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  1. Thanks for your replies gentlemen.looks like I won’t be having my rabbit pie just yet.
  2. Have the shooting on 1000 acres in Cheshire .Just started seeing a few rabbits about first time in about 5 years..Not had a rabbit pie in a longtime.Going to head shoot a couple with.22 .Question is how can I tell if it’s health for heating.If Thay have R C D what are the sighns internally ie liver.
  3. David Garrard was kind enough to replay to a few letters I sent him regarding home loading.Ideveloped a 20 buffered load .David loaded it up and tested it .He tested loads with mr Charlton who owned clay game.Still got the letters he wrote me.
  4. My first shooting times Was when I was at school .Cost 9p old money 1958 Worth reading then.
  5. I had a Acme call many years ago jackdaws and carrion came in most of the time .Had a mate called them in without a call.Plus he never missed one.
  6. Pity there’s not more thoughtful people like you .👍😀
  7. Not used mine for shooting yet been useing it for casual wear
  8. Just read some very sad news on a aThe American Double gun forum .Alan Myers passed away last week.RIP
  9. Yes if the flour got damp it would cake.would pattern well over %90 ..Same as Winchesterxx .David Garrard .Ran a artical in shooting times with a run down on components.
  10. Plain flour was used .but pressures shoot up .I used it years ago before warnings .Read about it inAmerican magazine in the 70s
  11. /If the inverted wad is larger than the bore is it relavent how much larger?.
  12. Aldie pizzas less than £1 put some topping on sorted.
  13. Not sure if he still loads them .Like you say he’s not cheap.
  14. Allen Myers used to sell loaded 8bore cartridges
  15. dipper

    100/60 metri

    Been tested on u tube .chocolate firegaurd springs to mind.
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