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  1. Renewal applied for 8 weeks ago, haven't heard anything since confirmation that the referees had done their bit.
  2. Anyone got a Sabre Tactical or Dr. Bob buddy bottle clamp with a picatinny rail attachment, that they'd part with? Cheers
  3. Recknagel 11mm dovetail to picatinny rail adapter, mint condition.£50 posted
  4. Leupold QRW2 picatinny rings, 30mm, high, in mint condition.£70 posted
  5. BKL 260H one piece mount, high, dovetail, for 1" tube. Mint condition.£35 posted
  6. Slim Jim pump for gas ram Air rifles, comes with pressure gauge, adaptors for Theoben and Wierauch gas rams, spare o-rings. Brilliant for tuning rammers£90 posted
  7. Glad you're happy with it.👍
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