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  1. OK lots looking, no-one buying! Is it too expensive? I'm open to offers! (subject to not accepting them of course) lets knock it down to an asking price of £50 collected - £55 posted - that more like it? OR if anyone has permissions in the Notts Derby Leics they can get me on I'll give it away to them! :o
  2. I'm sorry mate, there were a few offers same as yours arrived all at the same time. I must've under priced it maybe. Thats life. Anyway, saying "yes" first but not offering the full asking price isn't a sure fire winner is it? What if you'd only offered say £15 would you still expect to get the deal because you made the first offer? No, we'd be still haggling. What if you made an acceptable offer whilst I was haggling with someone else? You'd be the winner. Bottom line is If you'd offered the full asking price you'd be the one getting the goods as it is the offer I've accepte
  3. STOP PRESS: SOLD SOLD SOLD - now someone buy the scope please. I've got an almost unused Wiehrauch screw on sound moderator for sale - it's only had a hundred or so shots through it. It came with a BSA Ultra .22 I bought and very quickly sold on as I really didn't like the fiddly reloading procedure and the fact that I couldn't fit a bipod on it easily. Got an AA S400 now - MUCH better. Anyway, I digress. The Weihrauch sound moderator is of fantastic quality, and is one of the quietest sound moderators you can get. Alloy construction, Matt black finish. 200mm Length, Width
  4. I've upgraded to a Panorama 4-12X 50mm Scope ( I need illuminated reticle for da bunnies!) and, because they didn't offer me much in PX at the shop as PX against my Hawke 6-18 44AO Airmax, It thought I'd offer it up here instead. It is in perfect as new condition - no marks or scratches. It came fitted to an Air Arms S400 I bought a few weeks ago. I'll post it to UK buyer if paid by PayPal (I'll add on PayPal charges to price), or Cheque (cleared before posting of course) or you can collect it and pay cash. I live Southside of Nottingham Tube Diameter 2
  5. I bought a BSA Ultra a couple of weeks ago and then a very cheap secondhand Stirrup pump from Shooting and Fishing of Loughborough. Jeez was it hard work pumping up the Ultra, and the pump hissed a lot after I filled the gun about 3 times. I really struggled to get it over 150 Bar. So, I took the pump back to the shop as you do.. The shop owner was absolutely brilliant. He stripped the pump down whilst I waited, he replaced a couple of slightly dodgy O rings, Lubed the innards with approved moip and cleaned out the moisture trap ( didn't need it but as we had it apart...)
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