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  1. Can't tell from the photos, but is the leg going to have a shear bolt on it?
  2. How many rude words did you say before you got out of the nettles?
  3. Dickies would just laugh at you if you rang them up to complaint that the toe cap had popped out after being run over by a 4.5 ton forklift. I'd say the boot did a damn good job, could easily have pushed down at the back and chopped his toes off!
  4. My only hope before the season starts, is that all the people that are now flocking to the marsh, go somewhere else! It was like goose season when we tried to walk the dogs the other day, the amount of cars.
  5. I didn't get a pup until my last lab was 10, it was too late. My next pup will be coming next year, when my current lab is about 7, give me time to train it up ready for him to start taking it steadier around 10. I would probably get one when the older one is around 5, but we've got 5 dogs in our house and we try to wait until at least one is getting near the end of its life. That said, we'll have 2 pups coming in next year.
  6. It's a good job I didn't have the time, or equipment to bother going to ask permission on there, I'd not have done it justice 😂
  7. Given that they've been on there for weeks, if not months, I can't see them stopping soon.
  8. Still plenty of pigeons and crows dropping on there this evening!
  9. Good going you two. Plenty of pigeons about, they're eating my clover!
  10. Big Mat

    Canadian canoe?

    As long as you feel like finishing building it! Theres plenty of Facebook market place, I keep pondering one myself
  11. Dont even get me started on that, I have some very strong opinions! I'd love another fox red lab, but I refuse to pay the prices, intact I'm not even going to buy another lab !
  12. Even the price of health tested working labs are getting ridiculous
  13. I have done this on a number of occasions, the RFD usually sends their choice of courier to make things easy.
  14. Been off but going back next week ( at the moment) as jobs are building up, too many people in the food industry chasing us for parts! I'll be very glad to be back
  15. Big Mat

    Chicken advice

    We've kept a mixture of everything over the years. Currently got 2 leghorn hybrid things, who lay 300+ eggs a year and 5 gold lines who are due to start laying soon. Once lockdown is over,I've got some others to pick up, that lay blue and green eggs, for the little un as she loves collecting the eggs
  16. Big Mat

    Fox shot

    I've a .222 here that I bought for muntjac, needs the right set of mounts before I can use it as it'd been bodged before, that'll have to wait now! Its a lovely light little gun
  17. And if you shook it, it rattled alot!
  18. He was still talking guest and new members out last I heard, although I've not spoken to him since early last season.
  19. You wouldn't have a 42 gram 3" cartridge. Secondly, yes.
  20. As per what Smokersmith has said already, we're talking about steel shot.
  21. Clay game told me to keep data exactly the same as for a plastic wad load.
  22. No, volume is to much. 36 gram of 2s is sufficient, my favourite factory load is 38 grams of 2s made by nsi. Biggest load I have for 3" is 37 grams
  23. Personally I wouldn't bother getting the chambers extended, you dont need the extra capacity , especially if you load your own cartridges. I've been using a Benelli Nova pump for the last 3 season ( I think?). Good gun, although I've just got a 3 1/2" over under. Benelli still sits in the cabinet mind, may sell it once this is all over
  24. I've just come over to check the livestock, see plenty of pigeons on route, few drills going to
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