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  1. Well done everyone, hope you all enjoyed Hodnet and had a great day . Well done Salop Sniper, not what you are capable of but far from a disaster ;-)
  2. then there's Optima and Optima HP, my EVO has Optima but not safe to use Optima HP chokes.
  3. Yes, Haimwood very friendly and open every day of the week .
  4. West midland shooting ground have just started practice on tuesday afternoons and evening, very laid back and the sporting changes every other week. atvb Paul.
  5. We used compx21g on a simulated driven day at Carrog . Great to use and soft on the shoulder even after 400+ cartridges. Some really high birds that were well hit if you got your bit right lol.
  6. As a seller, we have a property valued at 245k by two estate agents and think 220k is a more realistic figure ;-)
  7. I think you need to shoot a few. I shoot a Beretta 12 bore which fits as good as it can off the shelf, off the back of that I bought a Beretta 20 bore thinking they would be pretty much the same as regards gun fit. Not so, could not get my chubby cheeks low enough on the twenty bore, a browning 725 20 bore was near identical though. Wood is what it is, it can move quite a bit, try a few. atvb Paul.
  8. I have a 725 20 bore, not the black version but a 30 " premium . Has the same woodwork and I have to say its just wonderful to shoot. It fits me great but would have no worries shooting a Miroku either if they did a left hander with a bit more cast on .
  9. I too have been having troubles on driven. After many years of rough shooting and a full summer of clay shooting I was feeling quite smug about my first season at trying some driven birds ...how hard can it be ? Oh dear, how embarrassing. It started off bad and has got worse !! Nothing high on this little shoot, tree tops at most may be a bit higher but I can't find them. Confidence and all reason gone out of the window now. On a bird like this what kind of lead are we talking about if you swing through or shoot maintained lead, just roughly to get me somewhere near once more because I'm going from one extreme to the other ! It does not help that chances are thin on the ground so not much chance of practicing so to speak. Great thread by the way.
  10. We did manage to get our cut outs done and tops in place but cracked on the final polishing. It is just not strong enough to cope with insets cut out of it. From a fitters point of view far too risky of a product to work with. We won't be touching the stuff again .
  11. Look on the bright side, you can spend a day fitting the replacement tops for free !! whoopee !
  12. Thank's guy's for your feedback. Sitsinhedges, We treated these 20 mm tops as if they were royalty , at no time worked on unsupported and always carried by two of us edge on, I don't see how we could do it different next time to be honest. Interesting about no more than 400mm of span too, looks like 800mm is stretching it a bit too far !! To be honest the customer has been fantastic and has been with us all the while and was there when it went ping while polishing. The Rep is out this week to take a look at their wonderful tops and design layout. team tractor, do your tops stain easily ? we got there this morning and these white tops were already staining from spilled Tea . It polished out ok but there is no way you would want that hassle all the time. atvb Paul.
  13. That's what we thought too, it wont take much of a knock in the future for it to go again.
  14. It is one of the Quartz type tops, not sure which brand as the customer supplied it all. We have repaired it but whats to stop it going again ? . 800 mm is a long piece unsupported over a draw unit don't you think ? as it's only 60 mm wide.
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