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  1. At first glance you would think he used a Blank Cartridge and a blood bag and that it was part of his act. No, this guy really did shoot himself in the foot literally Needless to say his presentation was a success im sure those kids never played with guns again.
  2. Game keepers allowed Resonable force nothing more. The laws of trespace only apply if the owner of the dog intentional sent or escorted the dog onto the land if it strayed by its own you are only allowed by the law to scare it away. (resonable force)
  3. Jesus I wouldnt want to go up against him in a competition!
  4. But Wait cus you havnt seen anything untill you have seen these two clips DEA COP shoots himself Whilst giving a lecture on gun saftey. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5048997829330800735 William Tell http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=12139 http://www.compfused.com/directlink/870/ Conclusive proof that americans are Retarded.
  5. Duno about those things but watch out for those ticks (limes disease)
  6. Shooting someones dog Make the owner pay for the damages, theres no need to break the law or get yourself into trouble with the rspca or shoot an animal because of its wreckless owner. Just call the police count up your lost animals (which would be shot anyway) add up the bill and forward it.
  7. HE should have based his car on the turbinator.... Don Vesco Ran routinly at 400+MPH for over a year, He even blew out a tire one time an still managed to keep it under control What a car http://rabidz.vidiac.com/search/turbinator...088bdb8c347.htm (Direct link) http://www.teamvesco.com/LSR_RR_HBW.mpg (normal res) http://www.teamvesco.com/LSR_RR_MM.mpg (high res)
  8. ^mimic^

    Spas 12

    How are these for clay's & pest control, Whats the going rate for one?
  9. ^mimic^

    Spas 12

    Spas stands for Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun
  10. ^mimic^

    Spas 12

    what about rabbits ?
  11. if you want a Bad *** Air rifle then you might want to check this little baby out The Dragon .50 Cal PCP Bolt Action 50 caliber air rifle. No. 1 choice for big game hunting enthusiasts.
  12. ^mimic^

    Spas 12

    Anyone got one of these? How much did it set you back? Where did you get it modified to conform with UK law? Please post pics if you own one.
  13. Thats a very fare point..
  14. Bloody hell the media got something right for once http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/content/New...3A24%3A58%3A667 But wait Quote: Keith Hall, of Hallswood Animal Sanctuary, is calling for all dogs to be muzzled and for owners to have licences “We need serious law changes and for people to understand they have a responsibility to the dog, themselves and the general public. Every dog should be muzzled unless it is completely controlled and by law you should have to have insurance for your dog.†*** :yp: I can just see all the little old ladys chiwawa's on group 7 insurance muzzeld licensed and chained Edit: well this is really fare to us responsible keepers, Now we have to do all this B/S because of some stupid wreckless *****, And the worst part is all the Chavs that walk around with aggresive Pits are never going to abide by this its only going to be people that would never allow their dog to harm someone in the first place
  15. I totaly agree, if your the owner of a dog especialy a trained attack dog. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure it does not harm somebody. And if your a parent it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the saftey of your child. In this case Both were at Fault! Who pays the price for it?, The dogs :yp: I put my money on the real father of the child being involved.
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