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  1. No i totally understand, I’m in the same position. Obviously the lease needs paying Whatever but what I mean is the lease is easier to cover than the lease and 2000 poults. just wondering about shoots that are a bit bigger as I dont know many guns that’ll be to happy to stamp up £2500 for a season of no shooting to keep it going. I just keep thinking that for this year will be better to just ask for the small amount to cover the ground Between the guns and dont get the birds
  2. So they won’t get refunded? I’m not criticising I’m just wondering how people are going about things that’s all
  3. What happens if it doesn’t go ahead when the time comes, you say their taking a punt but will you give refunds if no shooting can be done. It’s ok if there willing to take there fees on the chin but if you have to give there money back you’ll lose awful lot of money
  4. BBC news totally edited that to make it worse than what they actually said, at the end someone asked about 6 months and she said I did not say 6 months I said whether it’s controlled in 3 weeks 3 months or 6 months.
  5. Go to a car scrap salvage yard and get windscreen wiper motors for about £10, just need to Be or know someone handy with a welder
  6. That’s great cheers guys
  7. Hi guys. what battery’s do you use for the whirly, I’ve always used a car battery, need something that lasts the day or two and is half the weight.
  8. Hi guys. Im moving to the West Midlands from london and looking for a syndicate for one gun. Pref 40-100birds ish. I’m 35 and have been beating since I was 8, licence held and shot pheasants for 10 years and underkeeper for 5. I’m insured and don’t mind getting my hands dirty if needed. Will also consider half gun. Thank you
  9. Its been weird for me if have been shotgun shooting now for about a year and rifle shooting for about 10. i was taught to keep both eyes open and honestly had no problem and was smashing clays and killing pigeons usually on a 1 in 2 ratio but all in the last 3 months has gone really downhill ive not been able to shoot a thing and with it being so hard at the minute to find and decoy birds on the land we can shoot i want to be killing the ones that come close enough. so me and my brother was out on monday and everything was slow and i once again missed a couple of what should have been easy birds so we got the clay trap out, this was so frustating i missed 19 out of the first 20 so said im going to close my left eye (im right handed) out went another 40 and shoot 37 of them. really confused me how this could happen. Can anyone shed any light on this do you think i need to go to the opticions. James
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