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  1. Could you let me know the hole centers on these pads thanks Tim
  2. Alot of gun for the money if I didn't have so many sxs I would be on this, good luck with the sale
  3. Ok guys I'm by no means new to shooting I'm about 20 years in over the last 10 years I've had more than my share of shotguns from lanber to Browning for the last 3 years I've been using a side by side that I shoot ok the thing is I would like to do more practice on the clays during the off season and the sxs is not ideal so I've decided to buy another o/u usage will be clays maybe once a month the odd day pigeon and a walk round rough shoot during season budget under £1400 ideally around 1k I like game scene engraving with some sort of figuring on wood I know it's slot to ask currently I'm looking at zoli game and Berretta what would people recommend thanks in advance Tim
  4. Could you tell me what sort of size chest the Barbour would fit please
  5. Dam just to far away I haven't got the time to travel over to you such a generous offer 👍
  6. Hi I am located in Kings Stanley, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, about 2 miles from M5 junction 13


    1. Hi mate where are you located thanks Tim
    2. aka_t50


      Most of the tents on sale now in go outdoors are similar quality to each other as said it's a good time to buy plenty of ed of season sales I have had several of the Quechua from decathlon the quality is very good for the cost
    3. Could I ask what pen cartridges you have used
    4. Ok guys so I used to go to this fair some years ago and I'm considering going is it worth it? I know a few years ago there was alot of trouble with travelers is this still the case any info greatly appreciated thanks Tim
    5. Location and will you post it thanks Tim
    6. Looks like a Rizzini E not a benelli
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