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  1. b####r that's looking nice. JB
  2. also got to think where else you gonna shoot eg not on the farm,fac an garden plinking don't mix and does the farm allow fac. JB
  3. wow an S with shocks,mine was a hard tail swapped it for a Belgium folding 410 with the cutaway stock,wish I still had both. JB
  4. the hatsan ones arnt quick detachable I bought these for 10 quid for mine JB
  5. how quick do you need it chap. JB devon shovels work better 🤣
  6. I bought a sling swivel set with a treaded front stud,drilled and tapped the cap and locktited the stud in . JB
  7. its worth a couple hundred quid mate at least if in reasonable nick. JB
  8. would think not leather,defo wood.nice tools though might be inletting tools . JB
  9. a 410 will be as affective at range as a 12 or 20 you just have hit them
  10. lovely box o flys that ,might copy some . JB
  11. itll take a good clean after but try soaking it in coke cola. JB
  12. its gonna be chew and blagdon for me this yr,and some of the smaller southwest ressys JB
  13. the punt was last known to be in Scotland somewhere,i have read the book every yr for twenty yrs. JB
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