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  1. if still available, i will have them please.
  2. I will have this please, I will pm you. cheers, tate1
  3. pm sent, regards, John.
  4. I missed the top line lol. I will have these if still available please regards john
  5. what make are they please. regards john
  6. l have these if you will post, just PM your details. Regards, John.
  7. I will have the top one please, pm sent.
  8. It is a private members clay club. The next time its on when passing call in and some member will answer your questions, they are friendly bunch.
  9. I will have the range boxes please. pm on its way. cheers, tate.
  10. I will take the comb raiser please, pm me your payment details thanks.
  11. are they felt or plastic please.
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