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  1. Hi PPP, not sure if you have anybody near yourself that stock these but they are very good for the money, they also do the “special” in 32g fibre #5 for little more. 👍🏻
  2. Lovely little gun, I just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. Hard to find a good one these days! Pm me if you’d like me to email me more detailed images of it. 👍🏻
  3. Reduced to £750 to make way for a new purchase. I believe these Winchester offer superb value for money, will be sad to see it go!
  4. Good morning, looking for £80 for it. If you pm me your email address I can send photos some more photos later
  5. Hi guys, this is my gun for sale. Also have a period Winchester hard canvas case that I can sell along side. Having a bit of a clear out. Happy to email more detailed pictures across at any time! Many thanks
  6. Hi all, looking for a Winchester hard case. Older style one not the new hard plastic ones. Would ideally like the canvas one in the attached photo. Kindest regards
  7. Only selling as I've bought a very nice super grade, if it doesn't sell soon enough I'll probably end up keeping it
  8. It's a 101 XTR lightweight, 28" barrels, fixed choke 1/4 and 1/2.Hope the picture works
  9. I've got a cracking little 101 XTR for sale at £750. I purchased it 3/4 years ago after looking at various options as previously mentioned on this thread. Very good guns for the money imo
  10. Hi all, recently purchased a Winchester Super grade which has just has the stock refinished. I've noticed that after a bit of use the oil on the forend is starting to wear off and has left two lighter patches. There is also a few water marks. Any advice regarding what oil to use and any good methods will be greatly received! The stock at the moment is quite light in colour and smells like it's been treated with linseed oil. Thanks in advance
  11. I'm in Somerset Kindest regards
  12. Ive not got a Yildiz but I've got a Winchester 101 XTR lightweight which would be ideal for a junior. Nice and light at 7lb, 14 1/4" lop so not massively long.
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