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  1. Seen one at Ruston Spencer near Rudyard lake in late 60 .
  2. Very sad news.Great age lme sure she was well looked after.
  3. Saw a pine Martin at Rushton spencer Macclesfield going through trees. Over 50 years ago.
  4. Yes that’s viable done it loads of times with 12 cork or polystyrene
  5. Polystyrene cut with 410 punch over shot.
  6. dipper

    Dog attack

    Going to the shop a short time ago .There was a air ambulance on a football field.Had a look on Facebook a 50 year old man had been attracted by a dog his injuries are life threatening.that’s Breightmet near Bolton.
  7. Worsley have a time delay on button .If I saw a person with one arm I would ask them to join our group .As would most people. Hello
  8. Went Ona high bird shoot used sipe 32g 5 last drive of the day shot 4 very high birds .I was at the end of the line so everyone was watching me beaters stops and guns every commented on them used Mk 38 trap gun.Always remember that day 4 of the best birds I’ve ever shot.Shoot was Whitendale and Brennand.near Trough of Bowland.
  9. Big George D puts his cartridges on radiator when shooting in cold weather.He must have it wrong.
  10. A mate gave me about 20 loose no box .I would think they are plastic wads.
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