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  1. Need it all gone so now reduced to £100.00
  2. Sorry Hugh, Im in Welwyn.
  3. I occasionaly get down your way but don't have any plans to do so in the near future :-(
  4. I have for sale my full pigeon shooting set up, all you need to do is add a gun and battery then your off £150.00 the lot, collection only from Hertfordshire. I will not split Magnet with speed controller and long lead, short and long ground spike 2 camo nets 12 shell decoys 2 full decoys 1 crow 4 hide poles 12 shell bouncers 2 flapper things (cant remember the name) that are great when you have no deads on magnet 1 flapper pole assorted neck poles and sticks summer camo jacket, gloves and face mask, these have seen some use Bergan with home made bucket seat inside so its all easy to carry
  5. Have a look here "Lozza Lurcher rescue" I was very tempted myself but I already have 2, they are great family pets https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.739941199367645.1073741848.532028376825596&type=1
  6. Even more great news, the JRT was found in St Albans on Saturday again it was just dumped and found by a kind member of the public who had seen the dog on social media.
  7. Great news, with the help of the forums and social media the Lurcher was made to hot to handle, it was dumped in Welwyn Garden City last night and some nice people took her in and contacted the dog warden. The Lurcher has now been reunited with the owner, just the JRT to get back now
  8. Axor

    Black mould

    Thank you for your very informative answer, just what I was looking for.
  9. Axor

    Real tree pattern

    They did do it in sheets to be used on vechiles.wasn't cheap thou
  10. Axor

    RSPB advert

    A major TV advertising campaign beginning on 5 July will also be launched, at a cost of somewhere between £2-3 million, and involving TV homes expert, Linda Barker as a front person, at a reduced 'charity rate'. The organisation believes that the cost is an investment, according to spokesperson Andre Farrar, that will reap greater benefits by drawing in new members and expressing their message with clarity to a great swathe of the British public, estimated at a reach of some 40 million people. Market research apparently bears out the charity's belief that many non-members are sympathetic to the conservation cause but think that the RSPB is not for them. The RSPB's membership has remained static at around the one million mark since 1997. Full article here http://www.birdwatch.co.uk/channel/newsitem.asp?c=11&cate=__14537
  11. Here are the pictures of the 2 dogs, thanks to anyone that can help
  12. My neighbour had 2 dogs stolen last night from there kennel in Welwyn. Both bitches a grey rough coat Lurcher and a black and white rough coat Jack Russell both are old and spade. I will see if I can put some pictures up later Thanks MIchael
  13. I'm on a here, I mod a couple of face book pages for a clay club and local business, Anglersafloat for kayak fishing and an American Bass flyfishing form. I haven't Spoken to the Wife in years :-)
  14. I have a Nexus and the kids and Wife have the Fire HD, I cant fault any of them. For reading I would say the Kindle has it because of the Amazon connection. Argos were doing the HD's for £119.00 the other day, value for money.
  15. Axor

    Black mould

    Thank you as well for the replies
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