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  1. Hi, Thank you for the link, it looks a bit serious, I am just looking for some enjoyable shooting, my days of trying to win cups are behind me. Will have a proper look at it though. Mark.
  2. Hi, I currently live in Wales, in Carmarthenshire. I am interested in attending a clay shoot but seem to find one anywhere near by. I am originally from Sussex, England and used to shoot a lot of Pigeons (both clay and real) but since move here I have not really shot at all and would like to start again. After a bit of practice I would also be interested in the location of any rough shoot as it would be great to meet up with some fellow shooters. Hope someone can help. Mark.
  3. Thanks for the advice, It is not my only e-mail address, I get so much junk e-mail at that address that some more would not make any difference. I give out another address for people I know, it is just good for making initial contact. Mark.
  4. Where in South Wales are you shooting? I am based in Carmarthenshire but often travel to other parts of Wales. Would love to do some pigeon shooting. I used to shoot a lot of game, pigeon, rabbit etc but not recently. I have all my own equipment inc flocked decoys, rotor, cradles, hive net/poles etc. All I get to shoot now days is foxes with a rifle. You can e-mail on: ****************************************** Hope to speak soon. Mark.
  5. markadams


    Hi BTMS, Hows things going with you? I see you are back trading cars again, is this a proper job or just a one off deal? Hows the shooting going? Have you spoken with Mark in Bexhill recently? Mark.
  6. I only ever met him once and I will never forget it, he was a great bloke and will be missed by all who knew him. Very sad news, I will be thinking of his family in these sad times. Mark.
  7. Those flying rabbits were something special!!! Mark.
  8. BTMS, You forgot the other reasons(excuses): Wrong cartridges Could not see the clay because of the rain. Wrong chokes Just a poor shot (me).
  9. It was a great day despite the weather, it was nice to finally put a face to a couple of the site members (Pieman and Browning). It was nice meeting you two and we did not let the Pigeon watch site down as we scored the second highest on the 4 man flush. Hope to meet you all again some time. Mark.
  10. Yes you are correct High Gun.
  11. Ollie, I think he is talking about lamping Rabbits (not foxes). I may be wrong but if not then are you using a coloured filter on your lamp? I have always found that white scares rabbits but red or orange works far better. It may be that your area of land has been hit hard by Mixy and it now has far fewer rabbit about. Mark.
  12. I have three Sussex Light chickens, they are great to keep, I do not find them hard work and I have never had a problem getting someone to pop in and check on them twice a day (at least with chickens they get a reward of eggs each day). I would recommend them to anyone. They do like to scratch around so I hope you don't like pretty grass, don't go for bantams as the eggs are too small for any use. Mark
  13. I have owned two rotors, the first used a wiper motor and was very heavy and the battery only lasted a couple of hours. The Rotor-coy I currently have is fantasic the battery lasts all day (on a full charge) and the unit is VERY light. I would highly recommend either the rotor-coy or the pinewood unit (which I think has better wing spreaders, but these can be purchased separatly and will fit straight onto the rotor-coy). Both units are available from ############## so have a look. As BTMS said the unit has not let us down yet. Mark.
  14. BTMS, I will second that, what a fantastic device, I was very impressed by its pulling power and the build quality. Mark.
  15. Hes a great dog YP, is he back to full health now? What was he chasing? Mark.
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