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  1. Over a period of time I have noticed on several occasions mallard hung up on game cart still alive.Never seen other birds alive ‘ best to use a priest.Should that be a job for pickers up.?
  2. dipper

    Grand prix

    First shot gun was a 16 bore came with a box of Grand Prix 6 papercase crimp closure .When I saved up for another box took me a few weeks to save up the 14 shillings and sixpence..A bus ride to Stensbys cartridges were paper cases R T O .served by the old mr Stensbys
  3. dipper

    Grand prix

    Was given full box of Grand Prix HV in 1shot
  4. dipper

    Old Powders

    AO powder has changed over the years .The red tin looks like old stock.Powder T is a slow powder You will find data in David Garrards reloading book.GM3 has also changed over the years.
  5. dipper

    Beating Wanted Nottinghamshire

    Think you’ve missed the boat for beating this season .Best bet get your name down for next season.
  6. dipper

    Leaky wellies ( chameaux)

    Stormsure works well unless Thay are Hunters.If thay are bin them.
  7. dipper

    Winchester Blue Light

    They were the easiest case to resize bar non
  8. dipper

    Untrained terrier

    Terriers cannot be trained . Is that for real?Never been beaten by a dog yet
  9. dipper

    Untrained terrier

    When I’ve been shooting I bring home some birds for my mate.Problem is his dog is untrained starts sniffing the tyres then jumps up at the boot .then if car doors a open it will be in there.Is there something like IE pepper I could spray around the car that would help.
  10. Sadly Harry Nicholson died yesterday.He did gun work for local shops .His real skill was with wood were he was a true master.He will be missed.
  11. dipper

    Cartridge choice

    Spot on Billy .Glad I’m not a new shooter and have to wade through this lot
  12. dipper

    Barrel Wall thickness for used gun?

    I would go for 25 tho min
  13. dipper

    Looking for help!!

    Salford Royals a good way from Hawes.Good luck with your op.
  14. dipper

    Shaw Hay

    Shaw Hay Was a small clay shoot started mide 60s .By Inspector Phill MAnsell of Stratford police..He started it because of young lads shooting on farmland without permission Venue was Jack laneFlixton it lasted about 5 years.We had a few well known shots at the time .Dr MikeDavitt .Jim Stafford .Both won The British open at LittleMill.When he retired from police he opened a gun shop near Chorley.Just wondering if anyone remembers the shoot?