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  1. I picked up a UltraFire C8 with a CREE Q5 LED for £30 from a DeerHunter stand at a country show. Very impressed! Excellent beam with an even, wide spread and a nice hot spot in the middle. When buying a torch for lamping try and get one with a larger head. The larger the head, the better the throw (usually)
  2. Take a look at some from Nitecore. Ive got the mt2a and mt1c. You'd probably want something with more throw like the mt26 or mt40 . Or maybe the MH40
  3. Cheers for the replies. Still havnt taken it out! I always opt for a shotgun incase i see a fox! Haha! A chrono is still on the christmas/ birthday list but by the sounds of things not a great deal changes.
  4. Hey all, I was thinking about going out with the S410 later today to have a smack at some squizzers and pigeons. On that thought I wondered what effects this cold weather would have on the gun. I've heard colder weather dulls the power of pcps but are they still safe to use in freezing tempratures?
  5. I bought the Led Lenser P3 the other day and its truley amazing for its size, weight and price, just shy of £15 with p&p and it has now convinced me to get the P7 I cant stop flicking it on and off and playing with the focus. This little P3 is 14 lumens and will give an eye shine beyond 50 meters, cant wait for the P7 (which is 200 lumens!) And i will certianly be buying another P3, handy to have a few good (in this case, amazing) torches about.
  6. Err i believe it was Thursday (16th) and it arrived today Hopefully get it out on the wheat stubble tomorrow afternoon
  7. My friend and i ordered one last week and it has arrived at his today! Cant wait to try it out now!
  8. Its a pain for shooting them but alot of us farmers are trying to get things done while we can, who knows what the weather will do next! We started drilling a field today that was combined yesterday! Hopefully i can get out on some wheat stubble that is going to be baled, That way we dont rip it up so fast!
  9. Also have one on order, will hopefully be here in time before we rip up all the wheat stubble
  10. Hey all, im also interested in these rotaries. Does anyone know if they can take dead pigeons or is it just the coys that you can buy with them? If its just the fake coys, are there any better ones out there that will fit? (hypa flappers etc.) Cheers
  11. Cant find anywhere that says what someone under the age of 18 can do about selling or gifting a shotgun! Perhaps ill ask at my local gun shop
  12. Oh, I always thought you had to be 18. So how would I go about 'selling' my shotgun, would I have to 'gift' it or what happens!?
  13. Is it legal to 'gift' a shotgun under the age of 18? if so i need to find a buyer for my 20!
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