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  1. Went Ona high bird shoot used sipe 32g 5 last drive of the day shot 4 very high birds .I was at the end of the line so everyone was watching me beaters stops and guns every commented on them used Mk 38 trap gun.Always remember that day 4 of the best birds I’ve ever shot.Shoot was Whitendale and Brennand.near Trough of Bowland.
  2. Big George D puts his cartridges on radiator when shooting in cold weather.He must have it wrong.
  3. A mate gave me about 20 loose no box .I would think they are plastic wads.
  4. I have some 23/4 cartridges with 36gm loads. Bornaghi
  5. dipper

    Top gear 21

    Very sad news top Lady racing driver Sabine Schmitz ,Died yesterday from cancer.RIP Sabine
  6. Try putting them on a radiator.Should be stored worm and dry.
  7. Might be a old powder called pouderT french very progressive.
  8. Let’s face it if you’ve no eaten for a few days you would eat enything.Remember the plane crash in the Andeas.
  9. Have eaten curlew in January.Back in the day and they were rank.
  10. A mate of mine did it last year.Most of the time thay have a team of 4 guns .My mat shot on his own with a dog man he did 2 days 6 brace a day .All in cost £1000 a day.
  11. Magpies have always gathered in large numbers before breeding .They roost on a quarry near me .Quite larg numbers roost there.
  12. Same haircut as mine.Always handler holding dog back.
  13. Keep away from main dealers.
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