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  1. Well it is the BBC after all what other would we expect
  2. I had a 2007 cherokee 2.8 crd but just do not like driving diesels like driving a transit van so I went back the the good old 4ltr petrol grand cherokee love it. That is a nice looking Truck hard to find one of them that is not well rusted in the Chassis department you was lucky to find a good rust free one.
  3. About six years ago I was lucky enough to get on the government worm front heating program at the time I had a multi fuel wood/coal stove running five radiators and it worked fine but as I was having problems with my joints I decided to change over to oil heating. I love it just have it serviced once a year cost about £100 and as oil is not to expensive at the present time I have a 1200 ltr tank I just have 500ltrs put in when it gets down to about half full and that is it best thing I ever did getting fitted. They do say that mains gas is best but if that is not an option I say go for the oil option you will not regret it.
  4. Something that made me think they banned hand guns some years ago to stop this sort of thing from going on in many ways I think this was a bad idea ok it is not good that people was shooting one another but it was and is so much harder to get your hands on a hand gun but it is really simple to get hold a knife so any plonker can get there hands on one something that was never going to happen with guns just a thought.
  5. Its not the fairies that vote in the people who make laws that says that any nutter can buy a fully automatic gun it is these people who got shot I'm sorry but if they have not got the gumption to do something about it that is there fault.
  6. I have to say that I have little sympathy for for the American people who got shot I have every sympathy for all of the other people from all around the world who got mixed up in it . If the American people are so stupid as to let any Tom **** or Harry buy these automatic guns then they cannot complain when some nutter gets hold of one and dose something like this as I have said before I have no problem with people having hand guns hunting rifles and shot guns but full automatics is madness.
  7. Just some thoughts about the road tax thing a 2005 one could be say £270 a year but a later one could £500 so we are talking about £200 over a year if you consider a newer car/truck should have less miles less wear and less rust add to the fact that its depreciating in value is the extra £200+ a year worth worrying about in the long run. If I had the space I would go for a nice tax free and rust free pree 1970 American four wheel drive pickup truck V8 running on LPG last for ever as long as you look after it they have proper thick steel chassis not like the tin foil they use on land rovers. :good:
  8. Whenever I have said anything about the Americans being allowed to have ARs and AK47s I have always been told by people on here that they can have them but only the semi automatic version well listening to the videos on this shooting the guy had a fully automatic gun I get the idea of letting people have hand guns hunting rifles and shot guns but why would anyone want an AR if they are restricted to semi automatic mode would not a good hunting rifle be a much better option good for hunting but you could also shoot the bad guys even even with a good old winchester.
  9. I have to say I do like a bit of bling be it chrome or ss I also have to say I hate the modern plastic bumpers on cars give me some nice shiny chrome ones any day.
  10. and it depends how thick the chrome is I got some new pushbike handlebars a few years ago and after one year on the bike I could see rust coming as the chrome was so thin it is worth paying the extra as long as you make shore that the chrome is going to be thick.
  11. Perhaps they do but it was made many years ago when the American mafia was running Cuba
  12. All a bit of a joke really perhaps if the Americans would move there people out of Guantanamo Bay a place that they have no rite to be I tend to think that if the Cubans are doing something it is only doing the same as the Americans do to them.
  13. Nothing wrong with Garmin sat navs I have had one for a long time works fine and a screen that is big enough to see as for the smart phone geek not everyone has one needs one wants one I have a mobile phone and it is what it says on the box a phone I can send a tex if I need to but mostly I do not need to. :yes:
  14. That is a lovely bike is it steel frame or alloy I do not go much on that I forget what the correct term is the long arm holding the handlbars on should be worth good money though I would have thought.
  15. I see on the news that Dyson is bringing out an electric car in two or three years time he has got a big team of people working on it they say that it will vacuum all of the dirt off the road as you drive along. :whistling:
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