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  1. I’ve found specsaver first class .Test lasted near 1 hour for verifocals
  2. Percussion Rambouillet cost £100 couple of years ago .Not used it shooting yet but used it in very heavy rain Got all the extras it’s also smart enough to go out in .Onlyseen them in the Lake districts I usually take large .Had to order XXL.
  3. anshutz 14”barrels
  4. Just add extra card wad if you need to build up to fill the space .I would get a wad punch and use cardboard or food trays .Much cheaper than buying Wads 5/8 punch.
  5. I have a browning centenary with a screw holding the fore end to the barrels not very easy to remove and replace.Any tips.
  6. My only problem is eating a duck shot with steel is not very tooth friendly?
  7. Victorynox Butchers supplies boning knife.
  8. My side by sides a Westley Richards live pigeon gun .I took it to a gunmaker who builds shot guns also double big game rifles.He talked me out of a single trigger on a side by side.Also have a mate who has a A Y A 56 with a single trigger and that’s gone wrong twice .It was not a cheap fix.
  9. Keep away from single trigger on a s/s
  10. Rule of thumb add 10% always been right.for me.
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