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  1. as per title, digital or mechanical not important
  2. i assume you dont have a local retailer that you could have supported rather than going to amazon, i am sure you would have had a better service treesco [ suppliers of percussion] have a policy of retailers discretion for replacements and we have had very few complaints on their range
  3. 😂😂 oh i see i am being thick still dont get the father and sister bit {hopefully means i am too young} not normal practice for me but no need to move quickly and the photo was part of a batch set up for promotional reasons and there is another vehicle set up the same way in the other photos facing mine. catch the point though i have seen a couple of guns squished that way
  4. done most myself apart from the spraying , not the first one i have done though am i missing something , i dont understand a word of it
  5. as much as i would love to elaborate on your second comment, it is a new venture and we are still awaiting some essential certificates to arrive before we hit it hard , as i am not yet a trade member on here i will have to leave it at that until said certs arrive and we can apply for trade membership. dont want to get in trouble😁 that is actually quite a good resemblance to me 😂😂
  6. funny you should say that my local mechanic said the same thing when i told him about the colour scheme but has since changed his mind. cant claim the forsight as there are some about in that colour
  7. new chassis and re spray has added up but glad its done , just have to put up with the normal everyday quirky problems that come with a land rover now 🤣🤣
  8. as above finally finished the landy rebuild
  9. and if its membrane waterproofing ,dont wash it. if you really have to wash it dont use fabric softener or over 30 degrees or it wont be waterproof any more
  10. many thanks buddy , well pleased and nice to meet you
  11. its not flied lice, its fried rice you plick
  12. monster1971

    22 wmr

    As above , looking for a 22 wmr with screw cut barrel , sights not important , prefer f2f
  13. It has lots of stamps but nothing about chamber length , sorry
  14. I think.so but can't see anything about it on the gun
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