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  1. Hi, I have a Honda CR-V mk 2 that I am looking to sell, I have just bought a pickup truck! Only problem is that I am offshore until early October. I did not sell it before as I had to get a new v5 which has now arrived. MOT is until December I think. It’s been a great truck, very reliable, never had a problem. 90k miles or so will have to check, 52 plate (2002). I’m in phone range, if u want a chat about it, pm your number to me. cheers, steve
  2. I'm going to be using these in Norfolk, could any local wildfowlers please answer this please! Should I buy Canada goose or Pinkfoot/greylag decoys for the Norfolk/Suffolk marshes? Do the geese come in to decoys of a different species?
  3. I'm going to buy some sillsocks after the above advice to add a bit of movement to the decoy pattern. My shooting mates have Pinkfoot and Greylag FUDs, would Canda sillsocks look weird in this pattern? Should I just buy some Pinkfoot sillsocks? Do Geese distiguish species when they come to land with other birds? Many questions as I want to buy the correct product!!!
  4. Cheers for the information steve, how many of the sillsocks do you use in your pattern?
  5. Hi, I'm looking to get a few decoys together before the Geese arrive in any numbers, I've got mates who have a few Pinkfoot FUDs (about 30) but I was thinking about getting some decoys to add movement to the pattern when we shoot together. Has anybody used the below Windsock (Rag) decoys with any success? Also will they attract Pinkfoots even if they look like Canada Geese? My other option is to get a dozen Silsocks, a guy in my club said that they were good and even got Ducks flying in to have a look. http://www.whistlingwings.co.uk/acatalog/Rag--Windsock-Canada-Goose-Decoys-
  6. Hi, Thanks for the offer, I'm not after floating geese as they are a bit big to carry over the marsh and also if I shoot on my own I don't have a dog so will mostly be shooting in areas without deep water! After reading a lot of information and talking to local guys I'm after FUDs and sillsocks of ducks and geese! I will also get a few floating duck for when I'm shooting splashes or rivers (with mates who have dogs)
  7. Hi, I'm just starting out in the world of wildfowling and would like to get a few decoys (duck and Geese) together to give me more options when I go out on the marsh. I was wondering if any members had a few that I could purchase to start my collecton also any tips on where to get some would be appriciated. I will be shooting on the Norfolk marshes. Cheers, Steve
  8. Thanks for all the replies, they are all very helpful. I think that I shoot a lot better with a faster cart on the pigeons, I recently swapped to kent velocity and seem to do a bit better. So I think that I will look in to the gamebore range (as they are faster) and see how I do and maybe splash out on a box of american carts as a treat. I would love to be able to justify Hevi shot carts but I don't think I would be able to pull the trigger knowing that they cost £3+ per shot. Anser 2 - where do you get your carts? I'm struggling to find a supplier, the only shop I have found with Game
  9. Hi, This is my first year of wildfowling and I'm just about to buy the cartridges for the season, I am going to be using my Browning Phonix semi auto so can use any non toxic cartridges up to 3 1\2". I have been looking at the Lyalvale Express High Performance Steel 3" 36grm shot size 3 for ducks (would size 4 be better?). The best price I have found is £7.06 per box or £68.98 per slab, is this a good price? Also are these cartridges any good? I was then thinking about a couple of boxes of larger shot size for the geese, the above cartridges only go up to size 1 would they be ok for
  10. Hi, Have you got any shakespear big 'S'? Cheers, Steve
  11. They put a bit of white plastic in the trap that attracts the first cuttle fish then they leave one female in when they put the trap back down.
  12. Hi debo, I live in Hopton and the last time I got some carts I went to Anglian work wear in eye! They have very good prices, I got some dan arms 28g of 7.5 plasti wads they were about £32 per 250! They also do skeet carts but I don't like them as much as the dan arms. Do you shoot down billy bells? I need to get more carts soon so might b able to share petrol costs!! Steve
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