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  1. nabbers


    Keeping the single .410, but I have tried extensively to sell these and nobody wants them
  2. Sadly giving away 2 Cogswell and Harrison folding shotguns, one is 12G and the other is 20G both are decent gun as I want the space in my cabinet and am minimising! . Not doing this on a first come first served basis as I had them advertised as cheap as £25 and there were no takers, so chances are, nobody really wants them, but everyone loves a freebie right? So I'm going to use my discretion as to who gets them, maybe research your posting history make sure they go to a good home ! So rules of my giveaway are; First no money is involved hence being allowed to put them on this page, second you will need a shotgun certificate, Third Please PM me with why you want one or both of these guns and what your intentions are. If the laws weren't so strict, these would be hung on a beam for me to look at and take the odd pot shot with!
  3. Hi neighbour, Interested in any swaps for this package? 😀
  4. Selling my cartridge belts as surplus to requirements, cartridges not included. From the top 1. Marked BRADY. One for a youth or slim dude. 31" waist or less. Webbing and leather, £30 posted 2. No Markings, Webbing leather and brass fits me at last hole I'm 34" waist. £25 Posted 3. No Markings Webbing, Leather and brass fits me on middle hole.I'm 34" waist £25 posted 4.Marked BRADY all leather and brass very good condition fits me 3rd from last hole £40 posted 5. No Markings, All leather and brass, one for the big fellas as I'm loose on the smallest setting/ first hole .£25 posted
  5. As stated, please send email or mobile no by pm for pictures cheers
  6. Nice Vintage Loaders Bag stamped Payne Gallwey in very good condition. Pigskin, Webbing strap. Perfect for the Grouse Moor £120 + postage Send mobile no for pictures
  7. Sorry not being getting notifications, PM me and we will arrange this
  8. Might be a silly question, but when a dog gets loose and then walks away, is there any pattern to their behaviour from that point on? I haven't lost my dog (lately), but there are a lot around here going missing, they seem to run off and are never seen again. Someone told me that dogs tend to head down hill when they are lost, is that true? And as an aside, my old mother puts butter on the paws of a new cat before she lets it ut for the first time so it can find its way home.
  9. how about my bsa airsporter on gun watch? £50
  10. Sorry bear with, had issues with the site...
  11. Chambers are 2 3/4 It’s a game gun
  12. Replied to. Noted rear site is missing. Still for sale.
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