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  1. Pedro


    Cheers chaps 👍🏻 P.
  2. Pedro


    Evening everyone, a very quick one this, apart from Leeches, are there any other gunsmiths near Chelmsford/Witham? P.
  3. Cheers everyone, looks like Petplan is the way forward. P.
  4. Who do people use for their dog insurance please? P.
  5. Finn, 13 weeks old, from County Cork
  6. Not been on the forum for ages and was perusing the pics, you've got even better old son ☺️? PP
  7. Weirdly, Mrs P's tried this, (but with the bar of soap next to her hip - she's the sufferer btw), didn't do a bloomin thing She's giving the corner of the mattress thing a go now, fingers X'd P.
  8. The landowner, shooting rabbits for them. P.
  9. Hi all, just about to get a new permission, but they need me to submit a risk assessment. Does anyone have one that I could "bastardise", or could someone point me in the direction of where I could find one. It's with a .22lr or air rifle, no shotguns. Cheers P.
  10. Pedro

    Patterdale Sire

    Hi folks, our little black Patterdale terrier bitch is in season. We're after a small, black, rough/smooth coated dog to put too her. We're just o/s Chelmsford, but willing to travel a bit. She'll be just right in the next 5-7 days. Any out there? Usual pup/fees apply. P.
  11. My Victorinox Climber knife, was given it more than 20yrs ago by my brother, battered, but still going strong 👍🏼😉
  12. Bought a Husky 440e with a 15" bar a few weeks ago, perfectly adequate for my needs. P.
  13. Cheers, it could be some time knowing Essex P.
  14. http://www.cabelas.com/product/Pietta-Model-New-Army-Target-Caliber-Black-Powder-Revolver/731696.uts
  15. I'm looking at getting an 1878 Remington New Model Army .44 replica, black powder pistol. I'm wondering what I need to put on my variation application? P.
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