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  1. If they’re that good why don’t they us them in Dark Storm?.Just marketing,
  2. I still have some my mate scraped about 35years ago,Thay have split so I stuck Skrim tape over them and repainted them.still pull.
  3. A mate has a 30inch barrel Churchill 3” paid quite a bit for it
  4. 2 5/8 case 3dr. Of black 1/11 3/8. 1/11 rto. Low velocity no4 or larger. /39 grains blue dot 1 3/8ozozshot card and felt to suit.Can also use A1 39grains with felt wads 13/8ozshot . First loads 2oz shot
  5. Go on Parker guns.org A American gun forum.Might get some information on there.
  6. I Havea shoot around Lymm Cheshire don’t see a lot.
  7. I am sure I have a load for 4.10 with A1.
  8. I shot there late 60s early70s .Didnt go very often. Wasn’t bad safety wise then .I knew someone who helped run it.Some very nice English guns there.Dont know if it’s still going.
  9. Anybody remember Hayfield club it was above the sportsman pub.They had 30 bird sporting shoot The 3rd Saturday in every month.They also had sleet.Most of the guns were English s/b/s .The prize on the sporting was a silver spoon.On one shoot 2 guys shot a round of sleet with 8 Bores the loser paid for the cartridges .It was one of the oldest clubs in the country.
  10. Then you need to wash the coat instead of dog..When he’s muddy in the river then towel dry.then conservatory.Part of keeping a dog👍
  11. Round piece of wood softwood will do .Put taper on with knife and sandpaper.Take you about 10 minuets.use a fired case to try it don’t need hard wood or alloy .Its not rocket science.
  12. dipper

    Ponsness Warren

    I have a 375 That I paid £80 new.If I was just starting I would go for a Mec 600jr .with a adjustable charge bar.Cheaper reloads just as good.
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