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  1. dipper

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    My dad used bitumen to repair tears in felt on buildings .He mixed it with lime you can also use cement.Dipper.
  2. dipper

    Gas seals..

    The Winchester XX buffered load one of the best cartridge ever.Used a cupped card over powder wad .They sell little gadgets for making them.Dipper.
  3. dipper

    Only a matter of time

    Don't think it's wad being eaten by livestock.More of a litter issue .I used Bio wads thay were fine until the sun got to them then thay crumbled.. Carn't see why a suitable wad carn't be developed..Dipper.
  4. dipper

    Licorice Allsorts

    carnt get enough.
  5. dipper

    English Springer Spaniel.

    The first springer I trained I used Peter moxans book .I put the time in training him . He was born in January and I took him beating in November .After the first drive the keeper told the beaters to put the dogs on a lead.There were 100 of birds on the ride . He told me to work my dog to flush a few .then I had him drop to the whistle.Only trouble was he was a crocodile .presant springer was a very slow learner he's ok now.Ive had 2 labs in between good dogs.Thing is with dogs every ones different the more you put in the more you get out.Dipper.
  6. dipper

    PACIFIC 105, or 155?

    Hi Pinfire tried to send sketch private but no joy .So had to send it on forum .Hope this helps.Dipper.
  7. dipper

    PACIFIC 105, or 155?

    Hi pin fire I have A Hornady 155 .I could send you a drowing with measurements. Or I could post it you for you to measure ? Dipper.
  8. dipper


    Same reason no one makes chocolate fire guards 😀Dipper
  9. dipper

    Side by Side Club

    There was also a Leech of Oldham gunmaker.Dipper
  10. dipper

    Side by Side Club

    patterned some hull high pheasant 1 .1/16oz felt wad with 1/2 choke.no6 slightly under size shot pattern just over full choke.Very nice pattern .Dipper
  11. dipper

    Palm oil

    Palm oil washed up from a old wreck around the Formby area are is deadly to dogs.Also surrounding areas .Contact national trust for more information .Dipper
  12. dipper

    Rusty knife

    Fine sandpaper then oil Dipper
  13. dipper


    Aya Hammergun looks nice. A mates just got a Aya 56 another rare gun Dipper
  14. dipper


    Dad got me my first gun 16 s/b/s from Stensbys Manchester when I was still at school. A Manton Calcutta Delhi with cleaning gear and cartridges .£35.Cartridges were paper cases with RTO.Got my second gun off pest officer at 16 for £12 live pigeon hammer gun with 2 sets of barrels bored f/f and I/c and I/c . Maker AJ Russel .