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  1. Just a query,i know you can,t coach someone on a stand at a reg shot while their shooting,but was at a shoot couple weeks back two guys shooti together,one was in cage shootin the other stood behind waiting his turn,when first guy came out his mate said what do they need,he said five. Feet and three feet,second guy went in and they both straighted it, are you allowed to do this,not that it worries me i only shoot for fun,was just interested to find out
  2. Can,t see you loosing your cert for peeing in the street,No way!
  3. RC sipe no 5, which is a uk 4.5 as italian loads are half size bigger,everyone i know who have tried them have never gone back to anything else :good:
  4. Right tried my finger at longer range and it was similar so i got the gun out,mounting on a distant object with both eyes open, i then closed my left eye and my gun was spot on where i was looking, so i don,t know whether this proves anything
  5. Well teal are one of the worst at the moment,unless i,m just going through a long bad patch
  6. As far as i know i was,i'll try it no a longer target tommorow,cheers
  7. Quick question, my shooting seems to have taken a steep nosedive recently and i can,t work out why,same gun,same cartridge etc. I read somewhere that in your 40s your eye dominance can change,i,ve had an eye test all good no need for glasses yet. So in the shower tonight i pointed my finger at the tile joints with both eyes open (right hand) i then closed my right eye and my finger was pointing an inch to the left of the joint,closed my left eye and it was pointing an inch to the right,does this mean i,ve centrall vision,not very sceintific i know but can,t work out whats going wrong.
  8. 8 crows with Hw 100 818 over last 6 weeks 818
  9. Any one shoot podimore today, i was going to but the £66 entry put me off,
  10. I bought a 177 hw 100 my brother an s 410,which he soon sold and bought a hw 100. Virtually shoot themselves, my 9 year old boy and me had a comp,30 yards,10 small grapes on pins, he shot 9 out 10 me 10, and he,d never shot up till that day. Accurate ,quiet,quick to reload, yes tad heavy but wouldn,t change mine for anything, two magpies in a tree 35 yards away last week shot the top one which fell down past it,s mate,his mate seen him go down past him and dropped down a couple branches to see where he,d gone,big mistake lol.I also shot 7 crows in about 30 seconds,shot the 1st one and about 30 crows/rooks arrived going mad kept landing in tree,as fast as i recocked the gun another had landed,wasn,t till i hit a small branch which was running up in front of one,s chest that they ******** off
  11. Is it score yourself or do they have markers?? how much is it?
  12. I,ve never been here but past it the other day on way to another shoot,how do you know what days they shoot on?? is it fibre only?
  13. Good shooting and good footage,what type of camera/video you using
  14. Do most of you sell your pups vaccinated,or unvaccinated,if so how much is it to have a litter jabbed
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