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  1. Got 3 for £10 at midland game fair a few years ago.
  2. Cat seen on Longsight park it was on the old disused golf course. That’s Harwood in Bolton.
  3. My daughter phoned me about 2 o’clock she’s had the dogs out on local park. She saw a large black cat ran out of cover and crossed her about 60 metres away. She said it was bigger than the springer it had a cats head and was black.I once saw a cat in the same area about 10 years ago walking on top of a drystone wall .But that was fawn.At the time 2 more people had seen it.
  4. Dipper nice to see another from bolton

  5. Why would Tesco’s want the shooting.?I’ve had the shooting over 40 years. He’s been approached by the usual. And I still shoot it.
  6. If BASC obtained more land for its 150 000 members.Can you imagine how popular the good plots would be.You would be shooting cheek to cheek. I once joined a pigeon shooting club .If there were any pigeons about there were guns already there.Now I have about 1000 acres that 2 of us shoot on that we pay rent for.
  7. Nothing to hand . With 12 it’s extra 2 grains powder.With 20 a bit less.
  8. My dogs mostly on dry food and he drinks a lot.I give him his last drink then I let him out a hour later. Then I remove his bowl.If I didn’t do that .He would empty it again . Then he’d have to wait till next morning for a pee.
  9. Gave mine to the receptionist.She rang just less than 2 weeks later .She said when are you coming it’s ready.I said how much will it be she replied no charge.
  10. Quite a lot of wad guides are interchangeable.
  11. When I was butchering long time ago .most shops I was at had a flat bar with V cut in it mainly for chickens .But a big Turkey could need 2 people.
  12. Loop of strong cord under your foot .break turkeys leg under joint twist put cord round turkey leg And pull .or you can put cord high up and use your weight.
  13. I have a Westley Richards S/t and it was playing up cost me a arm and a leg to put right.Took it to a top man who makes double rifles .carnt see the point on a s/B/s
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