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  1. Hawke Vantage 3-9x50 Mildot, 1" tube, about 6 weeks old, bought as a stop gap,but now surplus to requirements. Mint condition, comes with original box. £50 posted
  2. Same place as Keanu Reeves shoots........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99pc7fCri5c
  3. Hawke Sidewinder 30 SF 6-24x56, x20 Half Mil Dot illuminated reticle. In good used condition, just a few minor marks on the tube and SF turret as shown, lens perfect. Comes with original box and all the bits. Pics via email or WhatsApp. £220 posted
  4. Hawke 1" quick detach picatinny steel rings, low. They measure 4.5mm from the top of the rail to the bottom of the scope. Good use condition. £20 posted
  5. Sorry @quiteman, yes it sold
  6. Has anyone got an ambidextrous stock for a Weihrauch HW 77 that they'd part with. My HW 77,(it originally had a right handed, monte carlo type stock which my lad, who's a left hooker couldn't really get on with), is currently sitting in an ambidextrous stock from a HW 97(it originally had a right handed, monte carlo type stock which my lad, whose a left hooker couldn't really get on with), which is perfect for use with a scope, but too high for use with open sights. I'd be happy to swap my HW 97 stock if that helps.Thanks
  7. At full height these were giving me slightly over 30 moa of elavation. I'm only sell them as I've gone for a rail with qd rings £30 posted
  8. A pair of 30mm Sportsmatch ATP61 elevation adjustable mounts, as new condition.Sportsmatch ATP61 30mm Xtra High Scope Mounts with Adjustable Elevation£40 posted
  9. Pard nv007 16mm lens, boxed with instructions,Clive Ward Black Sun Dark Engine 850nm illuminator, 3 scope collars and various shims, green filter lens for Pard eyepeice and slip on stock extender. I bought this back in February on a whim, and it's only had a couple of outings. Sitting doing nothing at the minute. Good piece of kit,and the BSDE illuminator is first class. Only fault is the laser pointer on the pard isn't working. £425 posted RMSD
  10. Hawke Sidewinder 4-16x50 SF 10x Half Mildot IR, good condition, a couple of minor rub mark's on the edges of the turrets,lenses clear and free from scratches,dials and returns to zero perfectly. Original box,sunshade,large side focus wheel and all the bits apart from the tool for tightening the obj lens cover, metal flip up lens covers£220 posted Pics on request
  11. They should be authentic, there's a good chance the chicken came from Thailand. Iceland bang on about their environmental credentials with regards to palm oil, but they don't seem to mind carting meat from the other side of the world. Sorry for straying off topic.
  12. Has anyone got any part used boxes of the above that they're not using? I fancy trying some in the 222Cheers
  13. How do things stand for purchasing online within the uk?
  14. Large sidewheel not included. £220 posted
  15. Hawke Sidewinder 8.5-25x42, 20x 1/2 mildot illuminated reticle , 70 moa elavation range, 30mm tube, comes with small sidewheel and flip up covers.Good used condition, a few minor marks. This scope is just back from being checked over by Hawke and is in their words " in full working order." pictures by email or WhatsApp................... £250 posted RM special delivery
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