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  1. jock16f

    Osbourne, Charles hammer gun 12 gauge

    hi has this been nitro proofed please
  2. jock16f

    Mountable Range finder

    hi any pics please
  3. jock16f

    axiom stock

    looking for a axiom stock for howa1500 L/A
  4. jock16f


    ill take the day hiker 9-11 if your spliting
  5. jock16f

    Trail cam

    ill take this if not sold cheers
  6. jock16f

    Beartooth - comb raising kit

    ill take it if still have it bud
  7. that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside the last place decided to pack it in unfortunitaly
  8. jock16f

    Which digital powder scales?

    lyman dps 1200 are good i have had this for a year or so now and find it a great bit of kit but remember the price ? is it worth the money in the long run im loading lots of diferent cals so for me it was worth it
  9. I have 20 years experience in low and some in high ground and deer control clean driving licence,shotgun and firearms certificates, quad and argo tickets held,DMQ 1 achieved and working towards level 2. various SQAs and training courses in relevant fields related to stalking and vermin control. Highly motivated with a proven track record, good communication skills and excellent manner. References professional and personal available on request anything considered
  10. jock16f

    Beretta choke,gloves,socks and more.

    ill take the sealskinz xxl
  11. jock16f


    hi bud ill take the 338 laser sighter if you can hold on untill im back around the 25th of feb bud let me no cheers jock
  12. jock16f

    Harkila ProShooter trousers

    just a heads up bud getting them of john norris for a lot less
  13. jock16f

    Bear grylls tools

    £60 ?
  14. jock16f

    Peltor, Topgun & Musto

    pm sent