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  1. Had same with the crief treggings very disappointing. Gonna have a look at some army surplus too. Thanks
  2. Will have a look. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Looking for a decent pair of leggings/treggings to replace my old Bob Parrat ones. Mainly used for beating and rough shooting. Any advice greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. PM sent welshwarrior.
  5. Thanks, I will ring both places to find out more.
  6. Just a quick question, can anyone recommend anywhere in the north west or not too further afield a gunsmith for shortening my mk60? I have seen an example of one gunshops work and was very unimpressed. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. shaun67


    fenn no4 set on run great for knocking off rats.
  8. with a bit of luck me and our peg will make it to.
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