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  1. I would expect due to design a bitch to be 22,23”tts dogs obviously slightly larger.. the father is 24 .. thing is I can’t say that there wouldn’t be some crazy throwback somewhere.. the mother is quite long in the body and covers ground quickly.. extremely explosive off the mark and agile to boot. The father is more Beddy so not as quick but doesn’t detract from his ability. As a combination I think they have potential to make great all round working dogs.... that’s why I’m keeping one! mid you require vids or pics pm me 👍
  2. Whippet x greyhound x bedlington pups from excellent working stock . This was a designed breeding to produce some excellent working dogs. I have 2 dogs and 4 bitches left. £1000 pics of parents, both 23&24”tts
  3. Thanks for the advice so far guys 👍 I’m a bit out of touch with everything due to focusing on other types of shooting. Didn’t even know what a ff6 was!!! Had to look it up...🙈 considering how I’ve done with a few full bodied decoys and some crow rags I could really up my game with some of your tips 👍☺️👍👍
  4. Hey guys, I’m looking to get a set of lofting poles and crows shortly.. I’ve always wondered how effective they’d be but on a few occasions this year I’ve seen birds gathering in some sitty trees. My thinking is possibly that when all the crops have gone here I can target some of their favorite trees over the winter months... happy to hear your advice and recommendations for equipment..
  5. Have a look at vortex, lifetime unconditional warranty! Lots of models and specs to suit every pocket. Got a viper on my hornet perfect for the job!
  6. Look at twist rates also! Think the t3 has a better twist which will allow you to use heavier bullets if you wish to!
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