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  1. Just watched rabbit shooting on a golf course using a Ruger semi auto. The shooter seemed to just leave fired cases where they landed. The grounds man and golfers I would imagine are bound to find these. Wouldn't this annoy them ?
  2. An update, after a couple of weeks in a blind tunnel in a ratty area with droppings, there has been no interest in the water bait. On the plus side, about 2 yds away, I noticed moss growing on some wooden sleepers had been scratched loose. Between the sleepers and a wall there was a little opening, put a fenn 4 sunk into the ground covered in a bit of moss outside, put some wire mesh over the top and made the entrance rat size with stones holding it down. First night had a catch.
  3. Answer this scenario. You've called in a fox to say 100 yards, trouble is it's the other side of a square mesh sheep fence. You can't see the wire. Do you, shoot and hope you miss the wire or not shoot ? Personally I do not shoot, but watching some videos they seem to have no worries and shoot and seem to get away with it.
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    Scully Forgot to say, after you have tripped over them a couple of times you remember that they are there.
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    My nets like to tangle me on the buttons on my cuffs and shoulders, are those shoulder straps to keep caps in ?, When you go in and out of hide. I fix guide ropes around the hide poles and pull them taught with tent pegs pulling the poles outwards. Gives you a little bit of extra space. My satisfying shot is a departing quartering bird, where you don't swing through but just a static aim snap shot in front and down it goes.
  6. I have read, I think it was Peter Theobald, shooting pigeons coming to water. I would imagine this would be during unusually hot weather.
  7. Not over thinking, just like trying different baits. Have caught rats on all the usual baits, plus jelly babies, marshmallows and nougat bars to name a few.
  8. One of the best tunnel trap locations using fenn 4's I have for rats unbaited in a farmyard is on a water trough. Other locations sometimes need a baited trap , which I like to try different baits. Has anyone tried water as bait ? I was thinking a cap off a coffee jar or similar in a blind tunnel set up, so rat has to cross the trigger plate. I imagine they can smell / sense water. Food, water and shelter, rat heaven. Any thoughts ?
  9. Hi, sorry for late answering. I can see you might be sorted now so if not needed no problems. Crosman Premier about 400, H+N Field Target Trophy about 400, H+N Silhouette about 150, Crow Magnum ( which is the American name for Bisley Pest Control ) about 600, and mixed trial pack about 100. Above quantity's stated are estimates. About 1500 plus total. I have tried to get on Pellpax to work out a fair price but the site is down at the moment. But it's the postage for you because of the weight I am concerned for you. Anyway, if you're sorted no worries.
  10. I should have a couple of tins left over from my Theoben Fenman. If you are willing to pay postage and something for them. Give me a couple of days and I'll get back to you. I'm sure I have a box of Crosman Premiers and Pest Control.
  11. I am not a complainer usually, but felt obliged to view my opinions on Natural Resources Wales ludicrous thoughts on upcoming General Licence changes. We all now who is behind this, and they are supposed to be animal / countryside lovers. I wonder if they witnessed a magpie taking a robin chick from a nest in their garden would they think ' fill your boots buddy ' , or would they scare it away to cause a problem for somebody else. It was a polite and to the point piece of correspondence, stating facts and my dismay to the proposed changes in Wales. Let's hope someone sensible reads it.
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    New York

    My friend is flying out to New York today for a wedding. Him, his girlfriend and his son, they are staying in the Central Park area. They have pre bought some passes to visit attractions, but is there any gun / fishing stores he could visit ?
  13. When the crow was walking, I was pulling the trigger for you. Then I expected a chunk to come out of the fence post.
  14. I sometimes use an umbrella when hide building, and have pondered one of these. But am concerned about the sides coming into contact with brambles etc and tearing.
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    Bank accounts.

    Haven't opened a bank account for years, so don't know if this would count. Would he yet have some sort of student uni card that he could use ? It must go in his favour that he is heading in a responsible way, and taking life seriously and wanting to do things correctly. I wish him all the best.
  16. I only catch moles as a hobby / exercise / to help my friend out and have a play on his quad. I am not a professional but do OK. Everything I've read or watched on trapping says to never set traps in the mole hills themselves. Yet I've just watched a professional on you tube, and he does just that, and he catches. Anybody do this ?
  17. Well I've tried gravy granules and cinnamon powder with no takers. But saying that I've caught 5 half grown from this location recently so will have to try somewhere else to see if powders and granules work.
  18. Could it be the suggestion that Dave-G offered above ? If so there are going to be a lot of vehicles in for attention.
  19. Well that's what they told me. The same thing happened just under a year ago, then they told me that they done something with the software. I have never on any car I have owned intentionally filled the tank to full capacity.
  20. Update to above. Dacia have agreed to fund the repair. Happy days.
  21. Well there might be an answer. When I put petrol in I did not plan to fill it full, but there might be some truth in ' brimming' it and gauge problems. I had 4 bars, put about £25 quid in and it stayed on 4 bars then dropped to 3 after a little running around, then stayed on 3. After a little bit more running around it went up to 7 bars, dropping to 6. Max. on gauge is 8 bars. I had booked it in to a Dacia dealer, who agreed to look at it for free. I told them it seemed to be OK now, and was it worth still investigating. They said yes. They came back to me with a faulty sensor. They said they would contact Dacia to see if they would authorise repair. But part is a 5 to10 day delivery, as they don't carry all parts stock on the shelve. Bit of running back and fore, but let's hope it comes good.
  22. My wife gets some really good toys for the grandkids, they play with them for a couple of weeks then we donate them back, so win win all round.
  23. My 19 plate Duster when under the manufacturer warranty had a problem of the fuel gauge not registering correctly. The software related to this was worked with and seemed OK. Took my car for its first mot recently, and now a week or two later the gauge is playing up again. Put petrol in and the gauge doesn't move up but it did go down one bar after some mileage. I know on older cars they worked off a float type set up. So how do the digital with bars we have now work ? Anybody with a Dacia Duster have the same problem ?
  24. Just like trying different things, will give gravy granules a go. I have caught them on all the usual baits, marshmallow and wine gums but what I'm using at the moment is a chocolate covered nougat bar. Easy to mould a piece onto the trap but hard to get off. All my traps are in tunnels, inside or outside, to make them kid and animal safe. I have made multiple designs for various locations. I use fenns and snaps with the fenns 4 catching most. Will add to the above. I have some fenns on known good runs which do not need bait. One such location is on a water trough.
  25. Has anyone ever tried any form of powder as a rat bait ? Seen a pest controller from America who scatters cinnamon powder in the area he puts his trap, to draw them in, than puts a heap on the actual trap itself. To be honest, I don't know what cinnamon smells like. I was once going to try the same with beef gravy granules but never did after. What other powder type attractant is there to try ?
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