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  1. dipper

    Changing primers on a recipe?

    Thought 615 was the mild one.
  2. dipper

    Steel load for 28 bore

    He has plenty of choice here .Needs them for shooting pigeons to feed falcons.Thanks for all your help guys.
  3. dipper

    Steel load for 28 bore

    Thanks guys for quick response .He loads his own and says it’s steel proofed.
  4. Asking for a friend.Any steel loads for a 28 bore.Dipper.
  5. dipper

    Returning member in Perthshire

    Welcome back Ray.
  6. dipper

    Poor acorn harvest?

    Went out Thursday for a look round loandsof acorns and loads of pigeons on them.
  7. dipper

    Grey Partridge reintroduction

    Reared grays don't stick around they just go
  8. dipper

    Sloes galore.

  9. When I started shooting in my early teens I read most of the early books on shooting and reloading.Yes alongside buffering cartridges with plain flour not recamended .i made a cartridge loadad with9 pellets joined together by thread .It was devastating but something I would not recommend in fact highly illegal .Dipper.
  10. Had some home train guard cartridges somone gave me years ago.Cut one open they measured 680 so will go through a full choke .They were intended to be used in a standard shot gun .
  11. dipper

    Thicken up bitumen primer

    My dad used bitumen to repair tears in felt on buildings .He mixed it with lime you can also use cement.Dipper.
  12. dipper

    Gas seals..

    The Winchester XX buffered load one of the best cartridge ever.Used a cupped card over powder wad .They sell little gadgets for making them.Dipper.
  13. dipper

    Only a matter of time

    Don't think it's wad being eaten by livestock.More of a litter issue .I used Bio wads thay were fine until the sun got to them then thay crumbled.. Carn't see why a suitable wad carn't be developed..Dipper.
  14. dipper

    Licorice Allsorts

    carnt get enough.
  15. dipper

    English Springer Spaniel.

    The first springer I trained I used Peter moxans book .I put the time in training him . He was born in January and I took him beating in November .After the first drive the keeper told the beaters to put the dogs on a lead.There were 100 of birds on the ride . He told me to work my dog to flush a few .then I had him drop to the whistle.Only trouble was he was a crocodile .presant springer was a very slow learner he's ok now.Ive had 2 labs in between good dogs.Thing is with dogs every ones different the more you put in the more you get out.Dipper.