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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cambridgeshire-59321845 There is the link to the article for you marsh man.
  2. My lab was fine with them until someone decided to hire a "professional" and put on a display in the garden of a midterrace down my road. Half an hour of solid bangs that were shaking the house and he's been a mess when fireworks are on ever since.
  3. Its a BASC article, on the BASC website, what exactly do you expect? May i suggest, instead of whining on the Internet, you provide us with your scientific findings? This article shows, in a simple form, the information that people need about steel shot, instead of the nonsense spouted by most.
  4. Why don't you ring the university and ask them if they took an envelope of cash to promote BASCs agenda?
  5. Its not the beef, its the other junk they put in them.
  6. Just shows what quality goes in the normal ones then! Was this an intentional trip out to try one or did you forget to take lunch to the office?
  7. Still breathing HCC, main goal in life! I'm sure it'd tidy up with the edges polished. Might take a look at one, mind I've got several air rifles already
  8. An honest man who understands that talking about the problems is the first step to solving them. Regardless of fac or such, we should be talking about mental health.
  9. Looks interesting HCC , what's the bolt feel like? Agricultural? Been years since I had a PCP, pumps were alot more expensive then
  10. As mentioned above, I had the one that Saltings sold. Lovely fun, shot 3 1/2" Steel loads very nicely, especially with the extra stock weight that Saltings put in, made it a very balanced gun. I wouldn't hesitate on putting any steel shot loads through it, they're proofed to the right pressure, just don't have the fleur but I don't see that as an issue. I sold it as I couldn't shoot it, its still local, although its been converted back to a double discharge now.
  11. I've got no problem with what the hunt did, but I've no sympathy for them regarding this media backlash. They know they're under constant scrutiny, keep certain things inside 4 walls where some donut hiding in a bush can't video you. It's simple logic for self preservation. We live in a world where we cannot always continue on as we did in the past, hunts need to realise this if they want to survive.
  12. No point having a phone if you've bled out before the ambulance can get there!
  13. Hi all,Has anyone got any recommendations for a cabinet alarm that links to your phone?Only want something cheap and simple that notifies me if anyone tries to open the cabinet?Don't want to spend a fortune as we'll be putting a full alarm system in new house when we move in a month or two. Thanks
  14. I sell 2 goats a month and it always disappoints me when people just buy it for curry! It's such a wonderful meat that is under used. Looking at this months orders ( going out tomorrow) top seller is diced, then burgers ( Minted goat and dandelion) , then sausages ( herby is the top seller) I've found once people eat it in some like burgers or sausages, then they start moving onto other dishes, sell very few roasting joints.
  15. I picked a dog up from Devon a couple of weeks ago, looked at a hotel for the night, was £120! Hitched the trailer tent on the truck, 2 nights at a quiet campsite instead for £30 and spent what I'd saved on taking the misses and daughter out for the day.
  16. Only pork we get now is from a local farmer/butcher, all outdoor reared, really tasty! Everything he does is full of flavour, can see them out grazing (sometimes up close when they pop into ours from the field next door!) and now he is selling some of my goat meat through his shop
  17. 43 Chesapeake's registered with the kennel club last year, 39.9k labradors.
  18. I live two minutes from The Priory. I always go to East of England, its a far superior ground.
  19. How many council employees have you got hid up out of sight building that HCC? 😂
  20. I've had two Lintran ones now, can be had second hand cheap enough, easy to clean. Transk9 are stronger. Why not go for a set of semi fitted ones, that's what I'm supposed to be putting in the ranger, bit like what I've got in her van.
  21. Plenty of pigeons been feeding on spring drillings when I've been riding round lately.
  22. If I'm remembering correctly, there is a filter on the bottom of the tank, in the screw in fitting, need to drain the take it out, chances are that's blocked. It's only a little inline filter, it gets overlooked. Oh and its got 1 cylinder too many!
  23. I don't know off the top of my head. A telehandler will run rings round a tractor in the yard, but its all going to depend on budget, the hours you are doing and the plans for the future. Oh and how tall your sheds are!
  24. If you've got a big amount of loader work to do, spend some extra money and buy something with a clutch less shuttle. Not having to use the clutch everytime you want to change direction really saves the knee!
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