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  1. They should be authentic, there's a good chance the chicken came from Thailand. Iceland bang on about their environmental credentials with regards to palm oil, but they don't seem to mind carting meat from the other side of the world. Sorry for straying off topic.
  2. Has anyone got any part used boxes of the above that they're not using? I fancy trying some in the 222Cheers
  3. How do things stand for purchasing online within the uk?
  4. Large sidewheel not included. £220 posted
  5. 1 last night with the hw77........ 54
  6. Hawke Sidewinder 8.5-25x42, 20x 1/2 mildot illuminated reticle , 70 moa elavation range, 30mm tube, comes with small sidewheel and flip up covers.Good used condition, a few minor marks. This scope is just back from being checked over by Hawke and is in their words " in full working order." pictures by email or WhatsApp................... £250 posted RM special delivery
  7. Weihrauch HW77 original right hand stock, suit able for use with open sights, in need of some TLC. Needs re finishing. Nice sharp chequering,no major ding or scores, except for a small piece of wood missing in the inleting at the front of trigger guard. Pics via email or WhatsApp £30 posted
  8. Hawke 30mm QD steel rings,approx. 17mm from base to bottom of scope tube. Good condition. Pics via email. £20 posted
  9. 1st of the year, with the hw77..... 3
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