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  1. martyn2233

    Girls ugg boots

  2. martyn2233

    BREXIT - merged threads

  3. martyn2233

    Jeremy Corbyn setting things up for an easy path.

    I can’t see why death penalty has to be removed
  4. martyn2233

    Resource guarding

    The location is Doncaster if anyone can help them out
  5. martyn2233

    Joules Girls Astbury Tweed Coat

  6. martyn2233

    Joules Girls Astbury Tweed Coat

    Pm sent
  7. martyn2233

    Girls ugg boots

    Here I have my daughters old genuine ugg boots still like new uk size 12 £45 posted sorry no box unless I can find it
  8. martyn2233

    Joules Girls Astbury Tweed Coat

    Here I have for sale joules astbury tweed coat age 7 good condition only worn a few times £35 posted to your door
  9. Steve kershow at Howden http://www.stevekershawfirearms.co.uk/
  10. martyn2233

    BREXIT - merged threads

    You seem to think no one want just out no deal like many others.
  11. martyn2233

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Can they have another vote as I don’t like the vote
  12. martyn2233

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Plus if I remember right he was a remainer
  13. martyn2233

    BREXIT - merged threads

    I’m liking my mp at leased he’s on the money here
  14. martyn2233

    Supposedly lost parcel

    I’ve had parcels left in blue bin on blue bin day 😂 😂 next wasn’t happy that £600 school clothes that’s was ordered was in the land fill some where driver never to be seen again thank god
  15. martyn2233

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Take a look at this part of the site you will learn a lot from there https://forums.pigeonwatch.co.uk/forums/forum/14-food-and-drink/