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  1. Do you know if this is the case, that there still waiting on a part? Thanks
  2. Hi has anyone got the new Ulta CLX yet? I've heard BSA are late releasing them, due to waiting on a part to complete the build of them. Thanks in advance
  3. It's looking great nic, I bet you are really pleased 👍
  4. Hi can anyone recommend a hypoallergenic working dog food kibble that doesn't cost the earth. Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before, I've read up on both brands of callers. It's either between the Fox Pro Inferno or the Icotec GC500. Has anyone got any experience either or both, thanks in advance.
  6. Hi looking for a cheap priced trail camera, just want to use it on a bait for foxes. Any recommendations,on any? thanks in advance.
  7. I have a pard 007 and really rate it. Lately I've struggled to pick targets up in it, ie foxes. I'm using a Solaris SRX IR and I have the beam adjusted accordingly. I don't know if I've changed my technique or what. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi looking to build a lean too high seat to fit 2 people in. Has anyone got any plans much appreciated. Thanks
  9. I've just had an email back from Le Chameau, I informed them that I was concerned with the quality and the reply was that the ""slight creases in the rubber in the gusset behind the zip is perfectly normal" I'm unsure as what to do. They said they would send me some cleaner to clean up the area around it called 'blooming' or they will exchange for another pair.... My question is if the slight creases are normal it's just a waste of time. And hassle to have these sent back and them another pair sent out to me. For all I know they might even send the same pair straight back to me!
  10. I contacted sportsman gun centre and they said that they had to send the boots to Le chameau to see if they would cover the warranty. Ever since this I've been in contact with Le Chameau. It was them who sent the replacement pair out, which I'm not happy with. I've emailed them but no reply yet. I thought it was strange that it didn't all go through the sportsman
  11. I emailed Le Chameau on Thursday but no reply as of yet. I purchased them from sportsman gun centre and they was then sent to Le Chameau to see if they was covered by the warranty. All contact has been with Le Chameau direct, if I asked for a refund would this be from Le Chameau or Sportsman Gun Centre.
  12. I was sent these warranty replacement wellingtons from Le Chameau as my first pair developed a hole and started to leak. I'm not particularly happy with this pair as to me, the rubber looks like it's perishing/splitting where it folds over on itself. Or is this how they are manufactured. Expect better for £265. Opinions please? Thanks
  13. I see you can tickets already for the 2021 British shooting show which is due to take place in April. Can you really see this going ahead with covid 19? I can't see the vaccines will be I'm place by then for all?
  14. Hi looking for a neoprene camo dog vest for my lab, any recommendations? Cheers
  15. I'll take it then please, can you send payment details thanks
  16. Is Fowler in the wild still available?
  17. I've heard a lot about Retay Semi auto shotguns in the USA, has any one heard of them here or even know if there available in the UK?
  18. Was the mallard shot off an estuary or inland? I had it last season in a couple of mallard, like you said it's unpleasant to look at. I can understand you discarding it before your wife saw it. I would have done the same too. That's good to hear 👍
  19. I spose that's the world we live in now unfortunately
  20. Has anyone come across the disease in any of there bags this season. I shoot on the Severn Estuary and have not come across it yet so far this season.
  21. You think the older ones are better built then the newest model?
  22. That's a great photo, would look good on the wall.
  23. Not seen many on the Severn Estuary either yet
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