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  1. I have two 12v 12ah motorcycle batteries that I alternate trickle charging. Works well for 4 or so hrs each on a magnet or all day on an ff6 flapper.
  2. I think Geoff gets paid handsomely for his opinions 🤔😉
  3. I keep checking the Projekt Grenadier website but the info is very scant. Not sure why it’s all so secretive.
  4. Thanks for the technical input chaps. For me, whatever you’re shooting, lead or steel, small shot or large, fast or faster, if you are having to consider physics to establish whether your boundary is safe, it isn’t.
  5. What do you estimate your loaded cartridge is costing you? I’d love to load my own but the cost of components seems prohibitive.
  6. I’ll happily defer to your knowledge on the wads but at the risk of re-opening the EU/UK debate, if UK plc, can’t replicate or find a suitable biodegradeable material in 5 years to match something already in production in Spain, we as a country are in a whole world of trouble.
  7. But they could easily be. The biomass used to make compostable plastic bags for your food waste and used by Eley to make Eco-Wad cartridges could be used across the board, then the price would tumble. As for lead, well that’s going the same way as coal already has has and diesel is about to. I’ve got two lovely old English SBS guns but they will become ornaments like my Tube TV and my hugely expensive 80’s mobile phones. Sad but it’s the way life goes. The cartridge industry should surely be able to adapt in 5 yrs.
  8. I’ve looked and they list both types but don’t say which guns they fit. I’ll call GMK. Cheers
  9. I have purchased a lovely wooden stocked Beretta A300 Outlander. I want to extend the stock by 1/2 inch or 12.5mm. Beretta sell nice neat Stock Extenders - one for Field guns and one for Sporting guns. They are neat, easy to fit, inexpensive spacers. The problem is that I can’t find anywhere on the net which is appropriate for my A300 Outlander. Understand that the profile and length of each is different but Beretta don’t publish the dimensions! Any ideas to save me buying one of each?
  10. Thanks Dunks. That’s an emphatic NO then. Oh well, I will have to come up with another ploy to avoid domestic responsibilities. 🤔 I guess it’s the set up costs that kill the job. I’m not after anything exotic, just wondered if I could make decent pigeon cartridges anywhere near commercial prices.
  11. I would definitely recommend an F31 model BMW 320d Touring. 45/50 mpg, handles well, plenty of power. I’m on my 2nd one. I had a 2014 and have recently replaced it with a 2017 exactly the same. you can get an X-drive if you need 4x4. They sit fractionally higher and have a worse turning circle but other than that very similar.
  12. I’m considering setting up to home load 12g game/ pigeon carriages for a bit of fun. In normal times (pre Coronavirus) should I be able to make them for personal use at a reasonable price and better end mass produced quality?
  13. I’ve often wondered how scientists can say what another creature can see through it’s eyes. It’s probably safe to say that pigeons see differently to us and what we call one colour or effect may look totally different to a pigeon. I’m with the argument that says movement is the biggest problem, not colour. We’ve probably all sat in a bail hide on a good day, dropped the front down and sat still with our sunburnt pink faces and silver hair with no effect on the pigeons at all.
  14. chip000

    kd radcliffe

    Hi Robin, did you find what you are looking for? What’s your connection with KD Radcliffe. I know they are a Colchester gun shop. I have one that was my grandfathers so it’s not for sale I’m afraid but I am interested in any history. I believe they are Birmingham Trade guns badged to whichever dealer orders them. Still a lovely gun. 12 G S S boxlock ejector with 28 in barrels.
  15. Hi, Try Express Supreme Game. They come in Fibre and plastic and are a terrific cartrige. They have a slow burning powder which is has a noticably softer recoil but they hit the quarry very hard. A top cartridge.
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