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  1. Hello Dave.

    Do you still build the NV kits I've got another mate who's after one.


    1. ste eibar

      Dave g add- on

      Did you sell this mate. I know someone looking for a Dave g kit.
    2. I’ll take them mate if you want to pm me some pick up details. I’ll collect them tomorrow. Steve.
    3. I'll take these if I can pick them up on Saturday afternoon. PM me your details if that's ok
    4. Hello all. Due to a landowner wanting to re purpose a large part of the land we shoot, me and a few other members of our syndicate are looking for a new shoot in the north east. If anyone knows of anything local to the north east drop me a message. Thanks Steve.
    5. Not sure how I managed to get the picture up twice. Or once to be honest.
    6. I tried to get a second hand plastic stock for this .22 cz I bought cheap as the stock was cracked. Couldn’t find one so I repaired it then had it hydro dipped. Turned out ok.


      Hello mate. 

      Is it ok to pick up that scope at 6pm tonight. 

      1. Did you sell this scope? I know someone who will take it collected if not sold.
      2. Thanks for the replys I'll stick with it if it's reasonable. I couldn't afford to pull 5 or 6 grand out if it came to it.The dog is like one of the family so it's a small price to pay I guess.
      3. Hello. I've got a five year old black lab and my insurance for him has just gone up again fron £26 to £33 a month. I guess it goes up with age but is £33 average or should I hit the comparison sites. Insurance is with tesco at the minute. Thanks for any replies.
      4. ste eibar

        Dad's day

        I got an 8x10 shed and it took all day Sunday to ready the base and build it. After that opened my other present a bottle of Jack Daniels with honey.
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