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    Shooting, motorcycles, chainsaws, anything 2 stroke
  1. Wireless hard drive.

    Thatll be me then !!
  2. Wireless hard drive.

    Hi, I am after a portable hard drive, thats wireless, that i can put movies on so the kids can watch movies on long trips. Soooo my question is, whats a good one that the kids can use there iPads with? Is it possible to get one that they could watch a movie on on an iPad each? Many thanks in advance. Neil
  3. Franchi Affinity 1 12 gauge

    Provisionally sold.
  4. Franchi Affinity 1 12 gauge

    Cheers. Someone will get a good gun. Neil
  5. Franchi Affinity Semi Auto

    I have one as well mate, not had a box of cartridges through it, box, manual, still has 6 yr warranty left on it, chokes, key etc, in camo max 5. Not a mark on it as you would expect for a new gun. Bought as it looked and felt nice but just gathering dust £400. Im 5 mins from Scotch Corner A1, I will even chuck in a couple of boxes of Proper Cartridges.
  6. Went to Gilsans new store today. Bargains to be had. Had the privilege of buying the first gun from the new premises , he threw a buffalo river gun slip in as well, I was chuffed. The store is mint. He has a boat load of cartridges coming in Monday, pigeon carts, £40 a slab also some 34g 3's at £50 a slab, first come first served, you can ring and reserve them as well. By the way im no way connected to the shop just think that everyone should be entitled to a piece of new pie !!
  7. Webley & Scott 912k 12 gauge

    Ill have it anyway please, my mate is coming down to Peterborough for a few days, visiting a sick relative so he will get it for me, could you ring or pm me please, I have left a number on your voicemail. Cheers. Neil
  8. Webley & Scott 912k 12 gauge

    Begger!! I wish you were closer !!
  9. Electronic ear defenders

    £17 off ebay, ive got some there spot on, even have a jack to plug his iPod in
  10. Pigeons

    Brilliant offer for someone, just wish i was closer, i'm sure someone will snap your hand off for this opportunity.
  11. .223 Ammo

    Hi, Im between Scotch Corner and Darlo.. I would like to try the Privi Partizan or American Eagle so will have a butchers at local prices. Thanks for the replies. Neil
  12. .223 wanted

    My auld mate is after a 223 , preferably full set up, up to £450. Hes in Darlington, County Durham, so 60 mile North/South is ok, but I'm sure hell go a bit further for the right one, His cash is waiting, but please bare in mind, I'm passing on any messages to him between work etc. I will answer any offers as soon as I can. Cheers.
  13. Marlin 25N magazine

    As per title, magazine wanted please for a Marlin 25N .22 Bolt action Thanks
  14. .223 Ammo

    No, TBH i only found out there existence last week, I'll give them a bell.