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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. I can shoot anything apart from deer as there is already a stalker on the land and the land is already ticketed for most calibres. Is it worth me putting a couple down that I don't really want so as to be able to use them as negotiation or is that too complicated? Right now a simple bolt action .22 with a moderator is all I think I need, but like most things, once you start you realise you need/want more. I just want to plan ahead to save me extra expense later on.
  2. Hi, I am very lucky and have permission to suse a shotgun on 4 farms and a large Estate and have now been granted permission to use a rifle so I would like to apply for a FAC. Several people have recommended to put several different rifles and moderators down on the form in case I want to get one in the near future and I was wondering what you guys suggest? My neighbour has several and highly recommends a semi auto with a magazine. I have fired this on many occassions and it is great for that 'Fun Fair' style knocking down many bunnies in one go, but I am quite the traditionalist and really like the idea of a bolt action. I love his .22 with subsonic rounds and think this is the idea rifle/ammunition but what about slightly larger ones for foxes? I don't know! Looking for advice please. thanks, /mad
  3. What about joining the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)? At least they don't try distancing themselves from the word pigeon. /mad
  4. There isn't anything around us that would stay within range of a catty apart from the pheasants but I aint shooting them. Everything else disappears pretty promptly. /Mad
  5. You can but they don't seem to be interested. /mad
  6. And that is the one I was talking about....
  7. I bought a double bow back box on someone on a popular online tat bazaar we all know and love and it is superb. Well made, easy to carry and most of all, keeps my workers safe and dry. They are not heavy and I hardly notice it, esp when lugging nets, spade and assorted tools with me. /Mad
  8. Thanks for feedback guys. Here are a few more pictures. After a spate of ***** break ins, the Ferret court security is now provided by a professional company :-) Where's our rabbit? The grey litter you can see in the tray is stuff I get from the farm. It is recycled paper chopped up. They tested it to see if it would be any good for the cows but found that when it got wet it balled up into clumps. So there are several tonnes of it up at the farm in sacks for me to use as ferret litter. /Mad
  9. Once they are used to you they will chill out. Remember it must be very exciting to be chasing rabbits! Ours will come over to us if we call them, not all the time but often enough. It also helps if you make a certain sound when you feed them and then repeat that in the field. Conditions them to thinking you are going to feed them. There was one time when my two best workers came out of a hole, I squeaked at them and pointed to another hole and believe it or not they both looked at me and then ran over to the other hole and disappeared down it. I can assure you this was luck not skill but I must admit it looked sooo damn good :-) /Mad
  10. Ok, it's taken a long time to get these photos up and I apologise, but here are a few of the gang in their house. Exploring their new home Posing Attack ferrets Recent photo Now that is cute! /Mad
  11. I would second the Freecycle idea. I run the Mole Valley group in Surrey and hutches come up on a weekly basis. 2 or 3 rabbit hutches (ferret proofed) and joined together would make a nice hutch. Regarding using a water bowl. Simple answer to that is DONT. It will last about 30 seconds before it gets used as a bath/tipped up/flicked about or full of food/sawdust/straw. We have two large bottle feeders which get refreshed on alternate days. That way there is always water for them. Try to get the biggest hutch you can. You owe it to your workers and they really do appreciate the space. large enough to get in and clean it out is best.
  12. We chop the rabbits up into 3rd's (with a big cleaver) and then freeze them for eating later. This way I can quickly grab a 'ready meal' in the morning and defrost it in time for their evening feed. Works best as we often end up with 15+ rabbits at a time. /mad
  13. Just want to give a thumbs up to Stubbys ferts. I got two kits from him last year and they are lovely. Stubby is also a sound bloke. Named ours Susie (right) & Ophelia (left) Here they are posing for the camera not soon after we got them. /Mad
  14. Hey flash. they are lovely aren't they. Cornelius is a lovely hob, gentle as a kitten. All working well although I haven't had much time to get out due to too much work & car head gaskets going :-( /mad
  15. Cornelius is a hob but the others are all Jills. They all work with varying results. Still young though. /mad
  16. Here is Cornelius being held by Jasmin. and Suzy: and finally, Chloe on the left and Ophelia on the right /mad
  17. This is what mine do. They are young and don't go down to the lower levels where I imagine all the rabbits are sitting having cups of tea laughing at the inexperienced ferrets rattling around empty tunnels. But as I say, they are young and have much to learn. /Mad
  18. I will try and get some pics with the fab four in there. I have had to redesign it a few times as they showed me the errors in my design :-) But apart from a few tweaks like raising the door lip height so they didn't just pour out, everything is pretty much as it was. /Mad
  19. As said before, a reflex action. Rabbits run, pigeons fly away. I once shot a pigeon with a .22 air rifle and it flew out of the tree and was off across the field when it closed it's wings and fell out of the sky. Plucking it later and I noticed it was a heart shot. Pellet went right through the heart. /Mad
  20. Try these: James Mckay - Complete Guide to Ferrets Ferrets And Ferreting - With Simon Whitehead Both Good books. /Mad
  21. I am doing the same. Have 3 Jills and 1 Hob and will get the hob snipped next spring so he can cover the jills and bring them out of season, but I still retain breeeding jills in case I want to breed from a line. /Mad
  22. I am also a newbie to this but what I do is give them a feed before going out. Not huge but enough to stop them being hungry. As already mentioned, running about underground is hard work and mine always fall fast asleep when they get back home. Bit like me after a hards day work. bless. /Mad
  23. Yes the 15ft will work with the 8ft finder but the depth readings will be out. You could always just mark on the depths by testing with a tape measure. Failing that, sell it and buy the new Mk3. BTW, I am looking for a 15ft collar. /Mad
  24. Hi, you have the Phase 1 Mk3 which didn't have the pin pointer on it. The later Phase II Mk3 does. I think you can have your finder retro fitted though, but not 100% on this. /Mad
  25. Hi Darren, I don't have a wheel, I was (against my better judgement) going to make one rather than buy one. Trying to buy a large box of spare time on Ebay just now as I am too busy. :-) /mad
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