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  1. martyn2233


    Nope no savings just keep working like normal to pay the bills
  2. can I have 1 black and blue , 1 black and orange. Please pm me bank details if ok
  3. martyn2233


    Make that two votes then but don’t forget my job tho
  4. Best option available still paying for land line no matter what.
  5. martyn2233


    You will find a lot of us leavers don’t want them to change the rules just let us go with no ties
  6. martyn2233

    Back pain?

    My wife has back pain a lot and drinks these https://www.quintessentialtips.com/products/dr-greenlove-s-amsterdam-cbd-tea-25-sachets?_gl=1*6axgl*_ga*eWZPQUpXYndUQkdzMzRkWDRCTG5Mbnc1SzJlOWtmT1VNa0JJa3NpZXRLNV9yWUd5N3RqZ3hJZ3ZsakdBTWFtdQ.. she say’s it helps her have a look at the reviews
  7. martyn2233


    More like you want another vote so remain wins because when vote leave win again will it be best of 3
  8. martyn2233


    Vote remain you having a laugh I can see more voting leave no deal
  9. I use this site https://picresize.com/
  10. martyn2233


    They moan like a bitch like normal
  11. This has a nice smell to it https://www.theperfumeshop.com/thierry-mugler/amen/eau-de-toilette-refillable-for-him/p/64402EDTAJU
  12. martyn2233


    I’m glad the eu are fed up with us that way we leave with no deal stuff em. what happens when/ if we have another vote and we vote leave again?
  13. Yes 4 he said but remember it a land rover he shot 1 the other 3 fell off 😂
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