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  1. ive finally managed to get my firearms application sorted, having held a sgc for 15 years, applied for a .17hmr for pest control and a .243 for fox and deer control, put both rifles on two farms totalling about 120 acres, so fingers crossed all will be good. just wondering if anyone had a approx turnaround time for their applications, its in staffordshire, thanks
  2. Could I have 2nd dibs if this falls through please 👍🏻
  3. Selling a few bits that, all in good condition from a smoke free home, three shooting jumpers, top left size small other two size medium £15 each posted, two shooting shirts, sized medium, £10 each posted, and two pairs of olive mole skins size 30 waist £15 each posted, Also got a seeland lingfild coat but need to double check size! £45 posted
  4. Always wanted one of these when I was younger, just wondered if anyone had one for sale fudd
  5. I wasn’t too clear on the post sorry guys I’ve never done any foreshore or coast shooting just because of the distance as mentioned, we’ve always called any duck shooting wildfowling 🙈any inland ponds or clubs that offer memberships of flights
  6. Hi I’ve got a couple of small flight ponds that I feed up and shoot over the season swapping between them, but I don’t like to over do them, was wondering if there was any clubs that offer wildfowling around Stoke on Trent or Staffordshire, love my duck shooting so mlvery happy to pay!! fudd
  7. Or offers? Like I say I don’t know the going rate of these 🙈
  8. Brattonsound st3 two sets of keys, good condition, was used as my second cabinet but have replaced, £115 collected from Stoke on Trent, Don’t know the going rate of cabs! fudd
  9. Hi how much for the 9-15? fudd
  10. Evening all, recently got an aa s510 and was looking for a 9-13 bipod not a swivel one, to pop onto it if anyone has one? Thank you Fudd
  11. ah never thought of olive. I've made quiet a few pieces in olive wood so kicking myself that i didn't think of it! off memory i think i had to use fast grab glue with olive l think, does it glue ok with a normal wood glue? colour wise i think i can use the cherry instead of sapele so that would be fine, thank you fudd
  12. evening everyone, I've been asked by quiet a few people now to make them chopping boards so am going to have a few days over the next few weeks and get some made up, basically they all want various colour timbers in the patterns, so wanted to check which timbers were safe for a chopping board. i was thinking walnut, oak, maple, paduak, purple heart, and maybe sapele, are these all suitable or has anyone else got any other ideas? thank you in advance fudd
  13. elmar fudd

    broken pcp

    evening everyone, sold my s410 last year, regretted it ever since, and been fancying a pcp again since the sale, I'm a joiner and in my workshop ive got a chunk of american black walnut that's perfect to become a stock, has anyone got anything needing a new stock at all? any pcp considered! fudd
  14. think we've got an old vinyl one like you mentioned at the back of our workshop if your still looking fudd
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