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  1. I have a Jeep grand cherokee and tend to buy some parts from ebay but if it is an electrical part I go to RockAuto in America as I have an American car I find it best to pay that bit extra for post and tax and get the proper part and with them you do get lots to choose from I tend to go with if not the top price item the next one down.
  2. I think that it is always a good idea to not just drive one and think that they are no good if you can find another one you may like it also have you thought about that leasing one a while ago they was doing what seemed like a cracking deal to me I thought about it myself but I just do not do enough miles to make it worth while.
  3. I tend to think that most cars/trucks are much the same rather than going for a make or model just look for the one that does what you need it to that is in the best condition that is what matters in the end how many miles has it got on the clock and has it get rust on it in the end it is up to you.
  4. I changed my licence about 10 years ago simply to have a small photo identity card to be honest I can never understand why we do not all have identity cards like they have in most countries.
  5. I think that we should copy the Americans on this if they were sentenced to 999 years then they could knock off 50% for good behaviour then after only 500 years they could be out and free to start a new life.
  6. I gave up watching cricket on TV some time ago as I did not like the supporters shouting and banging drums etc and just to making to much noise for my liking also I was put of by all of the hugging and kissing when someone got out but one good thing to come out of this covid 19 thing its all gone back to how it used to be so I am enjoying it again for a bit.
  7. I hope one day that they can do complete eyeball transplants that would really help lots of people with damaged eyes.
  8. strange how we do not see our MPs wanting to ban the BBC or SKY as well as RT I look at them all and take most of it with a large pinch of salt.
  9. All of this Russia Bashing I am shore people actually think that GB and the US never do any of this stuff to other countries the Americans and the British are behind more good governments being overthrown just so that we can make money we do not give a **** about what happens to the people who live in these countries if the Russions are doing this to us then it is nothing more than we deserve.
  10. Well it is the BBC after all what other would we expect
  11. I had a 2007 cherokee 2.8 crd but just do not like driving diesels like driving a transit van so I went back the the good old 4ltr petrol grand cherokee love it. That is a nice looking Truck hard to find one of them that is not well rusted in the Chassis department you was lucky to find a good rust free one.
  12. About six years ago I was lucky enough to get on the government worm front heating program at the time I had a multi fuel wood/coal stove running five radiators and it worked fine but as I was having problems with my joints I decided to change over to oil heating. I love it just have it serviced once a year cost about £100 and as oil is not to expensive at the present time I have a 1200 ltr tank I just have 500ltrs put in when it gets down to about half full and that is it best thing I ever did getting fitted. They do say that mains gas is best but if that is not an option I sa
  13. Something that made me think they banned hand guns some years ago to stop this sort of thing from going on in many ways I think this was a bad idea ok it is not good that people was shooting one another but it was and is so much harder to get your hands on a hand gun but it is really simple to get hold a knife so any plonker can get there hands on one something that was never going to happen with guns just a thought.
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