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  1. Spent the day making an adapter plate to fit the winch. Finished fabricating and painted bracket to carry the beacon. Started to make a battery tray. webber .
  2. Spent today squeezing an auxillary battery into the void where the winch usually fits. Also assembled the winch and compressor combination and sketched up dimensioned drawing for an adapter plate to fit the winch to the front. Will commence drilling and tapping tomorrow. Ordered a few M12 fine bolts from ebygumbay, couldn't believe the price. webber
  3. In my capacity as a RFD I was contacted by email by a gentleman who had ordered an air rifle from a website supplier based in the Netherlands. He advised me that Border Force had taken charge of his parcel and advise him that the rifle needed to be sent to RFD to affect a face to face transfer. The gentleman asked if I would agree to accept the rifle and conduct the transfer; obviously agreed. A series of emails followed as I suggested that I chronograph the rifle upon receipt to ensure that the rifle met UK regulations. I have today received another email advising that th
  4. Absolutely spot on. Without the help of my son and dedicated band, the shoot simply couldn't happen. Teamwork makes the dream work. webber
  5. Air Products Plc. supply our bulk gas. They recently sent this video which explains the affects of temperature on developed pressure inside the cylinder. webber
  6. Rixton & Astley Shooting Club permits the use of plastic wad cartridges, but we prefer the use of fiber wad. As the land that we shoot on was a former tip we have no restrictions included in our lease. Whilst down range the plastic wads are unsightly most do seem to disintegrate over time, but we rarely come across a fiber wad, although I know that many members shoot them because I sell them the cartridges. I do feel that when possible game cartridges should be fiber wad. webber
  7. Replacement fuel gauge arrived yesterday and was fitted following some soldering to convert the plug into the back of the gauge. Ignition on; bingo! If time permits today I'll make a bracket to carry the beacon on the roof. webber
  8. Many clay shooting clubs are run virtually on a shoe string. Rixton & Aslley Shooting Club is no exception. We shoot on a fortnightly basis; on the none shooting Sunday we usually run a work party manned by a small group of willing volunteers. A few of them commented today that prior to getting involved with the work parties they had no idea just how much work it took to keep a ground and equipment in decent order and set up a shoot; then put it all away. Today Bill has been planting hundreds of Boxwood bushes that I propagated; Tony assisted by his wife has been flagging;
  9. Decided that the fuel gauge is faulty. Studied a couple of Youtube videos of how to fix the gauge. I carefully boke into the gauge only to find that the innards were totally different and used micro processors; all mumbo jumbo to me. Spent some time on ebygumbay and ordered what I hope will be a suitable replacement. Measured up for brackets to mount the lighting on the roof and ordered a secondary fuse box to locate under the bonnet to enable easier wiring of various accessories. webber
  10. All sorts of bits have now arrived: High level air intake. Wire ropes for tailgate.................fitted. Service kit Wiper motor and arm. LED light bar Reversing camera I noticed that the fuel gauge wasn't working; I put a gallon of diesel in the tank, no change. Removed the tank sender unit, not the easiest of jobs, but avoided dismantling half of the cab as suggested by one Youtube clown. Sender tests fine. Signal wire bells out. Need to try a separate earth to the sender. Decided that a wiring diagram would be handy, so now waiting for
  11. I'm a BASC Shotgun Coach. When we took on Rixton & Astley Shooting Club, I thought that it would be a good idea to offer the Safe Shot Assessment. I undertook a theory and practical test with Duncan Greaves of BASC and passed as an assessor. webber
  12. Just letting PW members know that I'm a BASC Safe Shot Assessor. webber Safe Shot is not a new idea. BASC make nothing from the scheme, although the assessor does take a fee from the client. webber
  13. I have a few Leatherman tools and wouldn't part with any of them. My first was a Leatherman Wave. I carried it on my belt for many years until the leather pouch gave up. Some years ago I broke the bone blade, and kept intending to return the tool to Weatherby in Kendal for repair, but never did. A few years ago I had to be in Kendal on business, ans needed to stay overnight. I took the opportunity to drop the tool off for repair. They advised that they couldn't repair whilst I waited, but that it would be ready for collection in the morning which was fine by me. The foll
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