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  1. monster1971

    22 wmr

    As above , looking for a 22 wmr with screw cut barrel , sights not important , prefer f2f
  2. It has lots of stamps but nothing about chamber length , sorry
  3. I think.so but can't see anything about it on the gun
  4. Hi I am a pigeon watch member , don't know why it said otherwise but yes the engraving is quite deep
  5. monster1971

    pet hate

    drivers who pull up to roundabouts in the left hand lane and then proceed to go all the way round or take the right turn exit cutting up everybody else and then have the audacity to look at you as if they are in the right
  6. personally we are worcester accredited installers and my advise to you would be to pay a bit more buddy and not regret it later but before you spend any money get a bucket with measurements in it and run your sink cold tap or bath cold tap in to it for one minute exactly . this will give you a rough idea of you flow rate (there are variables,time of day etc) and then buy the suitable size of boiler for your flow rate there is no point paying for a 35 kw boiler with 15 litre a minute capability if you only have 8 litre a minute water flow atb monster
  7. please dont insult the vaillant by comparing it to the cxi ,the only thing these boilers share is a similar heat exchanger ,the diverter valves are different and changing just the head will make no difference what so ever. the internals of the diverter will need changing which is not an easy job and will need doing by a profesional the reason the diverter is playing up will be due to iron oxide deposits in the system and nothing you can blame your service engineer for,its either yours or the prevous house owners fault for having a budget boiler and no magnetic filter fitted .
  8. hi does the wood burner heat a hot water cylinder as well as the rads , if so there should be an injector tee on the return from the cylinder and a low limit stat on the return which controls when the pump turns on . do you know if the system has ever worked properly as if its incorrectly set up you are on a hiding to nothing. gravity hot water systems arent the norm anymore and take some knowledge to get them right. monster
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