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  1. Thank you. I have seen those and the smallest one might fit. I'd rather they joined along the back, so the underside was covered better, but it might be an option.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion. It needs to be neoprene really, like people use with 'fowling dogs as she's likely to go swimming, then be sitting around for ages in the cold, so much the same as wildfowling dogs. A coat made from any other material would just be wet and not warm.
  3. Does anyone have any idea where I could get a neoprene coat for my Patterdale bitch? She's too small for any of the versions I can find on line, so might need to be custom made? Any suggestions where I might look?
  4. Patterdales and spaniels seem to be the trend. LOL
  5. I was in France in the spring and the Dacia Duster seemed to be the most popular car down there. Seemed to have taken over from Renault 4 and Citroen 2CVs as the car of the people.
  6. If the pipework is well designed then the resistance is low, so a normal pump is fine. If the system has been extended by builders and poorly designed in the first place, there could be a lot of resistance, so a bigger pump might be needed. A good go at balancing the radiators properly will tell you whether it is possible or whether you need to boost the circulation.
  7. If you have 21 rads, you definitely need to balance the system well. You might well need a bigger pump too, something like a 25-50 as the resistance of the system might be too much for a standard pump. Has the heating system ever worked well? If you don't have them, TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) if used correctly will help balance your house heating as the upstairs rooms which heat up well will shut down the radiator once the room is warm enough, which sends more heating potential to the cooler parts of the house.
  8. Combi pumps, if speed selectable, should be left on the highest setting.
  9. If you've changed some of the radiators, you must know what the state of the water in the systems is. If it's brick red and like liquid mud, then yes, it will be a sludge build up, and you should probably have addressed the problem when you started changing radiators. If it's generally clearish, with some black at the very end when you drain a radiator, the system is probably fine. I think you should probably re-balance the system, opening the rads that are cool at the moment a bit and closing down some of the ones that heat up first. If you've replaced radiators with fancy looking radia
  10. Blimey. We're all getting old.
  11. Do you have a loft with tanks in it? If there's a little tank then it won't have a pressure gauge and will be self filling. If there aren't two tanks in the loft, you need to search out the pressure gauge. Probably near a red sphere about the size of a football with a silver braided hose nearby.
  12. I'm certain that a huge swathe of people, if not most people stopped listening to the politicians about halfway through the "campaign" when it became clear none of them had the first idea what they were talking about. I believe the majority of people made their voting decision based on their own thoughts about what was right or wrong with the current EU and how we interact with it. This was part of a huge spectrum. The vast majority of people I talk to were very much on the fence about which way they were voting and it was a very marginal decision either way.
  13. Had the vote been for anything definite, then the concept of soft or hard wouldn't have come up, but as is obvious, everyone voted for their own interpretation of what they thought brexit would be, therefore it is very valid to describe the degree of brexit we, as a whole country, really want.
  14. I disagree. I believe we should be part of an european union, just not this one. It is fundamentally undemocratic and as it has evolved into a political union it needs to be democratic in the sense we understand, ie political parties with defined policies which we can vote for or against, europe wide. The benefits of being a part of the greater europe far outweigh costs, but it does need to be accountable. Migration is one of those things that will ebb and flow as particular countries are doing relatively better or worse than other ones. I live in London and have always been used to a mix of p
  15. To me, the closeness of the vote indicates that we should leave, but in the "softest" way possible. Had it been a 70% leave vote, then a "hard" Brexit would be justified, but as it is, there is no option other than trying to leave the political union with as little alteration to the "common market" we joined as possible.
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