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  1. I could restock it, but I like the idea of it being original and a neat repair part of its story. I’m a joiner with a well equipped workshop, I’m tempted to mortise it out after initially gluing it together and slide in a section of walnut and glue it. Should be stronger than the original was. More holes than Baker St underground in the optimum peg zone already so I’ve decided that’s a no no. It’s a Rosson. I also think the action should be polished steel not blued, would you agree?
  2. I have this complicated stock repair to carry out on a side by side kindly donated via the wanted ads from a member of these forums. Its a fairly clean break at the wrist but someone has tried to glue it so I have to identify the glue and hopefully remove it. I can clamp and epoxy resin it back together as stage one, then I reckon I need to add some strength to allow for recoil. Its tight, with only 10mm x 15mm of material in the centre where the side plates are let in, and then a near junction of horizontal bolt holding the side locks in place and a vertical one between the tangs on the action. so say drilling for a dowel or rod through the centre with the grain would mean drilling that dowel for both those bolts and it being only 6mm diameter to negotiation the thin section of stock between the locks. Another idea is to glue it together and then mortice out a 6mm slot vertically more or less hidden by the tangs say 40mm rather side of the break and form a sort of bridle joint, bonded with a key of hardwood forming the tenon and glued in place with resin. Appreciate any thoughts! IMG_1906.HEIC
  3. https://uk.burberry.com/the-long-kensington-heritage-trench-coat-p40734861 Selling this for my Uncle as a favour. He is 5' 10" slim build its a Burberry Kensington Trench Coat in Honey colour. They are £1500 new, thought I'd try it on here for offers around £180....Its mint except for needing pressing or dry-cleaning and has a slight fosity mildew smell that us shooting folk are used to. I'll dry clean it before I sell it elsewhere if there is no interest here which will get rid of the smell, but thought I'd try it here first. Women seem to like these coats..
  4. Reading up about stock making and stock repairs as we speak!
  5. Second thoughts ....PM sent....
  6. Thank you for the kind offer, but I should add I want a hammerless piece that I can use for our farmers shoot once a year so sadly (because sorely tempted) I'll decline!
  7. Thanks for the tip, no idea that site was still around and still a unregulated! A few on there but no guarantee I'll get one RFD after paying! You get trusted sellers on PW!
  8. After a cheap English SxS 12 bore, don't mind something that needs re-blueing or stock work, but needs to be in proof. What's taking up space in your cabinet? N/W Yorks or RFD
  9. 3 Man North Face https://www.absolute-snow.co.uk/V/The_North_Face_Heyerdahl_3_Camping_Tent_3_Man_Taupe-(184586)?Curr=GBP/?keyword=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwho7rBRDxARIsAJ5nhFrlWrU1D_4OTWx0BYaT-YdZqYH7Bi6hnRBOyb_1IX6_1FEUvZ6mIYsaAsx4EALw_wcB. used once £120
  10. nabbers


    Keeping the single .410, but I have tried extensively to sell these and nobody wants them
  11. Sadly giving away 2 Cogswell and Harrison folding shotguns, one is 12G and the other is 20G both are decent gun as I want the space in my cabinet and am minimising! . Not doing this on a first come first served basis as I had them advertised as cheap as £25 and there were no takers, so chances are, nobody really wants them, but everyone loves a freebie right? So I'm going to use my discretion as to who gets them, maybe research your posting history make sure they go to a good home ! So rules of my giveaway are; First no money is involved hence being allowed to put them on this page, second you will need a shotgun certificate, Third Please PM me with why you want one or both of these guns and what your intentions are. If the laws weren't so strict, these would be hung on a beam for me to look at and take the odd pot shot with!
  12. Hi neighbour, Interested in any swaps for this package? 😀
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