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  1. crowcaller

    Cz bore guide

    What calibre is this for as I am interested thanks
  2. Got a miroku fixed choke old but not bad would swap with cash your way looking for 550 for my miroku
  3. Hi ,can you resize full case with this set , new to reloading what about scales and do you have any powders. Can you give me all the info please.billy.topping@yahoo.co.uk
  4. Hi mate will have one of these is the price include postage thanks bill.
  5. crowcaller


    Any one got a picatinny rail that fits a cz527 for sale please
  6. crowcaller

    Pard oo8 nv.

    Hi guys do any of you know we're to get the batteries that fit the unit as I believe the pard 008 take the flat top18650.thanks
  7. Hi mate yes I bought it
  8. Hi what mounts do you need for this , and will you except a cheque post it when you clear it thanks billy.topping@yahoo.co.uk
  9. Is this posted ,
  10. Hi will you except a cheque and postwhen cleared as don't have paypal will weaver rail fit a cz 527 thanks
  11. Are these a add on or a scope as interested in one
  12. Hi what model is this and has it got a ir ,thanks
  13. Well done Steve a good result and a very nice meal.
  14. Hi just a few questions is it still for sale, what sort of range do you get has it got ir with it , as I want it for foxing thanks bill.
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