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  1. That 3 core is the fan, not 2 way lighting. Would be quite simple to put the light in you want, but as everyone said if your not 100% maybe better to get the pros in
  2. A new light could be fed from a switch, lots of lights are fed like that. I would bet from that picture one of those dark brown cables in the common terminal will be going on to feed another light. Would there be another separate switch for the light under the stairs?
  3. If it's just an extra light to come on with this switch will simply be a case of running some 1mm t&e to the light fitting. The live (brown) will go to the terminal with the black and brown wire already in it and then the blue with the others and the earth linked in with the others. Is the new light going in the bathroom? If it is you will have to take into account the zones in the bathroom.
  4. They're for the button holes for me, the best man and ushers. 28 bore as there the right size and blue as its the colour scheme of the wedding. I looked every where for them and couldn't find them. Pykie said he had some and would be happy to send them.
  5. Thats the chap, still shoots the 28 was sending me some empty blue cartridges for my wedding thats coming up. I guess he's been busy and hasn't got round to sending them yet and was getting a bit close to the wedding.
  6. Hi all just wondering if anyone know Pykie of here at all. Hasn't been online since the 8th of may and was trying to get hold of him.
  7. You have the same idea as me aka_t50. I'm in need of blue ones though, I will let you know if I find any green ones.
  8. Hi guys looking for some blue 28 bore empty cases if any one has any? They're for some button holes for a wedding and can only find red or clear! Happily cover postage and some cost towards some full replacement ones.
  9. Thanks for all the replies guys. Got some RS40 today so will make some loads up and give it a try when I get some time. Sorry dicehorn your info is very much appreciated, but unfortunately this time of year I don't get much time to check or post on the forum because of work. Paying the bills and running a business sometimes takes priority over shooting I'm afraid. Believe me I wish it didn't.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I contacted RS from the contact form on their website, very well hidden away that they would do that so thank you activeviii. They come back and said RS40 was the powder to go for and provided some info for that. Could I ask dicehorn if it would be possible for you to have a look at what RS50 would be like using a 39 grain sierra BK? Would be nice to compare the 2 powders. I can send you the form they sent me if it would be any help.
  11. Hi guys been reloading the .204 for a while now, problem is I'm now struggling to get my normal powder. Having spoken to the local gun shops the best option is to go for a version of the swiss reloading powders, always seems to be available and not very hard to source. Question is does anyone know if one of their powders is suitable as on their website they have no data for .204. Looking at burn rate charts rs40 is the same or very similar to the powders I have been using but I'm not sure if it's as simple as that? Is there anyone with quickload that could maybe have a look for me? Or maybe has a little bit more knowledge on the subject?
  12. No worries glad it helped someone. Make sure you cut a few as I always loss the blasted things.
  13. Bit of an odd request but does anyone know if some one makes a blue coloured .410 or 28 gauge cartridge? Or even better anyone have a few empty ones I could have, will happily pay postage.
  14. I just use an old 17hmr case with the bottom cut off. 17hmr case neck fits perfectly in the .204 and the base end fits the funnel without spilling any powder. Cheap solution if your looking for one.
  15. I'll take it please. I'll PM you in the morning.
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