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  1. Same haircut as mine.Always handler holding dog back.
  2. Keep away from main dealers.
  3. Think you should be waiting a few years.
  4. I’ve not fed him for 24 hours just give him water usually works.
  5. Nip it in the bud because it won’t improve.
  6. If bore size is 729 should be 1/4
  7. I shoot on 1000 acres in Cheshire.Very few pigeons this year when the acorns are out see loads of birds about this year nothing.
  8. A Keeper who I worked for long ago got his cartridges from Gilbert’s and page paper rto 3 stripes .He had loads of misfires due to very hard caps.Anyone come across them?.
  9. I have a mate who shot a lot of trap in Portugal.He shot some live pigeon .He told me it payed for his holiday That was in the 70s.Its still going on today several top clay shots have been seen taking part.
  10. If thay are compression cases it was a 10% reduction in powder
  11. Keeper mate had a old aya yo man and he snapped it in 2 pieces across the grip.said I would ask a gunsmith mate to look at it.Good point was it didn’t have any oil on it at all.. He used castamite plus small pins .it still gets thrown about in back of Land Rover. Over 20 years ago.
  12. Castamite was the original it had some issues with storage very short shelf life.It was replaced with the one shown.A gunsmith mate told me it wasn’t as good.😀
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