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  1. I've been biding my time for the last two weeks. Lots of pigeons had arrived. They usually don't hang around for long before heading off again. Also they come in tight flocks, some about 500 strong and are very jittery. Not great for decoying. The weather today however was forecast to be pretty miserable with alot of wind and so it was time to execute a plan. It worked well. I started with nothing. No gadgets no decoys. Just the cover of a dike, the gun and a bag of cartridges. The aim wasn't to decoy but to get some dead birds out to bring passersby down to a shootable height on a f
  2. Haven't posted for a good while. But I have had pretty steady shooting since september. Here's a few pics
  3. I would do exactly this
  4. Me too. And I'm going to recycle the plastic cases
  5. It should be Jonathan Rea. But it won't be.
  6. The first two pics were on stubble over decoys in the last two weeks. 116 and 82. The others were flighting. I try to get out once a week, when a bit of wind is forecast work permitting. It's the best sport. Smaller bags, between 40 and 70 in the afternoons on a return line. The best sporting shooting available in my opinion.
  7. Haven't posted for quite a while, but here a few of the bags I have managed in the last few months
  8. Ready to go. Stuffed with garlic, thyme and wrapped in the bacon. I'm going to start them with butter in the pan and a nip of whiskey, then into the oven. Game chips as suggested and roast parsnips. Some kale and the pan juices with a nip more whiskey and a touch of double cream. How's that sound?
  9. This is a little seasonal indulgence. Can't wait to get them on the plate. Wouldn't mind trying something new with them. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  10. I have struggled to get birds since end of October. There is serious amount of barley on the fields here and food in the hedges. The birds are in flocks of a few hundred but geographically spread far and wide. Also, no migrant birds (well not in noticeable numbers). I suspect their behaviour has changed, because I've been watching the winter birds coming here reduce year on year for the last decade. Having said that i managed a bag of 40 odd flighting last Saturday. I love big winter flocks. Just the sight of seeing a hundred or so birds committing to the decoys, but it seems
  11. Your analogy is spot on. The only rational basis to justify the defence of 'reasonable chastisement' of a child is based on their supposed lack of capacity. That's what makes children different from adults. And yet, no one would defend 'reasonable chastisement' of an adult who lacked capacity. An older person? A person with a disability maybe? Good for Scotland, showing the rest of us a progressive 21st Century law!
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