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  1. Hares do funny things in March.Nice
  2. My first car was a mk2 ford Zodiac maroon and ivory white wall tyres .All the bells and whistles a real eye catcher .My baby.
  3. Have full set in 2 of. My guns 1/4 and1/2 stays in most of the time.
  4. Last year had jab2 days later had a bug .Lasted for 3 weeks.This year gave it a miss bad for 7 weeks .Had bad chest infection was sent for x Ray 2 lots of antibiotics .Lost half a stone.
  5. Black tip on end of tail missing
  6. Looks like a weasel
  7. Csb5 Good choice for 1oz loads or less.About the cheapest.
  8. 62 is a bit slow for 1oz loads .it was ment for 1 1/8oz and above.No 60 was for 1oz loads.
  9. Best quality box lock .Nice Wood
  10. You need to enquire just before season opens.
  11. Getting quarry ready for the table is all part of shooting.Man up get somone to show you.
  12. I’ve never used cartridges manufactured by George.Everyone who has tried them seems happy with them.If thay became widely available.I will try a couple of thousand.And a lot of people I know would use them.So come one George let’s have more outlets
  13. Miroku MK38 grad 1 same gun as grade 5 .its a tool.Got a very nice browning centenary .miruku is my go too gun.got a Westly Richards .take Miruko game shooting.
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