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  1. Men's Shooting Jacket Beaver of Bolton. 42/43" chest A Quality Tweed Shoot Coat handmade in Britain in the finest quality pure wool tweed. Packed with the features. 100% Pure British Wool Tweed & Derby Tweed 100% Polyester lining 100% Leather anti-wear trim Two bellows pockets, waterproof lined and trimmed Two hand warmer pockets, fleece lined with bellows pocket flap retainers Two-way zip Storm flap with press stud fastening Removable button down throat flap Internal breast pocket Elasticated storm cuffs One tiny nick on back of jacket expertly repaired, practically invisible. A top quality shooting jacket with leather trim which has been hardly worn. Looks as good as new. These are £365 new. £110 inc postage. Attleborough Norfolk . Call 07854 719446
  2. *Large sack of plastic decoys, mostly full body and some half shell * 10 half shell flocked *canvas game bag *shooting stick (well used!) *pigeon shooting stick - cammo and padded *four poles and carry bag - bit battered 'bouncer' £50 the lot. Attleborough, Norfolk. Call 07854 719446
  3. Plinker - just saw this thread. Try contacting Norfolk Boy as he lives in New Jersey and would be very helpful I'm sure :(
  4. govshot

    Jokes for Today

    A guy walks into a bar and up to the big blowsy blonde landlady and says "I'd like a pint of bitter please and I want to pour chocolate all over your breasts and lick it off" "You filthy swine" she said. "Go and sit in the corner and if you make any more lewd suggestions I'll tell my husband who will come downstairs and sort you out." When he finished his pint he walked up to the bar again and said "Another pint of bitter and I'd like to tip you upside down, fill your fanny full of guinness and drink it." "Right" she said, "Thats done it.". She rushed up stairs and into the sitting room where her 6'6" muscular hairy armed husband was slobbed out in front of the TV. "Do you know what has happened" she said. "A bloke came into the bar and said that he wanted to pour chocolate all over my breasts and lick it off". "Oh did he?" said hairy gorilla man, "I'll go downstairs and sort him out." "And that's not all" she said. " He also said that he'd like to tip me upside down, fill my fanny full of guinness and drink it". "Oh Christ" said the husband, "I'm not going down there. I am not mixing it with anyone who can drink 12 pints of guinness..." :thumbs:
  5. govshot

    Jokes for Today

    So...a woman was in hospital having been in a coma for several months. The husband used to visit regularly and normally sit quietly by the bedside. As he was sat there one day the nurse came in and said that she needed to do a bedbath and would the husband mind stepping outside for a few minutes. While the nurse was washing the women's genitalia she noticed a small fluttering of the eyelids. On repeating the action she saw the same thing again. When she had finished the bedbath she went outside and told the husband what had happened. "I think a bit of oral sex might help" she said. "this might get a reaction from your wife and help the healing process". "Do you really think so" said the man, a bit surprised. "Certainly" said the nurse. "In you go and I'll be right outside keeping watch on the monitors. :thumbs: So the husband went inside and closed the door. About five minutes later the monitors started to flatline and beep madly. The nurse rushed in to the room to see the husband pulling up his pants. "I think she choked" he said...
  6. I've found that saying you are wanting to do some rabbits often gets farmers more interested than the pigeons. Rabbits are more of a pest on modern day crops. Having got some lamping permission can lead to something else.
  7. Takes all sorts - and reverse snobbery as appears to be the case is bang out of order. I say get what you can and by all (fair and decent) means possible
  8. Errr...bobt... but I think Chris said... "I am willing to share the shoot as I am emigrating to oz in 2 to 3 months and willing to past it on if the farmer is willing"...so the farmer appears to be in the loop. However as you say landowner's permision is absolute
  9. Robotic female eh? Now what does that remind me of... :thumbs:
  10. Hi Chris. Have posted a reply on the other thread but am interested in your kind offer. I am down near Attleborough and would be keen to get some decent land to shoot over B) B) B) Happy to meet up for chat and buy you a pint B) Guranateed not a wacko - well mostly :thumbs: :thumbs:
  11. Whoa there Chris. Just looked at this thread. I am down in Attleborough and would be very interested. Have current permission over a farm nearby but its generally **** as he is putting most of it down to trees over a period of time and I am picking up the scraps from a nearby flightline. Lots of wasted days - although learnt a lot over the years from the "bad" days. Would be interested in meeting up to chew over. Guaranteed not a wacko etc.
  12. Well I think that killed off the topic Norfolk Boy!
  13. govshot

    What Sat Nav

    For what its worth, to go with what most people are saying, for the cash you have available the Tom Tom 300 is definately the one. Sat Nav is one of those things that once you get hooked on it you wonder how you ever did without!
  14. As a newcomer to the site (although been shooting for about 10 years) I think it is amazing. A huge store of info although there is bound to be some dross in in it as "threads" go awry. Like most things the 80:20 rule applies.
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