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  1. ste eibar

    Plastic stock repair

    Not sure how I managed to get the picture up twice. Or once to be honest.
  2. ste eibar

    Plastic stock repair

    I tried to get a second hand plastic stock for this .22 cz I bought cheap as the stock was cracked. Couldn’t find one so I repaired it then had it hydro dipped. Turned out ok.


    Hello mate. 

    Is it ok to pick up that scope at 6pm tonight. 

    1. ste eibar

      MTC Viper 6x24x56

      Did you sell this scope? I know someone who will take it collected if not sold.
    2. ste eibar

      pet insurance

      Thanks for the replys I'll stick with it if it's reasonable. I couldn't afford to pull 5 or 6 grand out if it came to it.The dog is like one of the family so it's a small price to pay I guess.
    3. ste eibar

      pet insurance

      Hello. I've got a five year old black lab and my insurance for him has just gone up again fron £26 to £33 a month. I guess it goes up with age but is £33 average or should I hit the comparison sites. Insurance is with tesco at the minute. Thanks for any replies.
    4. ste eibar

      Dad's day

      I got an 8x10 shed and it took all day Sunday to ready the base and build it. After that opened my other present a bottle of Jack Daniels with honey.
    5. ste eibar

      CZ stock wanted.

      I’ll have a look. Thanks.
    6. ste eibar

      CZ stock wanted.

      Looking for a CZ 452 silhouette stock. 22lr. Or does anyone know where I could buy a new one, only seem to be Boyds type when I've done a search
    7. ste eibar

      Dave G NV Rig

      Good Deal that. If you contact Dave G, he can fit the latest IR pill for a small fee.
    8. ste eibar


      260 RIPS . A chap called Mark Ripley who's a cracking long range shot. Controls foxes and other vermin.
    9. ste eibar

      Night Vision

      If you go for the add on type, Dave g kit is better than the viper for less money. I use mine for ratting to foxing ranges.a side focus scope is easier to use. Dave is good bloke to deal with as well.
    10. ste eibar

      AT tyres for TD4

      Thanks for the reply’s. Ive been on the will they fit site. The Maxxis 225/65r17 will change my speed reading to read 28.6 when it’s ment to be 30 mph. I’m not to worried about that more if it has any affect on the engine or gearing.
    11. ste eibar

      AT tyres for TD4

      I’ve been looking to put some all terrain tyres on my 06 freelander. The problem is it has 225 /55/17 and the only AT tyres I can find are BFGs at £120 each. So I was thinking of going for a 16in rim but how do you work out the new tyre size. Any help would be appreciated. Also will defender rims have the same stud pattern.