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  1. keeperdan

    Kit trolley

    Built myself a little trolley this afternoon to carry all my kit now. I got an old carp trolley for £20 and fixed a bow on the bottom for the magnets and flapper, cartridges and batteries .. on top is my bag with nets and decoys,, hide poles and floaters straped to the main upright along with my 2 pro flappers for the magnet,, hoplefully this will work..
  2. keeperdan

    Sit or stand

    Evening all, hope everyone got what they wanted for Xmas and had a good day!!! Just wondering what you all do you in your hide,, do you stand or sit???. i started off by sitting but found that getting up and down from the seat was hurting my knees, so I now make my hide higher and stand all the time,, I know some won’t be able to do this but wanted to know what other do 🔫🐦🐦
  3. keeperdan

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    well i will see if i can go monday
  4. keeperdan

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    well i have to
  5. keeperdan

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    They have just started o the rape now on the shoot, will have to wait until next Saturday before i can shoot them as we are shooting on Friday and the field they are on is right next to 1 of the best drives, really looking forward to it now
  6. keeperdan

    Twin magnets

    I have a wheelbarrow conversion that I use to move my stuff about
  7. keeperdan

    Twin magnets

    Hi all, i have just been given another magnet so i could possibly runs 2 magnets in my pattern now, hows the best way to do this
  8. keeperdan

    Seeing big numbers on rape

    Just been around the shoot this morning feeding the pheasants, and haven't noticed any pigeons about yet on the rape, hopefully they start coming in soon.. I have got a field that was soya beans last year which is attracting them at the mo
  9. keeperdan

    Flapper info ? Recommend one ?

    Where do you get these FF5’s from, is there a website???
  10. keeperdan

    Naked Hide

    Ok thank you
  11. keeperdan

    Naked Hide

    I can’t see these pictures,. How do I unlock the photo bucket thing
  12. keeperdan

    Bamboo skewers

    I have watched a couple of the field sports channel videos with Andy crow in, he uses hazel sticks set at an angel not underneath the pigeons head,, I don’t know if this work better or not., just putting it out there
  13. keeperdan

    Denny's Dippas

    What are these dippas ????
  14. keeperdan

    HLS feeding

    We have just taken on some more land which is in HLS and part of it involves supplementary feeding,, Iam using a slug pelleter on the quad at the mo with some baffle plates on so its not spread to far, Which Iam doing 3 times a week,, Just wondering if anyone else is doing it and how they feed it ??
  15. keeperdan


    The shoot where I keeper is likely to double in size after harvest so Iam going to need more feeders.. Where is the best place to get some,, I got 50 on eBay last time but find that they are not the right size as I have to keep topping the up every other week,