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  1. Thanks for the advice so far guys 👍 I’m a bit out of touch with everything due to focusing on other types of shooting. Didn’t even know what a ff6 was!!! Had to look it up...🙈 considering how I’ve done with a few full bodied decoys and some crow rags I could really up my game with some of your tips 👍☺️👍👍
  2. Hey guys, I’m looking to get a set of lofting poles and crows shortly.. I’ve always wondered how effective they’d be but on a few occasions this year I’ve seen birds gathering in some sitty trees. My thinking is possibly that when all the crops have gone here I can target some of their favorite trees over the winter months... happy to hear your advice and recommendations for equipment..
  3. Have a look at vortex, lifetime unconditional warranty! Lots of models and specs to suit every pocket. Got a viper on my hornet perfect for the job!
  4. Look at twist rates also! Think the t3 has a better twist which will allow you to use heavier bullets if you wish to!
  5. soother223


    Mains charger 5 £5 posted
  6. How you wanna do it? Bank transfer?
  7. Sounds like you need a vending machine! Lol...
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