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  1. Hello mate could you  let me know your location, my mate is interested in the spotter but is not a pw member.

    1. wabbit warren

      wabbit warren

      Hi  yes im in Billericay Essex

      but willing to post



    2. ste eibar

      ste eibar

      Thanks mate I,ll let him know.

  2. I haven't bought any guns for a couple of years and thought I must have missed something. He was wanting me to send my license down to his rfd that was when I decided it wasn't for me.
  3. Hi there I'm after some clarification on buying face to face. This morning I phoned a bloke selling a 223 on Gunstar it seemed like a good deal so I said I'll take it and pick it up on Sunday. He said you can only buy through an rfd now face to face is illegal now. I'm waiting on a reply from Northumbria firearms team. He was in Essex are there different rules in different regions? Steve.
  4. Hello Dave.

    Do you still build the NV kits I've got another mate who's after one.


  5. Did you sell this mate. I know someone looking for a Dave g kit.
  6. I’ll take them mate if you want to pm me some pick up details. I’ll collect them tomorrow. Steve.
  7. I'll take these if I can pick them up on Saturday afternoon. PM me your details if that's ok
  8. Hello all. Due to a landowner wanting to re purpose a large part of the land we shoot, me and a few other members of our syndicate are looking for a new shoot in the north east. If anyone knows of anything local to the north east drop me a message. Thanks Steve.
  9. Not sure how I managed to get the picture up twice. Or once to be honest.
  10. I tried to get a second hand plastic stock for this .22 cz I bought cheap as the stock was cracked. Couldn’t find one so I repaired it then had it hydro dipped. Turned out ok.


    Hello mate. 

    Is it ok to pick up that scope at 6pm tonight. 

  12. Did you sell this scope? I know someone who will take it collected if not sold.
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