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  1. I have one of those, had the same problem, I put mine in a workmate then just screw the adjuster to the max, start it up then screw it back until the belt starts to run straight, belts tend to run slightly of centre,and need adjusting whilst running to keep straight but it does a good enough job, got a large pack of very cheap various grade belts from the bay and they run straighter with those than the expensive ones
  2. never check the MPG but top speed is still as fast as I can push it, that is slowly getting less no type of oil seemed to cut down the piston slap on those old merc 's, or the timing chain rattle for that matter even fitting new ones
  3. Duckhams that's whats in my lawn mower, thought it was the green 20 50 in the tin but its not its the hypergrade, still got about a quart left, must be some years old its what I used to use in my 124 series e class estate
  4. put silkolene in the quad, guy that services the toyota and mercedes puts in shell, don't know which type leave that to him
  5. wouldn't even oil hinges with castrol back in the far distant past when I was a mechanic on my mates FF, we used to get the guys with castrol sponsorship coming to buy oil on the QT out of the big duckhams drum that was in plain view in the back of the truck mate had one of the first twin cam escorts on the road, it was forever in the garage with a misfire/rough running, chatting one day when I picked him up from work (car was in the garage again) asked what oil they were putting in, the ford recommended GTX, said tell them to put Duckhams in, cured , it was sticking valves
  6. Nikko Sterling Mountmaster 3-9x50 AO SIDE IR MD, with dovetail mounts and yellow flip up lens covers came with a rifle I purchased, in excellent condition, works as it should £55 posted to the uk
  7. leatherman micra on the car keys, Opinel No 9 in my pocket, but not when in town or "civilisation" !!
  8. SOLD SOLD SOLD will not allow me to edit OR DELETE THE AD.
  9. it is half mil dot, just to say this scope is in great condition,
  10. Nikko Sterling Mountmaster 4 - 12 x 50 AO with mounts bought in advance to go on what was a prospective future purchase, but the rifle I have bought came with a AO IR scope, so this is surplus to my requirements "In near perfect condition and supplied with appropriate mounts. No original box but it will be packaged well for posting. £45 posted via PayPal F&F please".
  11. the normal hour and thirty five minute journey only took sixty minutes this morning, is that down to the clocks changing, if so why, M6, M61, A6, were no way as busy as usual everybody oversleep because of the hour?
  12. the choice is huge, tried all the famous makes over the years, some flylines tend to be a bit stiffer so do have a memory, airflow were notorious for it years ago I found the John Norris fly lines to be as good as any at whatever price, have used them for both my trout and for my salmon fishing, bonus is it does not break your heart when you stand on one first time out
  13. leave them in, cut them off with a grinder just under flush to the wall, a bit of filler to bring up to flush, a coat of paint, cannot tell there has ever been anything there,
  14. BSA ultra, in .22, impressed by easy to use and handle it is, pellet on pellet, 50 to 60 shots in the sweet spot, more accurate than I am, I used to have an air arms s400 classic found that to be cumbersome for the field, great for targets
  15. went into my local screwfix this morning , there was a erbauer impact driver and drill boxed set on sale, was either £58 or £68, didn't pay that much close attention I bought a Guild 18v drill driver with 2 batteries from argos for less than £50, over 3 years ago, must say have been impressed with what tough jobs it can handle,
  16. mines showing 19.8mpg round the lanes and towing
  17. put a cod liver oil capsule in both my dogs food every day, don't know if it does any good joints wise but both have good glossy coats. less than £1 a month
  18. had Simon do my Beretta EELL and DT11 on recommendation, really good craftmanship, worth the journey (nicer work than the one on the DT10 in sales)
  19. On the shoots I pick up on there is quite rightly no picking up around the guns whilst the drive is in progress, quietly, well behind is not a problem, if a gun is paying several hundred pounds to shoot they don’t want any dog, never mind some deaf to the whistle half trained mutt prancing around, distracting their attention from what they have paid for, There is no excuse for in front of, or around the guns, Some of these pickers up have the attitude to think they are more important than the people who have paid for the day, there is no shortage of people and properly trained dogs that can do it correctly right or wrong, op should have been sent home never to return for having an altercation with a gun, that is down to the shoot captain
  20. back in the day, when I was subcontracted out, the company charged £48 plus vat hr, I was paid around £16/£17 hr that was over 10 years ago
  21. I have used Patina with great success for many years, on my wading sticks as well as thumbsticks, I find it gives a pleasing finish, just give it another coat when required, first started using it after reading Theo Fossell's stick dressing book, as was recommended by him
  22. way back when I was a butcher, I used to do the pickling for my customers, beef tongue was in great demand for the festive season, also used to do quite a lot of joints of silverside, it carves better for presentation on the table, I will admit to just buying the brine mix from the butchers sundriesman, brine tub was handy for when you cut yourself, just stick your hand in and give it a stir, cauterised and sterilised in one
  23. even when I had my AA s400 classic I always fancied an Ultra, knowing if I did I would be sending it to JB to be blueprinted, they are small, light, easy to handle, I found the AA cumbersome, so I bought an Ultra second hand, its been away to be blueprinted, due to arrive back from JB before 1pm today, oiled the stock while its been away, was accurate before cannot wait to put it back together and try it
  24. I know of someone who was instructed to remove all guns from their house, for them to be stored elsewhere by their FAO. Upon further investigation by the FAO their certificate was revoked, FAO called round and collected it, so this person does not now have a certificate. This person is still shooting, how is this possible without breaking the law
  25. try standing it upside down overnight, have a pal swears this works, something to do with the gas, collects broken fridges, does this then sells the ones that work
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