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  1. They'll do well to get those soya beans off now! I think getting any shooting in-between this rain is a stroke of luck, I can't recall any of the ( few) flights I've had on the shore this season where it hasn't rained
  2. I think we'd all have done similar! I had to have a rethink and reposition sunday night when the tide came in faster than expected. Even what should have been a safe dry spot, ended up underwater!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm off to the west coast of Scotland at the end of December, Loch Caolisport area. I've not fished since I was a kid, but spotted a couple of old rods in the house today and wondered if there is any point taking one and having a crack while I'm up there? We're going away for some peace and quiet and relaxation so thought a spot of fishing might fit in nicely. Is there anything that I might catch or would it be a waste of time? thanks mat
  4. If he wants all the cartridge cases he left on the floor, or the two flapper batteries he chucked in the dyke, they're in the back of my landy!
  5. Abit of oil before you go out does the trick. I must admit to havent given up worrying about rust on the outside, as long as the bore is spotless and the action cycles, that'll do for me! My main gun has several wraps of tape stopping a pin falling out at the moment 😂
  6. He's not fussy as long as he doesn't have to make it or carry it 😂
  7. And not forgetting a full flask, motty likes a coffee during morning flight 😂
  8. Keeps your ears open more than your eyes! Which club are you going on?
  9. Big Mat


    Won't be me, stuck on baby sitting!
  10. I'd imagine the flight will consist of getting eaten alive by mozzies,maybe a nap, drinking a flask of soup or coffee (whatever is in the cupboard) watch the sunrise then perhaps off for a breakfast, home by the time the misses has had enough of the little un running riot 😂
  11. I'll have a look out, theres a few fully grown birds about. More to stretch the legs and see the sunrise and watch the season in
  12. I'm not doing too bad H, been busy with new job,shooting, projects and my daughter keeping me busy! Hope all is well with you
  13. Beef burgers that probably don't contain anything thats been near a cow and 8 bottle of wife beater? Sounds like you have some fun at your house HCC!
  14. I've got a muntjac of similar size on one of my permissions, he has evaded me twice now, but I'll catch up with him soon. I can shoot as many as I want and we still don't seem to be getting the numbers reduced.
  15. I've worn redbacks for the last few years, dealer boots but they do, do a taller Lace up. I'm talking 12 hours a day 7 days a week use and I get 18 months out of a pair. My next pair are going to be Oliver boots from Australia, they do a taller safety boot with laces and a side zip, get very good reviews but have to be imported as no UK dealer.
  16. The trouble with shetlands, is people let them get away with stuff because they're little, as with anything, train them properly and they're fine. It's not the first shetland we've had on the yard, the last 2 were very well mannered but unfortunately succumbed to old age
  17. Don't panic, it won't be the first foal the girlfriend has bought, she's bought and backed a few! However I don't want one so i think i'll spend the money on goats instead 😂 You forgot that all shetlands are described as having "character"
  18. We've just got a shetland pony on loan for our daughter ( just a trial at first as he was being abit naughty where he was last) I get informed the other day that it's his saddle/girth thats causing him to be naughty, he's going to need a different one, who knows how much that'll cost. Then today i get told that she'll outgrow him in a few years so next year we need to go buy a yearling welsh section something or other that'll be ready for when she's big enough.... There goes my shooting budget for next year
  19. Don't even get me started on the cost of getting them dealth with at the end of their lives, I've banned one vet from our yard after they scammed my girlfriend!
  20. Don't do it! We just got a Shetland on loan for our daughter, cost nowt apart from his keep and that's still too much for me! If you don't own land, then you've got to livery, and the prices of that vary. If we didn't have family owned land to keep them on, we wouldn't have them
  21. He didn't have the answer though did he, his farm is a wreck, he lives in a car, no one likes him and the travelling community wants him dead, so I'd say his idea of the answer was a complete balls up!
  22. You're not missing anything John, you're bang on the money! Whilst doing some searching about these climate change activists, I noticed that the school girl who is heading up a load of these protests, has been travel round the world! And then on her page, she specifically mentions in the about me section, that she suffers from the same "condition" as Chris Packham, basically meaning we can't say anything as like him, she'll use it as an excuse and then we're all bad people....
  23. These so call peaceful protests are far from peaceful, invading someone's place of work and home. The recent incident of a group invading a pig farm causing untold stress on the animals but they had little regard for that. Where will they stop, just target the big farms or go after the small producers? It something that does concern me as my other half is trying to continue to grow her goat business and I don't fancy being under attack because of it. With the police just happy to let them invade your farm, what are you supposed to do? A big dog is all well and good, but when a hundred protesters turn up, you're stuffed! I'm sure one will soon jump in a pen with a big dairy bull and end up flat packed but it'll be the farmer in trouble, not the protestors dressed in black wearing balaclavas
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