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  1. Have a word with your vet
  2. Just came back to me there was another Eley cartridge Eley gastight.I remember buying a box thay were expensive.Crimson deep brass.came in a 2 piece box.Anyone remember them?
  3. Until late 50s early60s it was gran prix or gran prix no choice.
  4. Most of the Italian s/B/S have super tight chokes.had one measured with over 50points of choke.
  5. Yes think your right .Had to catch bus to Stensbys for 1 box of cartridges.😀 Worst part I had a mate who had Wednesday afternoon of like me.Mother said were you going this afternoons.Shooting .Mother said you carnt Phill just been round to borrow your gun and cartridges.😩didn’t see the funny side then.
  6. Yes think your right .Had to catch bus to Stensbys for 1 box of cartridges.😀
  7. Grand Prix seems cheap even way back.when I was at school 16 bore gran prix were 14/3 in 1958.. Shooting times was 9p.No choice then.
  8. Yes that is so.Theres a lot of English 2 1/2 game guns just look on this forum.You can use short cartridges in longer chambers.Bit. Iffy other way round.i reload for my game gun with2 3/4 cases . Quite acceptable if pressures under 850 bar.
  9. All empires cartridges seem to be for game shooting .Therfore would be better loaded in 65 671/2 cases .plus some loaded. with 7.that would make them OK for clays game And game guns.
  10. Chaddite 100 meters been on here before.When it was tested at 100 meters it never opened up ..The old wire cartridges of long ago would hold together for so many meters then start to spread. There were 3 different ones that opened up at different ranges.They needed cylinder barrels.Would be quite possible to make something like that today.But the chaddite is of no use.
  11. Just reread article by Frank Morgen .Think some of the posters on here at his followers.That guy should take up golf .Hes clearly clueless about range.
  12. I think 5/8 choke was being used because it was producing the tightest pattern with the cartridge being used.I put the 40 yd pattern at 80% quite easy to produce with a decent cartridge.Full chokes not always tightest pattern .If I started of at 70% pattern that would mean less shot on target.
  13. Dont have to pattern at 80yds to have a approximate idea of pattern.After 40 yards you lose 10% pattern every 5yds.Pellets in load 167 .So at80yds your left with 10% of original load about 17pellets in30 circle not a pattern just a few odd pellets.Unless guy from hull cartridges can work magic.
  14. When I was a young man used to buy motor sports magazine .Advert on there for Lotus 7cotsworth In kit form £500..Mate worked at Roots garage said he’d help me build it .We went for a test run it was rapid . At the time guy said it was faster than big bikes.Said I would have on.He said do you want us to arrange insurance.Told him yes I was 20.Said come back in 7 years .Ended up with aMK 2 Zodiac. Very nice car maroon and Ivery white wall tyres perspect sun visor .Polished it twice a week loved that car.Then I got a TR4A wire wheels overdrive top came of walnut dash 12” steering wheel.I now run a 15 slk 250cdi AMG 2.2 twin turbo 369tauqe .Dont need anything faster.For the near future.
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