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  1. Is this built on the AIR ARMS TDR (take down rifle ) action please. JB
  2. They're some I made well over 35 yrs ago they've been bent ,thown about,run over,flattened by stock,repainted and left standing for weeks in all weather's so I thought I'd treat myself. JB
  3. Afternoon folks the time has come to replace my poles question is are the likes of the nitehawk and other budget poles worth looking at ,they wouldnt get alot of use as I tend to use a popup. Cheers JB
  4. Blue printed ultra single shot,regged,scorpion cyl and one of my shroud/moderators and a 3d printed adjustable butt pad. JB
  5. I have a ramline on mine,try midway uk ,or it might be owned by brownills JB
  6. ive seen them on amazon too. JB
  7. pcp needs around 3000psi ,youll never get that with a footpump,never seen one that for pcp's.. happy pumping .
  8. looks good mate ,you say paint ,I say dark stain . JB
  9. ratass


    saw one close to the taw estuary devon a few yrs ago. JB
  10. try a search for barn the spoon. JB
  11. yrs ago I tied a few trout fly patterns to simulate the cockchafer beetle trout went crackers over them ,the next yr didn't get a take. JB
  12. people are buying from abroad and getting deliverys ok ,and im not sure but Ronnie sunshine is delivering . JB
  13. theres one on the airgun forum. JB
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