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  1. Bansk65

    .223 Brass

    PM sent, Cheers
  2. Bansk65

    .223 Brass

    I'll take these if there still available please.
  3. Bansk65

    sightmark dualshot laser reflex sight

    Has this gone?
  4. Bansk65

    Items for Sale

    Lee Classic Loader arrived today, very well packaged. Thanks very much.
  5. Bansk65

    Items for Sale

    PM'd ref. the Lee Classic kit.
  6. Bansk65

    Winnie subs 42g x350

    If these fall through, can you give me a shout please.. Thanks.
  7. Bansk65

    Webley & Scott 912K 12 gauge

    Great gun for someone, I have 2 and never had a bother with either of them !!
  8. Bansk65

    Wireless hard drive.

    Thatll be me then !!
  9. Bansk65

    Wireless hard drive.

    Hi, I am after a portable hard drive, thats wireless, that i can put movies on so the kids can watch movies on long trips. Soooo my question is, whats a good one that the kids can use there iPads with? Is it possible to get one that they could watch a movie on on an iPad each? Many thanks in advance. Neil
  10. Bansk65

    Franchi Affinity 1 12 gauge

    Provisionally sold.
  11. Bansk65

    Franchi Affinity 1 12 gauge

    Cheers. Someone will get a good gun. Neil
  12. Bansk65

    Franchi Affinity Semi Auto

    I have one as well mate, not had a box of cartridges through it, box, manual, still has 6 yr warranty left on it, chokes, key etc, in camo max 5. Not a mark on it as you would expect for a new gun. Bought as it looked and felt nice but just gathering dust £400. Im 5 mins from Scotch Corner A1, I will even chuck in a couple of boxes of Proper Cartridges.
  13. Went to Gilsans new store today. Bargains to be had. Had the privilege of buying the first gun from the new premises , he threw a buffalo river gun slip in as well, I was chuffed. The store is mint. He has a boat load of cartridges coming in Monday, pigeon carts, £40 a slab also some 34g 3's at £50 a slab, first come first served, you can ring and reserve them as well. By the way im no way connected to the shop just think that everyone should be entitled to a piece of new pie !!
  14. Bansk65

    Webley & Scott 912k 12 gauge

    Ill have it anyway please, my mate is coming down to Peterborough for a few days, visiting a sick relative so he will get it for me, could you ring or pm me please, I have left a number on your voicemail. Cheers. Neil