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  1. The Yellow ones are NSI Sipes not RC Sipes. Same powder, different cartridge manufacturer. 🤓😜
  2. Hi, I could do that but to be honest I wanted to try to improve on the standard mass produced fare and I know some loaders rate their loads better than those you can buy.
  3. I’m open to suggested loads, not restricted to one powder. I’ve seen suggested data for various powders including Vectan A1 and A0, Maxam CSB3 and Psb +2sp etc but yet to see a load recipe for fibre at 26/27g lead without adjusting 24 or 28g loads. As I’m new to reloading I’d rather go with precise tested loads.
  4. Does anybody have proofed load data for a 20g fibre load of around 26/27g lead suitable for pigeons and Corvids? I have the FES and Clay & Game data sheets but can’t see anything between 24 and 28g. Thanks
  5. Hi, are these still available? I have Gamebore 12g 32g 6s and am in Beds if that’s any good? In fact I’m just down the road!
  6. Hi, do you have load data for your home load that I could have please?
  7. Back in the 70s in cardboard cases Gytthop Sport were buff coloured with red writing and Gytthorp Trap were Red with black writing
  8. To be honest, it wouldn’t bother me whilst we can still shoot lead if they banned it but, over the last few decades of being in the countryside, I see far more old discarded plastic cases than wads, which is counter intuitive. I can only assume that wads are actually breaking down over time.
  9. You must have missed the bit where he said the solution to corvid recovery was giving out free cartridges? 😳
  10. Man, I didn’t intend for my answer to be taken so forensically. Here’s an analogy; If you want a standard 2 litre Ford Focus with 200 bhp you can buy one. You can also choose to buy a standard 1.5 litre Ford Fiesta with 150 bhp. You could spend money to get it mapped, a bigger turbo etc to make 200bhp, so it goes like a 200bhp Focus. However, if you bought the 200bhp Focus you can get that mapped too and put a bigger turbo on it to make 250 bhp. But if you wanted the Fiesta because it’s smaller, lighter and more agile then buy it. If you wanted the Focus because it has a bit more
  11. Yes, of course you can put big loads in a 20 and small loads in a 12 but if you are trying to compare one with the other compare apples with apples, so to speak.
  12. That was my point. A ‘true’ 20g load vs an equivalent ‘true’ 12g load. The only thing the 12 has more of is the no of pellets.
  13. If you compare ‘true’ loads between the the gauges ie say 24gram no 6 in a 20 and 28 gram no 6 in a 12 of the same type of cartridge, it’s only the number of pellets that is different, not the ‘power’ so range is the same, speed is the same. For example, if you only need 5 shot pellets to kill a pigeon then the 20g throws say 200 vs say 250 in a 12g. All shot bar the 5 that hit it end up on the floor. Of course you can up your lead load in a 20g but not sure why you’d want to. Those numbers are just for illustration. IMHO if you put your shot in the right place any gauge will kill so if
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