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  1. Wouldn't like to catch the barrels on that electric fence!
  2. Agree with ditchman - You need to take the stock right back to bare wood and start again. Raise the grain, sand, oil, repeat - it takes a long time.
  3. Immaculate Parsons best quality leather gun slip and 100 capacity cartridge bag. Not a mark on them - both securing straps have NHS embossed on them. Easy to change. Speed loader type lid. The slip is a “top opener” and will take barrels up to 30”. Heavy brass buckles. 2” canvas strap. Rare opportunity to have a matching set. £130 posted. (Slip will be carefully rolled for posting) Thanks
  4. Good evening Thank you for your question. The internal height is 52" x 8" x 8" (all internal measurements) Hope this helps
  5. Gun cabinet, standard size suitable for three guns. Two keys £45 collection only near Plymouth. Thanks !!!SOLD!!!
  6. CaptC

    BSA Airsporter

    Thank you for the advice. I adjusted the trigger but have now sold the gun. Much appreciated
  7. Update - The trigger has been adjusted (easy job) and is at around 3.5 lbs. The scope has been removed as the rear mount does not grip) The scope is still included. Ergo a reduction in price - It has to go as the Memsahib is getting really P'd off with me frightening her Jack Russel despite the dog being indoors and in it's bed. It makes a H of a twang! Now £115 posted which allows for the mounts and zeroing it in. I have been shooting over open sights and now the trigger is much better some good consistent groups have been achieved - plus a sore ear from the above! Cheers
  8. My old arms ache from cocking this beast. New piston, seals and stock bolts. Nikko Sterling Gold Crown wide angle 4x40 (not zeroed) Condition is very good, only the lightest marks on the stock. Barrel has lost some blueing. Foresight and backlight intact. The gun has not been checked for power. It really does deliver one H of a punch! Trigger could do with a tweak. £140 Ono posted Parcel Force 48 at your risk. Thanks
  9. CaptC

    BSA Airsporter

    Thanks - just reading up about the noise an Airsporter makes. Apparently the mechanism adds to the noise and, of course, is impossible to supress
  10. Advice please PW's - First question - Does anyone know if a silencer can be fitter to an Airsporter (Mk 6 I think but the "GL" is badly stamped) It would need to be a grub screw jobbie? Second question - Trigger adjustment? It takes two men to pull the trigger, the previous owner fitted new springs and a piston and waiting for the gun to fire is making me flinch! Presume it is the tiny screw in front of the trigger guard? Many thanks Capt C
  11. Ditto - Spot on with a problem
  12. CaptC

    Scamm Warning!

    If they phone I like to keep them going as long as possible asking ridiculous questions, putting on a weird accent or just say "pardon can't hear you!"
  13. CaptC

    Scamm Warning!

    This email arrived today : You Are Eligible To Apply For Energy Bill Rebate Starting today the Government has announced an energy bill rebate scheme You have to apply for energy bill rebate before June 01 2022 The government has announced a package of support to help households with rising energy bills. We will start making the payments in June 2022. • This includes: A £200 discount on their energy bill this Autumn for domestic electricity customers. A £250 non-repayable Council Tax Rebate payment for all households that are liable for Council Tax. This rebate is covered by the government and does not need to be paid back How do I apply for energy bill rebate? You can get your rebate via Ofgem portal by clicking the button below: Claim Bill Rebate Now Setup a direct debit Having a direct debit set up means that we can automatically pay the £250 energy rebate straight into your bank account
  14. Not tried oxtail and you are right - very tasty meat. Nadine Dorries has a recipe for Ostrich anus spag bol?
  15. There are hundreds of quads out there - My old legs make one a necessity but it's 2/4 wheel drive. If you are venturing away from "home" I would recommend petrol power because if you battery dies - that's it. Go for a two wheel drive Honda/Kawasaki?
  16. That's just what I would do!
  17. Brilliant idea! Thanks
  18. Thanks, I had a look on the auction site but thought I would try PW first.
  19. I know what you mean, haven't seen my feet for years
  20. Thought you Norfolk boys were no higher than a turnip (or, if in God's County of Cornwall - a swede)
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