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  1. Due to late cancellation I have two pegs available on my family farm shoot in north Notts. Expected bag 40-50, had 60 on last shoot but would still be happy with 30. We aren’t a commercial set up and therefore have no pressure on bag numbers as long as it’s an enjoyable day. If anyone is interested it’s £130 inclusive of beaters tip.
  2. Maize hates competition. I’d stick to just the outside to form a wind break in future.
  3. Releasing greys in one place can be detrimental to the population in a large surrounding area. Reared birds will interbreed with true wild birds and massively reduce potential numbers as they aren’t good parents and brood sizes will diminish.
  4. Hi folks. Have had a bit of interest via pm. You’re right in saying there aren’t many about on the whole. I’ve gone nearly 6 years barely shooting a rabbit. On this particular field they have built up and can soon do damage. I used to go out every weekend as a teenager with ferrets and come back laden. Was better than tv/computers etc.
  5. If there are any young lads/lasses out there looking for some easy land to go ferreting on, I have some sand land where the rabbits have built up (easy digging and mainly shallow warrens). A days worth of ferreting for a responsible group. Must use nets, no guns or dogs permitted. This is also a one off, not an open ended invitation. You can keep what you catch. This is advertised elsewhere so get in touch quickly if you want to have a go. I could go and shoot them but thought it’d be good to try and get youngsters involved and provide a day out for someone.
  6. Just a heads up; free spot for a rough shoot tomorrow in the available section.
  7. Who would like to come rough shooting with me tomorrow? Cock birds and various day between a few of us. Couple people have dropped out tonight so might as well encourage someone new. You must have a dog that will work to some degree, be safe, insured, and be able to walk a fair distance. North Notts. Get in touch and the first suitable person gets it. All I ask is a donation to a breast cancer charity.
  8. I’m after a couple of beaters for this Friday (24th) due to a couple of cancellations. Informal friendly farm shoot, beaters with working dog/s paid £25 plus cake. Get in touch if you’d like a walk!
  9. I potentially have 3 guns available on our little family shoot in north Notts next Saturday, due to late cancellations. Just gauging interest if anyone would like to be considered if these spaces are vacant (wont know definitely until Tuesday). We have a small, very casual mini driven day. Aiming between 40-55 birds between 11 guns, could be more or less but there is zero pressure on the bag. Guns must have evidence of current insurance (BASC or similar) to be viewed before kick off and must be sensible and safe. Price will be £90+25 beaters tip. Youll not be shooting 20 birds on a peg but we hope to get some memorable birds. Sausage butty on arrival and cheese and cakes during the day. Bring own lunch. Message me if youre interested and Ill get back to you when I know for sure if these are available.
  10. We've had trouble with deer and badgers and now just put reinforcement mesh around the main feeders. Stops them getting near it and also stops birds of prey nailing the partridges when they're feeding too.
  11. We're heading out this evening for the first roost shoot. We go on Saturdays here! Ten isn't a bad effort!
  12. I lived in Sheffield for a fair few years, out at Retford now. We're having a little walk round tomorrow. If you wanted to come and see what a rough shoot is like then feel free to message me and I'll send some details.
  13. Which part of s.yorks are you in Chris?
  14. I have two phone cases for sale; 1. Speck version of otterbox for an iPhone 5 2. A plastic case with horses on it for an iPhone 4. £9 posted each
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