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  1. as a above COMES WITH BOX ALL DOCUMENTS adapters for both EL and SLC models £80 inc P+P
  2. hope you have a few quid just a couple of traps and you will about 20/25 shots for silly money as blaser f3 say,s its just an activity place (paint balling -quad biking 4 x4 ) i ve done a bit of tuition for them why don,t you try burneside gun club or lindale or even lupton all within 15 minute drive
  3. hope they sort it out back 2001 never shot from febuary until december as we in the thick of the epedemic up here in cumbria the estate my dad keeper for started disinfecting as from yesterday
  4. Size? 5 yards / 15foot
  5. for sale stealth 2 ply net for sale £28 inc p+p
  6. henry get a bucket and half fill with soil then add water and mix until you get a muddy soup mixture. then apply to your blind by using a sponge or cloth and then leave to dry , once its dry brush off any excess mud and you are left with a blind that blends into your surrounding add a little local vegatation ." this blind original colour was field khaki like yours" and at a distance you will not see it as below
  7. litts sell them mate tel. 01633 250025
  8. cannot see why it won,t work .mix them in with some full bodies and you will get all the movement you need and the detail of the full bodies
  9. have to agree with dazza ok for what they cost but spend the rest of the night scrubbing your barrels
  10. HD ive layout blinds from cabelas and trent valley and to be honest by the time i paid post and package and tax its cheaper to buy them over here
  11. because when ive a field with 2- 3000 geese all feeding in the middle of a 100 acre field why try decoy them to the edges when i can decoy them into the middle of a field where they want to be . as for awkward no its very comfyand easy to shoot from
  12. a few pictures of a groundforce :thumbs:
  13. that looks nothing like a lay out blind currie boy take a look at www trentvalley sporting or look at sporting picture i,ll post a picture for you i have two great piece of kit :thumbs:
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