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  1. Been going to game fair well over30 years.Saw it going steadily worse stopped going 3 years ago
  2. Seems a bit anal on a 682
  3. Yes cut them in slices and cool like mushrooms they’re fine.
  4. Yes field mushrooms right coloure .have a sniff mushrooms have theirs own smell .If it smells like a mushroom it is one.Thats how I test them and I’m still here.
  5. 82 is a bit slower than than red dot.
  6. I live in Bolton I once worked with a lad from Westhoughton .Less than 10 miles away .Very few people could understand him.Also in Southport there’s a place called Banks that sounds like a foreign language.
  7. dipper

    Hazel nuts

    Over the years I have collected a few hazel nuts .Usually picked up of the ground.Tried letting them dry out. Tried eating them fresh just not edible.whats the secret?.
  8. Never had to deal with fleas on a dog before.Found him scratching a few days ago.So took him to vet.Gave me Nexgard tablets .Had a good hoover up washed bedlam’s .Also used vicbac spray That was 2 days ago found a flea on him again today.Is that usually?.Thinking of getting the one you put on back of neck.
  9. Had a milbro it used 3/16 rubber .Shot a sparrow a very long shot.first thing I ever killed pI was gutted.That was about 65 years ago.
  10. Be very careful adding buffer to a 1410.The pressures already right up there.The way to go is get the barrels regulated by a top barrel man .with one load.A slight over bore might help.Dont think anyone’s gone down that route.Wouldent be cheap.
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