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  1. So for most people its a quick hand job and then into the bin
  2. I agree; the Ratcatcher is absolutely brilliant for the money (or I'd have sold mine years ago) but I upgraded the scope to a Walther 4x20 which is loads better. From 15 to 25 yards its a one-hole printing machine with FT Trophy's of all unlikely, slightly heaveier than expected pellets. Accupell work well too, but the trophys have excellent clout at short range :yp:
  3. Nice one re the car! and crack about your mrs lol! You're a one
  4. 4 Crows over the weekend in the fab company of PhilR 3149 New quarry for me - many more to come !!
  5. Actually, I never tried chairgun. But my 8.4grain aa field 4.52's poi is never more than 1/2 inch from the crosshairs between about 17 and 42 yards through my 'perfect' HW100S - makes for easy bunny bopping through the cranium Feels almost like cheating compared to using .22's like I used to. For me, this was through good ole trial and error :blink:
  6. Yeah, my mrs doesn't want to hear me talk about culling foxes and I guess I'm slightly reluctant, but less so since I've seen the 'lamb bits' on my biggest permission. I've a huge dog fox to 'do', more than likely this weekend. Wabbitbosher very kindly sorted out some appropriate carts for the job which will be done at less than 20 yards, possibly as close as 12.
  7. Me too with the exception of zero at 37 yards, but I'm an old hand with lots of FT and zillions of practise shots under my belt. 30 is advisable when you're starting out, for definite.
  8. That's a new one on me too Nick! I've seen rabbits 'pee-jousting' as I call it, before and I witnessed this the other day too. Very funny, but puts you off dropping the protagonists as they will stink of bunny widdle MAybe that's the idea.
  9. Excellent news bud - you must feel like a dog with two *****! I've not tried the 455 but with a TH stock at that price it sounds a steal. IMHO you can't go wrong with CZ. They are very high quality rifles for the price Duncan
  10. Very well done and a nice discreet pic might I say. Well done - my first fox is coming up soon
  11. Yep - save up for another air rifle. Personally, just as with the .22lr, I would not be without a decent air rifle because for some jobs they are the best or only tool in the box Brancher day on the 12th is a good case in point. Cheers Duncan
  12. I didn't - just sent it by royal mail special delivery. Not a bad deal; guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm and insured up to the value of £500. £10.
  13. I think the OP had noticed that his fellow shooters always seem to be white british and wondered if other PW'ers had experienced the same. I infer the OP also was curious as to why it appears shooting is predominantly a caucasion past time.
  14. Is that a v small gurnard?
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