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  1. webber

    75 Bird Charity Shoot 21st. October

    Just been let down a bit. Would anyone available to referee our charity shoot this Sunday please contact me via PM webber
  2. webber

    Mrs. webber R I P

    It is with deep sorrow that I advise you that my wife of 42 years Pauline; died in Willowbrook Hospice at 5:10 this morning. Funeral arrangements have yet to be made, but we are asking for family flowers only, with a request for donations to Willowbrook Hospice. Thanks for your support in the past and into the future. Pauline put up a long fight; but cancer has won in the end. It was Paulines wish that the Charity Clay Pigeon shoot should go ahead next Sunday 21st October. Martin and I will certainly gather the strength, and ensure that it does. Massive thanks to Macmillan Nurses and the staff,nurses and doctors at Willowbrook Hospice who were there for Pauline and the family when we needed them.
  3. webber

    Flourescent lamps flickering

    At the clay shoot we run a number of flourecent lamp fittings from a small generator with more than enough power for the job. However, the lamps flicker anoyingly. I wondered if any electrical engineers could suggest a fix for the issue. Ive had a few ideas, but would like to draw on the experience of others. webber
  4. webber

    75 Bird Charity Shoot 21st. October

    Please post on here if you will be attending the Charity Shoot on Sunday 21st. October. http://www.astleygunclub.co.uk webber
  5. webber

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    A few more raffle prizes have been received this week from both Pigeon Watch and Facebook members.The Norgas Office ladies are running a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 28th September.Many thanks to those who have volunteered their services for duties at the Charity Shoot on 21st. October.I still need a couple of referees for the English Sporting Competition. No need to be a qualified referee, just know the rules and how to apply them.
  6. Having read your post I feel that your chances are good. As an RFD and gun club proprietor, I am often asked for an opinion on chance of obtaining SGC & FAC. I am aware of other recent grants to applicants with criminal records for crimes committed in the distant past of greater gravity than those admitted by you. webber
  7. English Sporting 75 Birds shot over 10 stands. Open to all. High Gun £100 Cash Other prizes include R&ASC Member High Gun Lady High Gun & Junior High Gun (18 Yrs) Have A Go Shotgun & Have A Go Archery Prize Raffle drawn at 1pm on the day. Tickets sold at the shoot and in the Norgas Gun Shop. Plenty of Car Parking Cafe opens at 9am. Shooting commences at 10am NO Wad restrictions. Fiocchi Cartridges available. £26 per entry. Re entry permitted. Pre Booking of Squads or Individual shooters is encouraged but not essential. It would be great to see a squad or two from Pigeon Watch Members in the North West. Shoot is in aid of Willowbrook Hospice & Macmillan Nurses http://www.astleygunclub.co.uk
  8. webber

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    The shooters pay to shoot as normal. Remember every clay thrown has to be purchased by the ground; this would be a cost we would need to recover, together with other unavoidable expenses. Similarly the cartridges used for the Have A Go stands will need to be purchased by the ground. If we can off set some or all of the cost of these main items, more money will go to the charities. webber
  9. webber

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    Quite a bit of progress so far this week. I've received pledges of significant prizes from BASC; also substantial donations from Bowyers Accountants and Camgas. I've been unable to get either the clays or the cartridges sponsored, so the funds so far will go a long way to offsetting the costs of the shoot which will mean more money for the charities. We've admitted defeat in our quest to establish a just giving wotsit. If you wish to make a donation please contact me for further details. webber
  10. webber

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    The office girls are still working on a method of accepting electronic payment. Meanwhile PW Hawkfanz has been into the Norgas shop with a £10 donation towards the cost of running the charity shoot and also volunteered to help run the overflow carpark. A local group of archers has just advised that they are willing to attend and put on a Have A Go @ Archery. Bit by bit, its coming together webber
  11. webber

    Help Required for Charity Shoot

    Now thats an idea. I'll ask the girls in the office if they can show me how to set it up. webber
  12. Sadly, cancer has returned with vengeance to my wife Pauline Over recent weeks she has benefited greatly from the support provided by Macmillan Nurses and Palliative care provided by Willowbrook Hospice. Martin and I have decided to hold a Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot in joint aid of the two charities. All profits will go to the charities, and be appropriately acknowledged. The location is Rixton & Astley Shooting Club located at Astley near Leigh in Greater Manchester The date is Sunday 21st. October. I'll post as an event later Whilst we have sufficient ground staff to run the shoot, but I need a couple of additional English Sporting Referees who are willing to donate their service. I'm not too fussed about being CPSA qualified. Just some previous experience of refereeing at club level will be fine. Please PM me if you feel you can help. Donations of suitable raffle prizes or cash donations towards expenses etc. gratefully appreciated. webber
  13. webber

    All Change at Astley Gun Club

    We are arranging an extra shoot to this years calendar. Sunday 21st. October 75 Bird Charity Shoot In aid of Willowbrook Hospice & Macmillan Nurses. High gun £100 cash donated by Joe Johnson of Speyside Sporting. Highest Lady Gun & Junior Gun (18) prizes donated by Norgas Gun & Cartridge Co. Entry is open to all. Donations either for shoot prizes or shoot day raffle appreciated. Both charities have been of massive assistance to the Webster family in recent weeks. Please diary this shoot and share on FB.
  14. webber

    All Change at Astley Gun Club

    There will be an article about R&ASC featured in Countrymans Weekly published 8th. August. webber
  15. webber

    Gun dealers comision

    I do a lot of commission sales; mainly on lower value guns. I charge 25% plus VAT on the commission. I have a minimum fee of £50 I pay out after at least one calendar month has expired, just in case a fault develops on the gun and the new owner requires a refund. I agree a sale price with the vendor based on market research. I book the gun in, write the sale description, take the photographs and post on Guntrader for sale, and pay the advertising fees for as long as the gun takes to sell. The do the usual by handling the sale and license paperwork etc. Some guns /rifles sell quite quickly, others not so. The likes of Holts charge 25% to both seller and buyer. I reckon that the average gun take about one hour from start to finish, some take much longer when detailed enquiries are made and dealt with. Many sales are made remotely, and send via courier to another RFD, whilst the courier fee of £25 is paid for by the purchaser, the cost of packing, time and materials is carried by me. webber