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  1. Possibly late to the party, but is this place still open. Just moved to Oxted and would love to find something local. Thanks Adam
  2. Pigeon Adam


    Good morning, I was just wondering if anyone had a spare carcass that they won't get round to butchering and are willing to sell. I am willing to pay the going rate. Within an hour Leicester would be ideal. If not, could someone point me in the direction of a good local butcher. Thank you in advance. Adam
  3. If all falls through, then I too would be interested, I live in castor, so again not to far. Let me know, if there are any bits left over etc. Thanks Adam
  4. I emailed you, although not sure if you got it. Are you will to post at my expense? Thanks Adam
  5. Have a TX200 .22 Air riffle. Am based in the east midlands for you as well so not far. Will post the link, £250, if you fancy it. Adam http://www.gunwatch.co.uk/guns/1977-Air-Arms-TX200-for-sale
  6. How long have you had this? And where did it come from if you dont mind me asking? Adam
  7. Not sure where you are both based, but we are in the middle of the fens, many many farmers are looking for people to responsibily kill pigeons and rabbits from their land. I have land both out the back of castor and in whitlesey. Just a case of finding farmers, being polite. If your still struggling let me know and we can organise a couple of days at either of these sites. Regards Adam
  8. Thanks, not entirely sure why the pictures arent showing. Adam
  9. Good evening all, May be asking a little much, but has anyone got a Air Arms air riffle that they no longer want, or know someone who is selling, for about £250. As I said may be asking a little too much. Thanks in advance. Adam
  10. I will have it for a 10er posted?! Adam
  11. Where abouts in cambridgeshire mate, I am in Peterborough. Adam
  12. Always worth speaking to Wabbitbosher. He usually has most things to cover all budgets. He will either have something, or if you speak to him nicely I am sure he will point you in the right direction or be able to sort something out. Also helps that he is a top bloke! Hope this helps. Adam
  13. Could I also have some pictures please. Have pm'ed you my email. Many Thanks Adam
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