mans car far from it but I want one.Funny thing is speaking to a few mates hoping they would put me off.But no they said go for it.Mind you one mate changes his guns weekly all top of the range stuff.When I was a lot younger I had a TR4A so I know the room issue.Bottom line is I can always change it.
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