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  1. i never used them before but my permission is in the middle of nowhere so ive got no risk of dogs and there walkers
  2. thanks for the advice..... is it worth using them
  3. i was walking through my shoot today and found some old rabbit snares. I was wondering if they are illegal they was not set they were just under some old branches what i had to move
  4. i am looking for permission to shoot vermin. any land will be grateful as ive only got 1 shoot and i dont want to over-kill it. if any farmers need my help with vermin eating there livelihood please get in contact.. cheers meza454
  5. ive just got my first pigeon decoys and wondering wots the best way to present them. tips please
  6. i use a weihrauch hw77k and my cousion uses a webley longbow and my friend uses a air arms 410 classic all Silenced. we have all have airgun insurance.... also have pigeon decoys, pop-up hides,camo netting and lamping equipment
  7. If you have numerous vermin on your land that are making your life hell we are willing to help FREE OF CHARGE with any problems you may have. We are 25years, 27years and 31years old with over 30years combined experience in shooting rabbits, pigeons and any other pests which may be damaging your crops or land. If you accept us to help you remove the problem we will be grateful and in return offer you with help around your land if necessary Also free of charge. We are very respectful people and leave your land as we found it without any pests of course. We respect any rules and regulations you may give us without any questions. If you would like to meet us in person please don’t hesitate to call on the number above.
  8. it looks good hopfully people will start putting area for us to shoot on.... i like the picture with the fox with the rifle looks brilliant
  9. hi my name is jonathan i live in leeds west yorkshire i am 24 and a keen shooter. i have 10+ years shooting vermin from farms to golf courses. i joined this forum to expand my knowledge from the experianced hunters.
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