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  1. the gun punt adventure ,colin Willock and jack hargraves. JB
  2. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/minox-dmax-8x25-camo-binoculars JB
  3. ratass

    few bits

    wouldn't mind the ultra cyl's JB
  4. try sportsman guncenter minox 8x ,think on sale JB
  5. bin saying the same thing JB
  6. that's what they told me to ,misses is a retired micro biologist so went on a course to try help me,we started studying and found out a hell of a lot about it ,narrowed mine down to mushrooms tomatos and oats. JB
  7. even a small trauma to a joint can trigger gout if youre susceptible mate. JB
  8. sorry not normally,everyones trigger can be different even an excess of tomato's can do it or oats is another. JB
  9. most evil thing ever been suffering on an off for 20 yrs. JB
  10. in a real world should display a compressed gas sticker ,but I don't bother I made a wooden cradle for mine find plans on net JB beat me
  11. prob nothing I need though☹️
  12. ratass


    yep a digital one
  13. I must be lucky then mine bloody good ,thousends of pellets no issues 5p groups at 25yrds is atad heavy though, JB
  14. air arms s410/510 good all round,accurate good quality,ive just bought a bsa ultra se dead chuffed lightweight and accurate,theres so many to choose from ,unless you feel like a workout I would suggest a bottle but maybe have a pump just in case,buddy bottle rifle have higher shot count too.bottom line try a few if you can. jb
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