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  1. 1st meeting of the season, Monday 9th September at The Royal Oak, Kirby Muxloe. New members welcome
  2. Look on other sales
  3. Great stuff, last week we were thanking all the old soldiers for what they did for the country in the War, this week its decided to take away their T.V. licence, What shall we do next week take away their bus passes?
  4. Thanks for the reply, the April meeting is the A.G.M. and then the meetings finish until September our main roost shooting then starts Dec, Jan, Feb and March these are offered at the monthly meeting and then limited crop protection as farmers require/allow, if you need any further information put an enquiry on L.W.A. website
  5. Kev Leicestershire Wildfowlers Association meet Monday 11th March at the Royal Oak, Kirby Muxloe, Come along at 7.30 pm and see if you are interested in joining for the coming year, have a look at our website leicestershirewildfowlersassociation.co.uk
  6. Das, will you accept £70 posted? If so send me your payment method thanks, Keith
  7. Bird Scarer

    Rifle slips

    Blue one please, how do want payment posted? Thanks, Keith
  8. Next meeting at Quorn Football Club, September 11th 2017 Membership available, see new website
  9. Has any member ever had a reply from Napier when emailing a query to them? I have sent four emails to Napier to date none have been replied to or acknowledgegd. My question I have a set of Pro 9 ear defenders, the side section has broken at the hinges point with the headband, I asked if parts are available, maybe if Napier sales read this would they reply
  10. Bird Scarer

    Aldi Carp chair

    Been in Aldi Leicester today they are selling off the £25 fishing chair for £12.50
  11. Mines a 55 plate emailed the supplying dealer they supplied me with no charge
  12. Cameron, Leicestershire Wildfowlers Association next meeting is at Quorn Football Club 2nd Monday in January open to new members, come along and see if you fancy joining
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