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  1. I’ve got one that’s getting close as well, to my mind a little incontinence is to be expected with age. My old girl does wee in the house at times and we thought it might be an infection as well. She seems to have shaken it off and it’s now a rare event. She potters about and does a morning walk fine but slightly senile. I’m glad I have a thermal as you let her out in the garden in the evening she just disappears and would stay out. Eats like a horse but is getting thin but not suffering, when she is we will do the right thing. So basically you give them a chance and I wouldn’t do more than anti biotics for an ancient dog
  2. I’m the same way of thinking, Boris is a little marmite but I quite like him. For a PM you have to wonder how much more can get thrown at him and you can’t magic up an answer to pandemics and Russians
  3. Isn’t that the truth! Mine came with her own house and we’ve always bought improved/extended and moved increasing our pot while her cottage has been rented out, we’ve had the lot but it’s always been through an agent. In our case the main reason being with an agent and this is sticking my head up in this one is that she is a council housing officer….. So sees it all. We currently have an ok one and haven’t rocked it with any increases for ages but we also haven’t changed tenants every 18 months which we were doing. what I would add on the original topic is try talking to the council, quite often the people concerned are being a nightmare on that side as well and there are funds they can clear arrears from to keep the people off their doorstep,
  4. With the driver in question it wouldn’t surprise me! But apparently it was a reasonably common occurrence poor quality ad blue
  5. We had a 2k bill on our lorry after a driver filled it from a container bought at a small petrol station, no idea if it’s down to outside storage but made us more careful where it was obtained!
  6. The one that classes them the same as a van. Mine costs me £60 a month or there abouts and that’s far cheaper than most cars….. as for being a Gardner with one if you have the space just buy an ifor Williams trailer with ramp and cage sides and you are good to go.
  7. I’ve been impressed with the toyo open country at. The tyre place we use at work recommended them and so far over 20k they look hardly worn. What’s even better is economy is very nearly the same and the price they are massively less than the bfg’s
  8. I’m glad to see some sense has come up in this thread. It’s not unusual especially if both are bitches and size is the real issue. You have to stamp on this kind of behaviour and manage it. Feed separately and get right on top of the aggressor. It certainly isn’t a sign of aggression to children and family members
  9. al4x

    COP 26

    Not much has come out of it. We did a fairly large move of artwork for a jolly up there, it appears the next round of Willy waving will be the next world economic forum in davos, just been quoting for the same art collection to go out there for a week while they party and jet in and out and tell the rest of us how to clean up the planet……..
  10. At 10-12 years be very very careful if you go down the Navara route. That age are well in the rusty chassis side and Nissan bought so many back after the chassis failed. They have stopped doing it now so if you have a problem then basically you have a scrap vehicle. Hilux’s are fine but expensive Stumpy that is our findings as well, never had it mentioned but then the pickup is fairly new and not a work vehicle in the tree surgeon sense…..
  11. Have you had a pickup and a caravan? We have for the last 10 years or so, never been pulled up for being a commercial vehicle mine isn’t sign written but it’s never been mentioned. Never struggled due to weight in the back as you gain some from the nose weight and it’s never unloaded when towing the caravan as so much travels in the back. Traction on roundabouts is ridiculous you just don’t find it an issue, if you do you are really towing badly.
  12. Simple thing is any pickup will handle the caravan. The best advice is buy the best condition one you can with the best history. At that age they can be very good or very bad but the plus points are less emissions reducing gubbins to go wrong
  13. Ok so if you had a dog chased a hare and nearly ended up on a road and you got hold of it scruffed it and shouted a few things at it but you just had the last bit filmed and then your name put out there, your address and we’re suspended from work and started getting death threats due to trial by media would you think it was justified?
  14. It’s odd on here how people believe footage from an anti organisation and don’t wonder what preceded it or was edited out. You have a junior school teacher and a female who is into her horses loosing the plot with one. Did it refuse to box, had it just bitten her what had happened to get this reaction??? I know having been bitten by a couple of these that it is one of the more painful things that can happen to you. It looks bad on film but what caused it should be the main question like most I’ve seen worse done by good dog trainers on shooting fields just most haven’t been filmed when it’s happened
  15. If you want to heat the house get a stove, ours happily heats one end of the house and stays in overnight without really trying. Uses far less wood than an open fire and far more controllable
  16. You are sounding more and more like Arthur Daley…….
  17. I went with google nest for ours. It makes a massive difference control wise. I fitted it to our system and it was relatively straight forward. I say relatively as it’s daunting as hell when you see the mass of wires and lack of colour coding that seems usual in heating systems. I had a wall thermostat but opted to use the nest one on a stand so it can be moved about as the old location isn’t ideal. So far I haven’t taken the old one out of the circuit but just left it turned to max. Function wise I haven’t left it to it’s own devices yet but it knows when you leave the house etc so can revert to eco settings when you are out and things like that.
  18. The series 6 though looks like a backwards step, less power and all the eco gubbins looks to be making them less reliable. My series 5 has been my best one yet
  19. Nope but you can at least by a new one……. That’s the only thing that’s wrecked the L200
  20. Personally I don’t have an issue with putting down animals by shooting. It does need to be done properly and most old keepers would have taken their old dogs for a last walk. min this instance they aren’t possible to re home and so once they can’t cope with a full day they have effectively finished their useful life. Though I couldn’t do it I wish I could when the time is right shoot mine as doing it in a wood when the dog knows nothing strikes me as much nicer than going to the vets they hate visiting
  21. We had a new one this year and fitted a Charnwood island 1 and I’m really impressed with build quality and controls. The one thing I had forgotten is don’t wait for a cold night to run it for the first time….. we did and the paint cures filling the place with smoke. Had I remembered I would have run it up in summer
  22. Does that cover Lepto as that is the one that seems to not last but be nasty if they get it
  23. It’s a **** time to buy, with that budget you are close to new pickup money but delivery times is the problem. My l200 lease is up in December and the first Navara they can get me is probably February, it’s driven the second hand market mad and the prices are ridiculous.
  24. Been there and had similar with one at work, in the end refunded £300 but that is only as the buyer started off on his own looking legitimate and when he turned up to collect it the rest of the family turned up in their transits children everywhere. The last thing we wanted was the lot of them back causing grief. In your case stick it out and make sure you did the change of ownership bit properly!
  25. al4x


    Right, it tested positive twice. Farmers don’t get the choice to argue with livestock
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