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  1. nabbers

    AYA No2 Sidelock 12 gauge

    I have original price lists for AYA, they cost more than a family saloon.
  2. nabbers

    Paper cartridges

    I'll be honest, these came to me from a well to do sort of source and I googled the manufacturer and they seem to be one of the older ammunition manufacturers around so I assumed these were a top notch cartridge and therefore highly collectable. Maybe that's not so and I'll just shoot of the rest of them secure in the knowledge that its not like popping open 50 year old champagne, more like 50 yo ginger beer! Still for sale if anyone wants to make me an offer!
  3. nabbers

    Paper cartridges

    Funnily enough there's a couple of Rottwiell 20G cartridges in with the odds and ends that came with these!
  4. nabbers

    Paper cartridges

    I stand corrected sir! Edit made! I shot off 50 or so at Clays before a chap told me they were collectors items, they seemed just like any regular Eley cartridge.
  5. nabbers

    Paper cartridges

    "English 6, 2.5mm, US 7 " is what it says on the box.....Yes they were used on Grouse. Hi I'm in North Yorks... could courier subject to checking the rules on this....anyone know? Pics available if you pm email address or phone number
  6. nabbers

    Paper cartridges

    For the cartridge collectors. 7 Boxes of 10 vintage paper cartridges by Sellier and Bellot from 1970s £15 each collected with SGC. Open to offers for all of them 12G x 70mm x 32G x 2.5 shot came from an old chap with a grouse moor! Or swap for a Brady game bag
  7. Hers something you never knew you needed. http://www.dunsleyheat.co.uk/dunsley electric booster.html. £50 is a fraction of new price and could post at cost, but its fairly heavy. Rusty here and there from a leaking pipe, but not corroded. Email me for pictures
  8. nabbers

    A RFD Deactivation service

    Hope this counts as wanted although I'm looking for a service rather than an item? Looking for a proper deactivation doing on three similar Cogswell and Harrison Singles in .410, 20G and 12G so I can make a display out of them (not getting any joy from them just lurking in the cabinet). Basically looking for a firm price for all three with Proof house certification. IMG_0909.HEIC
  9. nabbers

    Cogswell and Harrison Museum piece

    No a lot nicer than that one! Heres one I found online on ebay for £170. Mine is in the original paint which is dark blue/black and is has Cogswell and Harrison and Eley cast into the base.
  10. I have a lovely Cogswell and Harrison / Eley Clay Pigeon trap from early 1900s, its working and complete and doesn't seem to have seen much use. Some light surface rust, but a nice piece of history that you could use, or would look great in a gun room, clubhouse or man cave. £120 Collected Postage I guess would be £40 Nr Skipton
  11. nabbers


    General purpose 3m Kayak made of bright Yellow Plastic, ABS I think, definitely not GRP. It comes with paddle and built in buoyancy. Pretty scratched on the underside from being beached. Great for your kids this summer. Need the space so £30 collected nr Skipton no offers.
  12. nabbers

    Game Bag wanted

    Looking for a Brady game bag posted.
  13. nabbers

    Wisdom required

    Yeah man, that's the problem! And I just checked to see what ranges sell for on Ebay now.....£1000-£3000!
  14. nabbers

    Wisdom required

    So....Its 1986 and putting your traditional home back to how it was in Victorian times is all the rage and as a carpenter its keeping me busy. I stumble across 2 beautiful old kitchen ranges the sort with a fire, oven made from cast Iron in some derelict cottages and ask the owner if he wants to sell them. He offers to swap them for my mini pickup that I paid £300 for. I figure I can sell them for over £1000 so we do the deal. Taking them out, I crack 2 of the cast iron panels and a builder friend recommends that I take them to Blacksmith type fella in a little village about 35 miles from where I live and I do that. The guy is busy and we agree a price for welding and sandblasting the ranges. I call in over several weeks and he hasn't got around to it, then his wife dies and his workshop is neglected and someone tells me he has got offshore working on drilling platforms. He's moved out of his cottage, workshop compound all locked up, I gradually forget about the ranges, no response to notes left. 5 Years ago I move to the same area, the blacksmith is long gone. Last night I'm in my local and the range is smoking badly, I start chatting to the Landlord and mention the ranges I once owned and the guy who had them. He then says he bought a range from him and its in the next room, it had needed some welding doing, I've seen it a million times when I've been in there, but now I look at it with fresh eyes! It's one of the ones I left with the guy all that time ago for repair, a particularly nice compact example. All painted up and shiny it looks exactly like I thought it would when I handed over the keys to my pick up! Felt a mixture of emotions! What would you do? I drink in the place all the time and now have a reminder of my folly!
  15. nabbers

    Investment Property valuation

    Sorry yes good point! I will do that !