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  1. Bansk65


    Theres one on ebay for £39.95
  2. Bansk65

    B/A rimfire wanted

    What are you wanting to spend? Any preference on make/model
  3. Hi, I'm in North Yorks and would be interested . Regards, Neil
  4. Worn Altbergs for the last 20 years for work, and there good boots, but not waterproof, unless you pay the high end for the sympatex lined ones. However, I got a pair of Haix and Karrimor SF boots off evilbay, £40 pair and cannot complain, ive worn them in allsorts of weather, sometimes with gaiters, but mainly on there own and never had a wet foot. There are some bargains out there and you dont have to pay a fortune for them.
  5. Bansk65

    .223 Brass

    I'll take these if there still available please.
  6. Lee Classic Loader arrived today, very well packaged. Thanks very much.
  7. PM'd ref. the Lee Classic kit.
  8. If these fall through, can you give me a shout please.. Thanks.
  9. Great gun for someone, I have 2 and never had a bother with either of them !!
  10. Hi, I am after a portable hard drive, thats wireless, that i can put movies on so the kids can watch movies on long trips. Soooo my question is, whats a good one that the kids can use there iPads with? Is it possible to get one that they could watch a movie on on an iPad each? Many thanks in advance. Neil
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