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  1. Anyone in Northern England/ Scotland got a Jotul 602 stove tucked away in the shed that they would sell?
  2. I like seeing these advertised with all the accessories because thats a good indication its never been stolen! I have 2 sets of accessories but have lost 2 saws!
  3. Barter....£4k cash and a 2002 Ducati Monster 916 / S4 in Senna Grey and a AYA Yeoman side by side....
  4. nabbers

    Cheap sxs

    I have a AYA Yeoman £60 s x s nr Skipon N.Yorks if you want it
  5. Selling my Ducati Monster S4 in Senna grey and red wheels. Will have 12 months MOT. 28k miles. New Racing Ecu, Term exhausts, KN air filter, open clutch cover, fancy brake and clutch reservoirs,. Could do with throttle bodies balancing as its a bit lumpy on tick over and new belts wouldn't be a bad idea, I have had it two or three years but only done 500 miles. I'm looking for a big cc Honda or Yamaha 2/4wd Farm Quad with a decent history and in good nick for similar value, possible cash either way. or sell £3750 which eaves some profit for the new owner as these sell bet
  6. Nice Topper sailing dinghy in white hull, royal blue deck, all good, fairly recent sail number, guessing its about 8 years old. Why not treat the kids/grandkids, nothing more character building than shooting and boating! £295 collected nr Skipton. No pictures its wrapped up in the barn here. Google Topper to see what they are if you aren't sure.
  7. One of the later Seagulls with plastic tank, 12V power take off and connection for remote tank. Longshaft 6HP, hardly used, was an auxiliary for a yacht that was fitted with a Honda. Location nr Skipton, £200.
  8. Someone could write a useful book about gun law based on articles in these magazines.
  9. Got a big pile of these from the around when it started up to the mid 90s. Lots of info on shooting, gun law, stalking, antique guns reloading etc. £20 collected Nr Skipton
  10. I inherited a cottage in Scotland, very rural. I'll be spending half the year there and eventually live there full time. Install a gun cabinet and take my guns when I stay there. Assume that until it becomes my main residence I don't need to inform the police.....Or do I? Sometimes the guns will be there while I am off on trips deeper into Scotland, when really maybe they should be back in my cabinet at my main home. Secondly I want to leave an Air Rifle there and I know you have to licence them in Scotland so what are the implications there?
  11. They are brilliant.
  12. The Councils have powers to prevent anyone causing a nuisance through wood and coal smoke already and do sometimes use them. Bought a wood burner from Burnley where a bloke had been Stasi 'd up by his neighbours. You can't ban the sale of wet wood. People buy it to dry it out, just got six tons in for winter 2003, its getting wetter out there just now. Trouble is, twee faux country wannabes install wood burners in their houses in town and smoke the street out. And ride around in Chelsea chariots. This ripoff of county ways needs to be laughed out of town so we can enjoy what w
  13. Breaking my silver 05 Nissan Navara D22, Most parts available eg; Rear Tub in reasonable condition inc tailgate and lights and load liner £150 Gearbox £150, Front diff Unit £ 70, Very nice condition full interior in grey cloth £150, Sump £15, collection Nr Skipton
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